Tuesday, 4 November 2014

This Weekend

Hello Lovelies, 
thank you all so much for your wonderful comments over the half term. It really was lovely to be able to record and share so much of what we got up to. Your kind words always add so much to my days.

On Saturday I was keen to go somewhere as a family, including hubby, who had been at work all week.

Shopping and other jobs meant it was getting on in the day before we arrived in Newark-on-Trent.

I wanted to take the boys to see it's ruined castle and I took this photo as we entered the grounds. It was only 3.30pm, but already the sun hung low in the sky, sending shafts of light across the leaf strewn lawns..........

It's an interesting sort of place. Really only one full wall of the castle remains, and the centre is now a public park...........

The thick stone walls that survive are still impressive..........

and the views down onto the river Trent are pretty.............

I loved the glowing sunlight and shadows on these huge windows ............

It is possible to climb the walls and look in the dungeons, but you need to book on a tour to get access....maybe next time............They certainly seen popular

On this visit we were just happy to wander around in the remarkably mild weather, and enjoy the atmosphere.............

If you click on this photo you should be able to read a little about the long history of this place......

aware that the light was beginning to fade, we walked the short distance down to the river and gazed up at the castle walls from the outside..........

It was so quiet along the riverside path...........

we passed this inviting tearoom.............

 and noticed old warehouses...............

There was lots to see, only a short distance from the castle........

 and bridges to cross to the other riverbank

where we found a green space...........

who's lamp posts were inspired by this waterside setting............

This was my favourite view of the castle............

By 4.15pm the sun had almost set....gosh the days are getting really short now.........

The castle is very close to the town centre, so as the lights began to come on, we went for a little wader through the busy streets..........

I love all the pretty, old buildings and individual shops here.............

and the boys loved this old fashioned model shop.........

I was the only female in there ......slightly self concious :0)

This lovely building houses Newark's registry office , and it backs onto that park in the castle grounds.......

what a lovely place for your wedding photos

We were only out for a couple of hours, but it was great to enjoy exploring somewhere different together, and drive home at dusk..........

On the crochet front, my 220 circles are complete....hurray. Now to start joining them.

The  pattern is one I thought up specifically for this project . On Sunday I took loads of photos for a tutorial, to share  with you lovelies........

I'll be writing it up in the near future. It's a shame I don't have another week off :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful pics, nice place to be there!!
    Greetings from Marijke

  2. I could do with some more time off too - it's been a struggle to get going these last 2 days!. Your outing to the castle looked great, and just goes to show it's still worth making the effort to go out, even if it's only for a couple of hours. x

  3. Such a beautiful castle and perhaps it's ruined state is the true attraction!!! Have a happy week!!!

  4. What a beautiful town, mine would love that model shop as well. I think it must be the boy version of a yarn shop. Of course if you're outnumbered then there will be far more model shops than yarn shops. The castle is stunning, especially the view from across the water. And all that fascinating history, so much drama played out within its walls. Late afternoon in autumn/winter is my favourite time of day to be out, as the sun sets and it starts to get really chilly and people turn their lights on. Time to hurry home to warmth and a little yarn. I really loved this post Jacquie, it looks like a wonderful day out. CJ xx

  5. Loved the ruins! We live near the beautiful Bodiam Castle and there's something very romantic and mysterious about it being in ruins. I loved your Halloween decorations form the other day too xxx

  6. I've never been to Newark but I've heard it's a nice place to visit and it looks worth a trip from your post :)

  7. Looks like a lovely afternoon out. Can't wait to see the joining process for your crochet.

  8. What a lovely spot and I am amazed at just how low the sun was. I wonder how early the sun is gone from the sky around Christmas?
    I look forward to seeing your tutorial.

  9. Hi Jacquie! I just had to look up where you had been (never heard of the place before). Thanks for sharing, it looks very interesting. I like old castle ruins!!!
    Looking forward to read more about your project!
    Ingrid xx

  10. Such a delightful outing - thank you for sharing it with us!!

  11. The history in those walls! If only they could talk?! Thoroughly enjoyed this outing, thanks as always for sharing. The shorter days is the worst part about the changing season. Congrats on the completed circles! Have a great week!

  12. It sounds like you had a lovely outing on Saturday thank you for sharing. The days really are shortening now aren't they? I'm looking forward to the tutorial of how you join your circles together
    Jackie x

  13. What a fun afternoon, your pics really show the beauty of late afternoon at this time of year. You are so good to write up a tutorial, I will definitely be trying out those little squares.

  14. Lovely photo's, so atmospheric. It sure does get dark early these days
    Clare x

  15. As one of your American readers, I want to thank you for taking us to see those castle ruins. I've never gotten to see England and I love to see it as I descend from British and Irish people. Looks like your family had a great time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Lovely pictures of your afternoon out. Not an area of the country I have explored very much, but by the looks of it I need to rectify that :)

  17. Wow, I sure enjoyed taking the tour with you! What a beautiful place and so full of history.
    Our days are also shortening. After 3pm one can feel the sun losing its warmth a sit moves lower in the sky.

  18. Such a lovely post. Love those ruins. Holidays and time with the family are the best. I've just spent the weekend in London with the family and saw and experienced so much. Nothing beats it.

  19. Jacquie, thanks for your fine photographs of a place that I've never seen in person. Now I do feel as if I had a bit of a walk around the castle ruins and a stroll along the village streets, too. I smiled, and almost giggled at the sight of a model shop being behind one of those charming vintage shop fronts.

    Over here in New York, we re-set our clocks last weekend and now join you in the shock of the early sunsets. On my way home from work this evening, I looked up into the dark sky to see an almost full moon. It was lovely. Then...it was time to get out my MetroCard and enter the subway train station.


  20. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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  21. Always a pleasure to stop by. Well done on those circles. I have a quilt square count coming up. Jo xx

  22. Looing forward to the tutorial!
    Jacqui x

  23. Lovely pictures from a lovely day. Thank you very much for posting and sharing them. The lighting is pretty this time of year.


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