Monday 12 January 2015

♥ Simple Saturday Joys ♥

Hello Lovelies,
 Now that I walk on a Thursday, Saturday has to be my food shopping day. But if I go early it's not too busy and there's plenty of day left to do more pleasurable things. 

This week I picked up a bunch Daffodils in the supermarket....I love the way these happy spring flowers arrive tightly closed..........

The flower heads beauty hidden in a deceptively small sleeve of green.........

In a couple of days I'll be enjoying this very simple, but oh so special, very first bunch of the year. A floral joy.

It's been windy and cold here this weekend. I don't hang out much washing at this time of year as our garden faces north and the ground is muddy. But the high winds inspired me to peg out a line of washing (with quiet a few extra pegs for safety) . How I loved watching it dancing wildly on the line.

And how I adored sniffing the line dried much nicer than tumble dried, in my mind....

Lately I've  had my blanket on our bed when I'm not working on it.  It's not bed sized, but I love walking to the sunny room and seeing it there.........

At three in the afternoon I went for a walk. Just around local streets..........

To take in the low winter sunlight across the fields...........

And fill my lungs with cold, fresh air. As I neared home the sun was setting. I smiled at the pretty sky scape.........

And loved returning home to a hot drink, a sweet treat, and some country magazines. Country Living is a long standing favourite. I'm lucky to have it on subscription again this year...a present from mum.

Country Walking caught my eye in the supermarket. I don't buy full price magazines often, but I splurged on this one.

I'm really tempted to join in with their challenge.... to walk 1000 miles in the year.
 It works out at about 20 miles a week, and if I include walking to the shops and all my short walks, as well as my longer group walks  etc I'm sure they will soon add up.........

HERE is their page for last years's the same this year.

I've started writing down all my miles and added Saturday's three, to bring my current total to 30 miles.
Who knows if I'll be able to keep up this amount of regular walking...but I really want to try. I'd like to think it will encourage my family to walk more too.

Walking is such a simple joy, great for the body and the relaxes and invigorates me.

 Being able to share quiet a few of my miles here really adds to my enjoyment of this activity.
So  Thank you for all your kind comments on my walking posts...I know I'm repeating myself....but they really do mean a lot.

Jacquie x


  1. Good for you with all the walking. It's so icy here that I'm afraid of falling. I ride my exercise bike inside instead. My favorite photo today is of the rooftop and chimneys. Pretty!

  2. One of the things I love about this month are the spring bulbs and daffodils you can buy I bought two bunch's of daffodils on Weds and they have just to flower over the weekend as their bud was so tight It makes me think of lighter nights and so much new life that will appear soon, there is something quite magical about the simple daffodil I feel. loving your crochet blanket I have to start a new crochet project this year. enjoy your walking ;-) dee x

  3. Very cold and blowy here too, I've got a vintage sheet or two that need a wash, so who knows I might have a pretty line too this week! Have a lovely week :) xxx

  4. I was looking for daffodils when I went shopping at the weekend - but I couldn't find any here. Maybe this week I'll be lucky.
    I hung some washing out too - I'm with you, I love the smell and feel of the towels when they have been line dried!
    Enjoy your week. x

  5. I love walking to, so I get what you mean. Great pics as usual, and that blanket of yours is really amazing!

  6. I have exactly that bunch beside me now. Like you nothing bliss the winter blues away more than your first bunch of daffodils. Your walk are beautiful enhanced by your photography skills. I must get back to walking but my husband has cartilage problems at the moment and I had a fall a week ago so we are like a couple of hobbling twins!!!!

  7. Lovely photos to cheer up the dull winter. I love how your blanket is coming along. xxx

  8. Oooooh the first daffodils how lovely! I haven't seen any yet but will be looking out for them when I go shopping next.
    What a great challenge for the year to walk all those miles I'm sure you will succeed
    Jackie x

  9. What a great idea to record all your miles! I used to love going for an afternoon walk after work, sadly my daily walk has fallen by the wayside since moving, you have inspired me to try and fit it in and maybe i'll take up your idea of keeping a log too :-)
    Thank you!

  10. Walking is good both physically and mentally. It lifts my spirits to get outdoors.
    Love your colorful blanket. I'd have it on my bed too as it went along.

  11. Oh. I adore daffodils! My all time favorite spring flower. A few of mine are already showing their tippy tops in the garden, in the very sunny spots that is. Can't wait! 1000 miles?!More power to ya! My average in an hour a day, then more on the weekend when I can, but a 1000 miles...? I hope you reach your goal. The blanket is looking lovely! I'm hoping to finish all my WIP's this year. Wish me luck! ;D

  12. Meant to say; I totally agree about the line dried wash! x

  13. I love Daffodils, but they are not in the shops here yet:((, they are such a cheerful flower. I really enjoyed your pictures from your walk, and it looks very cosy when you got home.xx

  14. Hi Jacquie! That is a great goal to set for yourself! What an accomplishment that would be! You live a good life.. with a lot of variety. I'm off to a DAR meeting and then to swimming.. so I'm trying to live a good life too... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. It will be interesting for you to keep a record of all of those miles! I am looking forward to getting some daffodils now that my tulips are finished, I hope there are some for sale soon here! xx

  16. You're not repeating yourself at all, I absolutely love your walking posts. I'd love to do the 1,000 mile challenge, but our walking pace is so slow, it takes us two hours to walk four miles usually. I think we're standing and staring and smelling too many flowers along the way. But I'm rooting for you, I'm sure it's do-able, a bit at a time. Even your local walk around the streets looks beautiful. CJ xx

  17. What a lovely blog, full of colour and lovely pictures. I am a new follower. Pam in Norway

  18. Good luck with your walking goal! I really enjoy all the photos you share of your beautiful countryside. I am a walker, too, but the landscape around here is not nearly as interesting as yours. Are you on Instagram? I would love to have your pretty pictures show up in my feed.

  19. Line drying is the best. You can hang out in sub zero weather if it is sunny.
    But you need tough hands!

  20. Our household has been passing around colds for weeks and today I turned off the heater and threw open the door to let the cold fresh air waft in and freshen our atmosphere! Walking outside and drying laundry outside sound wonderful! I get the British version of Country Living, too and enjoy it so much. I hope you are able to meet your Country Walking goal of walking 1000 miles this year, Jacquie. I am cheering you on! xx ps. Love seeing your pretty blanket on your bed, and daffodils ready to bloom. My amaryllis is ready to bloom! xx

  21. Good Luck with the walking, your last photo is Stunning.


  22. I'm sure you would be able to do the 1000 miles - maybe more miles some weeks than others. It's cold here and we're expecting snow to arrive this evening.

  23. Hi Jacquie, I wonder if you are using a pedometer? and do you have any advise about them if you are? I 'love' the blanket by the way. It would be so nice for the bed, a lot of work there! X

  24. I love your blog! Going to follow you with pleasure! Love Carolien


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