Thursday 15 January 2015

Sunny Days

Hello Lovelies,
how is your week going? I thought I would pop by and share a few of my happy moments  from the last few days.

On Sunday we enjoyed a family walk by the river...........

 It was cold and windy. Very chilly, but still lovely to be outside. These swans made us smile. I wondered if they both had their left foot out of the water to warm their "toes" in the sunshine........

We were only out for an hour, but I was glad to come home and put the oven on to make dinner. I also felt inspired the make Soup and Oaty Cookies..........


On the mantle my Amaryllis is ALMOST flowering.........

Yesterday was sunny and cold too. My morning walk was frosty............

It's still very wintry here, but there are some small signs we are heading towards spring. Just over this stile there's a little place under  the trees. It's a dark, damp spot in summer..........

but in spring, before the trees are in leaf, it's a beautiful mass of wild Snowflakes............

 Ohh, look they are already peeping through the moss and frosty Ivy.....spring is coming. 

The sight of these first spring flowers beginning to emerge, and a blue sky day  put a smile on my face as I headed home..............

Back indoors there is more to smile about...........

Did I mention how much I love Daffodils? ...............

This first special bunch of the year is so pretty and beautifully scented....they smell like spring. And their cheerful yellow flowers add a touch of indoor sunshine on a dull day like today.

Jacquie x


  1. I love Daffodils too. I just crafted some for a friend (picture on my blog)
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. The daffy are lovely, and isn't it lovely to see little plants poking up through the frozen soil! Have a lovely weekend :) xxx

  3. What lovely blue skies. I think I shall give that soup a try as well, it looks nice and simple, and I have several squashes in the garage waiting to be used. Enjoy the rest of the week Jacquie. CJ xx

  4. Morning!, I love Daffodils too, and the picture of the blue sky has cheered me up as it's very wet and windy now!xx

  5. Your daffodils are lovely that first bunch of the year is always very special.
    Jackie x

  6. Your daffodils in that red spotty jug would make for a lovely drawing/painting postcards or something. It's so pretty! I love daffodils too! (check out my love of them in my flower album.) lol loads of daffodil photos! Sunny days...what are those? It's been so grey here of late. Spring cannot come soon enough! Have a great day!x

  7. Lovely post! The daffodils are so cheerful and give me hope that spring will arrive even if it's months away for us here in the north.

  8. I don't think you can beat a bunch of daffodils as you walk in your front door. :) x

  9. A very homely post! I have also bought my first bunch of daffodils, and have them on our table in a green spotty jug :) I agree that there is something about them which makes me feel that spring isn't really that far away. Can't believe we're already halfway through January!
    Cathy x

  10. Such lovely wintery scenes! Your daffodils are beautiful aren't they and your amaryllis will be joining them very soon! Exciting! xx

  11. Isn't it lovely to start seeing those lovely spring flowers appearing in the shops again, I can't wait to get some daffodils for this weekend! Your blue sky walk was lovely to see and I do hope the awful wind hasn't caused you any damage. Take care xx

  12. I loves daffs too but can't have them in the house as they make me sneeze so much so I'll have to wait and enjoy the ones when they come up in the garden, there are already shoots.
    Clare x

  13. Gorgeous walk and so fun to see the little plants coming up! I bought a little pot of Narcissus and they all bloomed overnight.. is that your house in that photo? I've always hoped you'd put a photo of the outside to share with us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Oh no Teresa....I wish it was. It's just one I love the look of.
      Jacquie x

  14. Is that your house you live in? It's lovely! here in the Netherlands are signs of spring as it!

  15. My oh my it does look cold but so lovely to see some flowering colour inside to brighten winter.
    Anne xx

  16. Looks like a cracking day you had, I love cold sunny winter days :-)


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