Saturday 22 November 2014

An Almost Perfect November Walk

Hello Lovelies,
most of this week has been rainy or grey. That makes Thursday's weather all the more remarkable.
The forecast was for fog, followed by thick cloud. But the day dawned misty and soon it was sunny.....hooray.

I had been really looking forward to another group walk all week.
They meet locally, then car share to the start of the walk. A kind lady I met last week offered me and others a seat in her car, and we headed off.

It was 10.30am by the time we started walking. It was in an area I'm not familiar with.

The countryside looked so pretty in the November sunshine............

The Autumn colours just glowed...........

and the ponies blended in :0)

The field edges were full of Hogweed skeletons, brown grass and lichen covered, leafless bushes.......

The Ash trees are bare, making it easy to spot this lonely cluster of farm buildings............

Further along new crops were turning the fields green once more. There was not a breath of wind and a thin ribbon of mist hung in the air, along the border of the wood..................

I loved the burnt orange colour of the leaves that remained...........

Once again I chatted with various people as we walked, they are such  open, friendly people who are very easy to talk to.

we crossed a few wooden bridges over streams...........

and I was so happy to gaze upon new views, without the worry of getting lost :0)

Here we were walking along a quiet lane and the mist added a dreamlike quality to the view.......

When we reached this farm it was time to leave the lane and head across country once more.

Once again the pace was steady. It certainly didn't feel slow and there were hills to climb, which added to the effort and make you feel hot.
Soon we were looking down on that farm, and I was happy to stop here for a little rest. We enjoyed our drinks and chatted some more...............

Then it was time to climb again, before heading into the sunshine as we crossed another sheep field..........

Soon we arrived at the Iron Age Hill Fort that occupies the high ground........

Livestock grazed quietly. I loved these pretty little cows............

It was almost midday by the time we walked along the edge of the fort, but the low November sun still cast long shadows that highlighted the remains of the "walls".........

Here we are, well some of us. It's a well supported group and there were over twenty people out enjoying the glorious views and weather on Thursday............

You could see for miles looking north, but into the sun the view was still hazy..........

We all commented that it really was perfect walking conditions......except for one thing....the mud!.........

After squelching across a few more fields we arrived at the lunch stop. In a pretty village we enjoyed our picnics in the park.Where there were plenty of seats and benches..........

and views of gorgeous cottages........

I love to see a thatched roof

Soon it was time to press on, to drink in more views........

and smell wood-smoke in the air

How I enjoyed being out in nature, in the fresh air............

It's wonderful to walk with people who say things like  " look at that view" and "aren't we lucky to have all this on our doorstep"..........the sort of things I'm thinking too.

This was about 2.30pm........the sun was already sinking and the golden glow was magical..........

We had arrived at another village and there was just time for quick drink stop in the church yard.........

Then we carried on through is picturesque village. This timeless scene caught my eye.
 Old cottages and a little plot of land right in the high street, with geese and chickens free to roam............

Then it was up and down the last few hills. This was a bit of a scramble up a muddy path.........

Past young saplings and red berries.............

as we neared the finish the mist was really building again......rolling up the valley and creating a lovely glow...........

We walked 9 and 1/2 miles and were out for five hours including lunch and drink stops. Not fast I know, but it certainly felt like a good work out. My boots were so heavy with mud by the end I'm sure that added to the exercise :0)...........

and after we have taken off our muddy footwear it was lovely to head here for a hot drink and a scone..............

so cosy!

It really was a very special walk, another that I will remember for a long time. And if I forget bits, it will be great to look back here and jog my memory.
I do hope you lovelies enjoyed it too.
Jacquie x


  1. Your walk certainly sounds perfect and how lovely to visit new places to explore free from the worry of getting lost
    Jackie x

  2. That looks like a wonderful walk and made all the more fabulous by the company and the weather. Do any of your new companions blog, or would they allow you to feature them on yours? It would be lovely to hear a little of your conversations and shared walk thoughts. My knackered knee wont take me very far so I just love following your virtual walks and would love to meet some of your new companions too as they sound like a friendly lot.

    Looking forward to next week's trip.

