Friday 23 February 2024

A letter from my life ::2

 Hello Lovelies, 

 I hope this letter finds you well. Here in the U.K we have had another super wet week. When the sun does come out there's still plenty of evidence of the deluges we have been subjected to. 

I'm so so grateful for comfortable wellies as I quite like stomping through puddles,  Peppa pig style 😁. 

Here, Lando and I  passed a newly planted orchard. The varieties are all old fashioned cider apples 🍎. What a lovely venture. 

It's been mild and on the dry days I have been happy to dry some washing on the line. With 5 of us still living here,  and no tumble dryer,   airers are currently a permanent fixture in our dining room. 

I took advantage of a dry, sunny day off on Monday to visit a local snowdrop garden. 

I first visited here in 2012 and wrote a blog post about it HERE. 

This time I was alone (I left mum sketching in the car).

It was unsurprisingly wet underfoot ( thankfully I wore my wellies again) 

And even though this visit was earlier in the month than my 2012 visit,  lots of snowdrops were already past their best. Thankfully not all.

The old buildings are a great backdrop and some plants were stunning but I'd say it felt as though this historic country house is surviving rather than thriving 😔.

In other news, I know this sort of letter needs no stamp,  but mum and I had unearthed quite a collection of old stamps during our recent decluttering,  so I was very happy to find a donation box in a local post office🦉 🥰.

This letter is jumping all over the place, isn't it. Sorry about that.

 I'm not usually into food photos (except home baking) but I did feel inspired to snap a picture of my February meal out . This was delicious and the company was great. I still keep in touch with my "new mum's " group. So that will soon be 24 years of friendship  💕.

None of us are getting any younger, but thankfully we are all still reasonably well, despite health challenges for some. 

I think there is no truer quote than "Health is the greatest gift." 

I don't go to the gym or play any sports, but I do try and be active. This is the second week running I've managed to hit 10,000 steps a day, every day. 

A screenshot from the app on my phone. 

I love the you tuber Linda Vater. She is intelligent,  articulate and inspiring.  She is a great gardener and loves thrifting. Linda also looks amazing for a lady in her late 60's and has a great fitness ethic. 
Inspired by her advice I have begun to make the effort to get down on the the floor several times a day. She has also inspired me to sit cross legged.  This was very uncomfortable to begin with, but it is getting easier. 

I'm not very flexible.  Bending forward with my legs straight is so difficult....I was shocked. But I continue to gently try and improve my tight hamstrings. 

And so a significant part of my week is dedicated to getting active, despite the floods.

I'm so glad this boy has long legs!

Today, as well as a long walk,  Lando had to endure a vet visit,  for his annual vaccination boosters. I  think it may have worn him out. Bless him 💙. 

I'll finish this letter with a thank you  and something I read recently.  

I really appreciate being able to share these ramblings with you here. Thank you so much for reading, and your kind comments 🥰 .

"In the end all we have are memories " is the quote which stuck in my mind. 

I do think a blog is a much better memory keeper than Instagram and would hope looking back on my blog with be a pleasurable memory jogger in years to come. 

Whishing you an enjoyable weekend, whatever you are up to. I'm working half of it, but that's life.  My current "retirement"  job comes with practically zero stress. Something I'll never stop being grateful for. 

Jacquie x


  1. Love to read your letters, and especially love seeing your gorgeous Lando :) I'm always amazed to see him in puddles as our greyhound, Matty, hated the rain and we would quite often have to get behind him to give him an encouraging push if we even managed to get him out of the door on a wet day LOL As for the puddles, he would always skirt around them ~ he was a bit of a diva, but we loved him and still miss him and his funny little ways!

    1. Aww Matty sounds lovely, Sharon. Lando will only go in a puddle if there's no other option 😁. This one is so huge it goes from one fence to the other xx

  2. Thank you for the link to Linda Vater's youtube. She is really a great gardener. I understand you completely that it is not easy to stay active. I'm fifty something and every day when my working hours are over I feel tired. So,each day I'm struggling with myself to go for a walk and to do some workout or to stay at home.

    1. Thank you Margi, work can really take it out of you, can't it. I count steps I've done at work, these days. Maybe just a 10 minute walk might tempt you on a work day? I'm glad you found Linda watchable. She really inspires me. Jacquie xx

  3. Thank you very much... it's fun to walk in the mud with you :-)) We also have a lot of rain here, just like you, the beautiful snowdrops are blooming and now the colorful crocuses have come out... wonderful.
    I plan something nice every day - for example, yesterday I did some crafts and today I wrote two letters and now I'm off to the post office... and always in the forest anyway... lots of love to you from Viola
    Yes - blogging is nice :-)))

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment Viola ❤️. It's so nice to see all the spring flowers emerging, isn't it. Planning something nice into every day sounds like a great idea.
      Jacquie xx


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