Saturday 3 January 2015

Making :: 2014

Hello Lovelies,
reading some lovely year end reviews I've been feeling that 2014 was not my greatest creative year. I did lots of blogging ( 182 posts!) but not so much making. Still, when I look back through my photos I can see there was quiet a lot of craft going on in my life. 

So here is a brief round up of the things I came up with.

In January my planned scarf turned into a those colourful squares :0)

and I had fun making mice.......

I created some simple wrist warmers in chunky yarn

The first pair were a bit big so I tried again and decorated them with cherries........

In February I was dreaming of spring and creating crochet flowers for my thrifted vases. First Snowdrops...........

Then Primroses.......

And at the end of February my cowl was featured in Simply crochet magazine.....

In March I made a colourful saddle cover for my beloved old bike..........

and bunting for my "Spring Shelves"..........

Then the sewing bug bit me and I made a dress.........

followed by a skirt..........

In April I continued sewing.......this  cross-body peg bag turned out to be my most useful make of 2014..........I love it........

In a close second come my supremely comfy  P.J. trousers, made from an old bed sheet.........

At the end of April I finally finished a slow crochet blanket and gifted it to Mr BM's grandmother for her birthday........

I know she loved it. . She was a lovely lady, who sadly died just before Christmas (aged 97)

In May mandala madness struck me, along with so many of you lovelies :0) 
I loved Lucy's pattern.........

Then made up my own........

More sewing followed and I made my favourite dress.... again from old bedding :0).........

Then back to crochet....and a Mandala for Yarndale........

towards the end of the month I was making Heathers roses to add to my rucksack.....they still go on every walk with me :0)

I also made a start on my latest blanket.......

In June there was more practical sewing ...These reusable carrier bags are used almost daily......

In July I made something decorative............

and in August I took my portable blanket project on two seaside holidays..........

In September my excitement for Yarndale was building. I made Lucy a Starflower mandala......

and tiny owl brooches. One for myself to wear and three as gifts, for the lovely girls I met up with............

in October I had nearly enough circles to start constructing my blanket.......

and I made an Autumn Mandala...........

In November I made Kandi's Poppy........

and a headband to wear out walking.........

In December I was joining by blanket in earnest....but I still havn't finished.........

and I made the traditional "thank you" tree decoration for my sister in law......

So nice to finish the year on a bunny :0)

Here's to another twelve months of making. I hope you lovelies all find the time and inspiration to make lots too.
Jacquie x


  1. Wow - what a busy year you've had - I loved seeing all your creations!

  2. It looks to me like you did a LOT of making- so many beautiful & colourful things. My fabourite is your dress- such a lovely style & colour. It suits you. Here's to a very productive 2015!x

  3. Now Jacquie, did you say that you didn't have a lot of time for making?? There's me with just two projects last year and then you with oodles and oodles of wonderful creativity! You put me to absolute shame! Looking forward to following your projects in 2015, and maybe I will start doing more :-) xx

  4. Hi, I'm a blog lurker and yours has been one of my favourites for a long time now. Please keep up the great work. It's so inspiring. Anna x

  5. Looks like a pretty busy year to me! How special that you were able to give your Grandmother-in-law her blanket, I'm sure she enjoyed. To reach 97. That's not too shabby is it. Though it's always sad to lose a relative.
    May2015 be a happy craft-filled year for you :)

  6. I so wish I could crochet! Your blankets ae beautiful!

  7. Well done, you have had a busy 2014....I look forward to seeing your makes during 2015.

  8. Everything you made is so fun and wonderful. Here is to a creative 2015!

  9. You busy bee, it is a great idea to take the time to look back over your years is the blanket coming along? I think I need to make an owl brooch, I have a friend who would love one xx

  10. Such a wonderfully creative year for you, Jacquie. Congratulations and very well done!

  11. Gorgeous summary! I love the Autumn beautiful :)

  12. I love your colorful creations. I've yet to find time to dive into the totes of yarn and thread my mother gave me. I plan on making some mandala's and table runners this year.
    Thank you for sharing. I sure do enjoy your post:)
    Happy New Year!!

