Wednesday 28 April 2010

Gardens and Bunting

At the weekend I dragged my gang off to look around a garden open for the NGS.
I love this scheme !! You pay a small amount to look around a private garden (children are free ), all the profits go to charity and there's usually teas and homemade cakes to buy, oh ,and plants too.

Well ,this one was a stunner and I took loads of photos to share with you lovelies .But thinking about it since, I realised I should maybe have asked the owners permission as it was a private garden.

Here are a few close ups of plants instead...........

The lady owner had such a great eye ,and there were lots of fun touches like this..

Definitely one to copy . Another lovely feature was a stunning summer house,how I would love one of those !! It was pale blue and she had attached bunting . There's loads of outdoor bunting in blog land at the moment like this lovely example .

So, not one to let the lack of a summer house put me off ,I decided to make some for our shed.
I collected some of the little peoples outgrown shirts....

Cut out triangles using a paper template and my new pinking shears (purchased from Amazon)

Hand stitched the two layers of fabric together with a large running stitch ( suppose I could have made them out of a single layer only)

Attached them to some bias binding at regular intervals.....

Machine stitched the bias binding over the top of the triangles using my ancient Singer ........


Here's a before...........

And after......

The cute little bird house was todays top charity shop find.
I'm pleased with the bunting even though my husband and the little people think I'm a bit mad !!
That's why It's great to share things with you lovely people.
Hopefully some of you will think it's pretty too !!

To finish today I thought I would share some wide angle shots of our garden.You will see it's definately a family space .........

I feel sorry for Mr BM who has to move all this stuff when he wants to mow the lawn!

It's no show garden but we love it and it's so nice to be able to get out and enjoy it after being stuck indoors all winter !!

Jacquie x


  1. Those buntings look fabulous! I am intending (one day!) to make some for my daughter using some of her old dresses.

  2. I'm loving bunting at the moment and intend to do some Hello Kitty for my daughter, just bought the fabric off ebay. I'm also doing some for th outside of the summerhouse, then theres the pergola.....LOL Yours really sets the shed off. I understand the bunting mania!

  3. Your bunting looks lovely, and it really is popular at the moment to put it on your shed! It's quite possible that we are all mad!
    Jille x

  4. Hello there. Your bunting looks fab!
    I always think its better to be a bit mad, its far more interesting :)

  5. Pop over to my blog..there's a little something waiting there for you! Cx

  6. Here's to being mad you, me and everyone on here
    : )

    What a lovely idea bunting with memories
    Cate x

    ps might even have a go myself

  7. Wonderful Bunting! I wish I had a fabric stash as lovely as yours. xx.

  8. Hello!
    I love your bunting, looks perfect with the cute little birdhouse too!
    Thank you for the award sweet lady, I shall have to try and think up some interesting things!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Rachel x

  9. I did my photo mosaic by importing the pictures into publisher and resizing them. I grouped them and copied and pasted them into the correct sized page (resized page so as just to give enough for a border)on paint. I'm sure there are different ways but this works for me! Jille x

  10. I love your garden, it's so cheerful and used, not just a space that exists. And I love your bunting. I've seen oilcloth bunting lately for using outside. There's nothing like a string of fun bunting, whetehr husbands and kids get it or not.

  11. Isn't it amazing what you can do with spare material!
    You have made such a brilliant job with your bunting.
    Your Garden is just so beatiful too.
    OOh you're making me want a rabbit again!
    I kept one at home, but every time I see your bunnies I just cry out for one!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm just hoping this comment goes through something to do with a 'firewall?'. I don't know.
    Yes, SIBOL has really taken off.It was just an idea I put out on January and I've had two articles put in. Rachels Crochet Spot and in June (9th) Inside Crochet! I'm amazed who would have thought it. It's all thanks to you wonderful Ladies couldn't have done it with out all.
    Thanks very much, and 'enjoy that garden and your bunnies!'
    Hugs Sue.
    I don't always comment but I do read....x


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