  3. Great views! We live in such a beautiful country and when the sun shines at this time of year it is a real treat! Nothing like a good walk to blow away the cobwebs. Have a good weekend.xx

  4. Those thatched roofs and cottages!! I love them...I also love the way your camera picks up such vivid color..would you mind sharing the type of camera you have? That little cafe is darling as well :)

    1. Hi Farrah, thanks for your comment,it's a canon power shot sx240.
      Great zoom and I have it set to vivid....just makes colour pop a bit more without looking artificial.
      Jacquie x

  5. That looks like a really wonderful walk! How nice that you happened to pass so near to the sheep and cows, I love it when it happens during my walks... and the landscape looks amazing, as usual, so pretty in this golden autumnal light...

  6. Such a beautiful walk, you were really lucky with the weather (not so much with the mud!). Thursday was particularly bad for us as the fog was very thick so it was a bit scary driving in it. I would have preferred to have snuggled in that cosy final place! Have a good weekend x

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed "our walk." ; ))Truly magical! That last photo (Before your muddy boots, which BTW does add to the workout. lol) looks straight out of the movie Pride and Prejudice, where Mr. Darcy is striding toward Jane near the end of the movie. A thatched roof I love too and that one is beautiful! So wonderful to find like minded people to hike with. Have a great weekend!

  8. Your photos and descriptions assure me that the English countryside of my dreams still exists. Thank you for sharing your walk with your readers.

  9. What a lovely sunshiny day you had! The photos are gorgeous, full of rich autumn colours, and I can almost smell the fresh air :)
    Cathy x

  10. Oh Jacquie, I really think I was born in the wrong country, much in all as I love being an Aussie, your photos have me sighing at the beauty of the countryside, thatched roofs, cottages and the gorgeous Autumn colour.
    What a wonderful walk and to enjoy it with so many others.......thanks for sharing your wonderful pics. I imagine these are just a few of many that you took........xx

  11. What a wonderful way go spend your day. Beautiful pictures. I wish I could take those walks along with you.

  12. What a great set of photos, looking through these is like watching an episode of escape to the country. so beautiful, even with the mud! makes me homesick for the uk.

  13. Yes, I really enjoyed going along with you.. what wonderful countryside and I loved the thatched cottage so much and the place with the geese and ducks.. you must sleep well after all that fresh air and exercise! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. What a beautiful post - I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos of your walk. Thank you. x

  15. Crikey Jacquie - I had to look hard to see those ponies! Love the mists and long shadows you have captured, what a perfect day for walking. Jane x

  16. Lovely walk, and the sun was shining :) it's very muddy here too, the park I visit most days can be only entered if wearing wellies !
    I just love Katie Daisy drawings so the calendar has gone on my Christmas list... Back crocheting and crafting after a very long time will be dropping in more often.
    Amanda xxx

  17. What gorgeous photos and a superb walk, I was almost there with you :) It is a lovely time of year for walking :)

  18. I think it is so cool that you have a group to go walking with. I have seen such groups here, but am a little shy about joining I guess. You've inspired me to try it out sometime.
    It's so beautiful where you live! Thanks for sharing.

  19. What a glorious walk. The mist photos and the thatched cottages are beautiful. I'm glad you've found such a great group to join in with. You were so lucky with the weather as well. Sounds like the most fantastic day, I imagine you felt fantastic afterwards. CJ xx

  20. Hi Jacquie! thanks for sharing your special walk with us all. Lovely photos!!! :)
    Ingrid xx

  21. How I love you're walking posts thanks for sharing fab photo's as always
    Clare xx

  22. Very nice walk. I love autumn.

  23. Any walk is a good walk, Jacquie. The countryside in your neck of the woods is really lovely this time of year.
    We are heading into the bushfire season here in Australia. Much of the countryside is turning to brown as the grasses have dried. Where I live there is still green, but it is deceptive. A high fuel load is out there just waiting for A Bad Day that we all hope doesn't come.
    I look forward to your next walk as they are really interesting. Thank you for sharing. :)

  24. Jacquie, I definitely enjoyed going along with you on this November walk. Your part of the world is gorgeous throughout the year. Mud or no mud.


  25. It is unanimous! We loved going along on your walk through your pretty photos, Jacquie. I especially enjoyed seeing the sheep and the cow couple :) It has rained so much here our ponds are full again and if you get off the beaten path we have our fair share of mud, too! xx

  26. Looks like you had another great walk with the group. I had to really look at the photo to spot the ponies!


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