  13. So many wonderful creations, inspirational.

  14. Goodness! So much done. I love looking back to find that much more has been accomplished than expected. Happy New Year Jacquie x

  15. I remember reading about all these makes - can't believe it has been one year only! The christmas tree ornament is a cutie!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  16. A lovely year end post showcasing your superb individual makes, you are so talented and creative. Look forward to seeing what you make in 2015. Liz x

  17. Looks like a productive crafty year to me! All so very lovely, and inspiring! (On my 'to do list' is a strap for my peg tote after seeing yours.I need to get on that, spring will be here before we know it!) Thanks for the year filled with inspiration, and I look forward to another year visiting! x

  18. Wow you have made so many beautiful things and you should be so proud having your cowl featured in Simply Crochet. I can't imagine how long this post would have been if you'd have got more making done. Best wishes for 2015 and I'm looking forward to seeing this years makes.
    Ali xx

  19. What a wonderful 12 months of crafting and blogging. I remember nearly all of these, but I had forgotten the mice and the autumn mandala - which I love!! I am sorry to hear about the loss of Mr BM's grandmother, very sad for you, but it is good to know that she was comforted by your blanket, that will be very special for you I am sure. I hope that 2015 is another great crafting and blogging year for you! xx

  20. what a busy year, love the dresses and skirt you sowed. I love sewing and knitting, so looking forward to seeing your makes in 2015. xx

  21. wow what a creative year!!! love all your beautiful creations!!!
    i wish you a wonderful new year,

  22. Very nice year! Best regards!!!

  23. So much creativity! Happy New Year Jacquie! May 2015 bring many new makings and adventures. X

  24. A lovely review of your makes from 2014, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make this year
    Jackie x

  25. So may wonderful makes so lovely to look back at them, I'm loving reading all the year review posts in blogland and working on some myself I had so much fun putting together a years worth of flower mosiac from the garden, looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2015
    Clare x

  26. Wow, it all looks really impressive set out all together like that, you should be very proud. It is always such an inspirational place to visit here. I'm so looking forward to following along in 2015. Wishing you a happy year of making and creating. CJ xx

  27. And that wasn't your most creative year?! There's still plenty to be impressed with! Happy New Year to you, looking forward to reading lots more next year xx

  28. Wow Jacquie you've been really busy, and what a wonderful collection of loveliness you've made. I particularly like your new blanket........makes me want to get my hook out and start a new one myself, but I have to finish a knitted blanket first which is taking a looong time! A little research would be ok though wouldn't it? Happy 2015 to you am looking forward to seeing what flies off your hook this year. x

  29. I'm SUPER impressed with how many wonderful projects you completed last year! BRAVO! Your eye for color is unerring and I love what you've done. I look forward to seeing the things you come up with for this year. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  30. Wow - so may wonderful makes. Wishing you a happy and creative 2015 too. x

  31. Happy New Year lovely!

    Well I would beg to differ and say that you've been very productive indeed. I'm sitting looking out at a very misty grey morning so your gorgeous array of colour is an extremely welcome sight, trust me.

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother-in-law. Your beautiful blanket must have given her so much pleasure in her last few months.

    Here's to another creative and colourful year my friend.

    Heather xx

  32. WOW! WOW! WOW! Love all your crochet
    Julie xxxxxxx

  33. You are so inspiring! I am definitely going to do more crochet this year (I managed the middle of the owl and then got stuck).I love your style and your lovely blog, thank you for sharing.
    Deborah x

  34. Not doing a lot of making? ahem! Wow and congratulations again for having your cowl featured in a magazine.
    I am sorry to read that your grandmother in-law died before Christmas but what a blessing to be able to live for 97 years and see all the generations. How lovely that you finished the blanket in time for her to enjoy it. I am sure it was a great comfort to her.
    Your Autumn Mandala features my favourite colours. I just love your combination and colour order. I am eager to be inspired by your shared projects in 2015. May it be equally productive in the craft and blogging departments. Jodie xx

  35. Hello Jacquie, So many lovely makes in 2014, I shall look forward to following more in 2015, Kate.

  36. Looks like you've had a very busy and creative year - so many gorgeous makes! I love the Autumn Mandela :) Looking forward to seeing what you create in 2015!
    Cathy x

  37. Hello Jacquie, what a stupendous collection of completed projects. There are so many that I covet, but in particular those wonderful pyjama bottoms. I LOVE a spot of candy stripe. Hurrah! I do hope 2015 holds wonderful things in store for you and your hooks. Emma x

  38. nice crafty year you have had. Everything was beautiful. I look forward to seeing more.

  39. What a creative year. I love the blanket with the blue edging. Jo x

  40. Wow you have been busy! Some wonderful projects. Those little snow drops and primroses are so cute maybe I should have a go at something like that for this spring :)

  41. A lovely creative year full of beautiful makes. Wishing you a fabulous 2015.
    Anne xx


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