Sunday 18 April 2010

Perfect Gardening Weather

How's your weekend been? Too Short? Mine has, definitely !! Especially as the weather has been so kind again this weekend .
It's so lovely to be able to wander around our village and admire all the spring gardens in the sunshine .
I've noticed a lot of this looking stunning recently......

It's Aubrieta and I was really pleased to find some in out local florists on Saturday morning.
This year I am trying to improve our borders as a lot of the plants I planted B.C.(before children) have vanished over the years and we are left with a few shrubs and not much else.
We usually have a good display of annuals in pots and baskets.
But they are so high maintenance,lots of watering and feeding.I've decided to scale them back this year and plant more perennials instead.
In march I dug up and divided our old faithfuls like crocosmia and hardy geranium.
Today I've planted these beauties...........

There's Aubretia,as I mentioned earlier.
Also a candelabra primula , heather , snow-in-summer and geum "marnalade".
The weather was so perfect for gardening today I even did a few of the boring weeding,tiding jobs as it seemed a shame to be inside.

I can show you some crochet though,that I finished a few days ago...
My mini hexagon cushion. This is the darker of its' two sides in my crochet chair.....

and here's the other,paler side...........

I'm quite pleased with how this turned out, though I can't say I'm in love with it at the moment.Hopefully it will grow on me.

To join the two sides I did a couple of rounds of single crochet,with some half double crochet in the "valleys" between the hexagons to straighten up the edges .Then I sewed the two sides together and inserted my custom made hexagon shaped pad. Simples!!

Did you notice a new Dress in that last picture? Well here it is......

It's my latest charity shop find.
This one is originally Tesco and still had all its tags,so I know its never been worn. I think it looks quite retro,maybe 1940's.

It definitely made me think of the mum in the latest Nanny McPhee film....
I just hope I manage to break out of the T.Shirt and jeans thing, and wear it!!!

Jacquie x


  1. Its raining here this morning Jaquie so it was nice to find your colourful post! I like your plants - Im very into gardening myself at the mo and find myself nipping out whenever the sun shines to do a bit here and there!
    Your cushion is smashing too, I like the idea of a darker and lighter side, thats brilliant and it looks very cheerful sitting in your pretty chair adorned with all the other gorgeous crochet work!
    Dress is nice too - Ive often wished to wear something like that myself with a nice pair of vintage style heels...but for now, Im afraid Im a bit of a jeans and crocs kind of gal... :D

    Have a lovely week,
    Julia x x x

  2. I love your cushion - I tried really hard and managed one hexagon - thanks for sharing the pattern :)

  3. Cushion is looking good!

    You could always wear the dress WITH your jeans and t-shirt!

  4. Jacquie, just love the cushion, looks great.
    I can imagine how much you are enjoying the gardening after such a long winter. We are just winding down here and enjoying the Autumn colour.
    I spied a friend with a beautiful crocheted handbag on the weekend. Made of small hexagons,I held my breath as I asked her where she bought it, hoping against hope that it was somewhere local, alas it was bought somewhere in Asia. Oh well, I shall put that idea away for another day.

  5. Your new dress reminds me a lot of a dress I saw in the Cath Kidston magazine and fell in love with it. I really wish we would have such charming charity shops here, too, I have never ever found there any lovely Vintage items, only things from the last years. I think, here nearly everything from a decade later than the 80s was simply thrown away in the carbage.
    Your cushion is completely pretty, so lovely on the chair with the crochet blanket as partners. Thank you very much for the pattern instruction, I have safed it already and want to try it in any way for a cushion, too, although I also love the idea of Claires comment to make a hexagon bag.


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