Thursday 8 April 2010

Mini Crochet Hexagons

it's been a beautiful day here today .Really warm,with blue skies and hardly any wind.
I even felt like taking my(late) breakfast into the garden......

Whilst I was sitting, photographing my breakfast... (as you do !...hope the neighbours weren't looking!) I noticed some stunning zingy greens in the sunshine.
This climbing Hydrangea.....

and Euphorbia.....

I love spring don't you ? Everything looks so fresh and the weeds haven't really got going yet.....This blossom tree isn't in my garden,but I had to snap it, against the perfect blue sky, whilst we were out today.

Yesterday was not such a nice day weather wise... but a visit to the cinema with the little people and their cousins was enjoyed by all.I can thoroughly recommend Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang ... Brilliant !!!

I have been squeezing it fair amount of crochet into the days too...would you like to see ?

what do you think? I am really pleased with how this is looking...

It's going to be a hexagon shaped cushion....made up of mini hexagons...patchwork style !!

Back in January I was playing around trying to make a small crochet hexagon like these fabric ones I made years ago (25+ years yikes !!)

and I came up with this......

O.K.but not great...

Then I saw Lucy's AMAZING zig zag baby blanket,with it's little solid colour squares.

I loved how they looked and wanted to do something along similar lines...
So I made some of my mini hexagons in solid colours and sewed them Lucy did with her squares .

I even used her clever method of photographing the layout,so I could get the colours evenly spread...

That's better !! much more than O.K. now I think.

The hexagons are small...Just over 4 cm across,when made with a 4mm hook and double knitting yarn, and I like the fact they have a solid appearance but also a pretty flower centre.

Here are the hexagons I'm making for the reverse ..... when that's finished I've just got to make a hexagon shaped pad ....could be interesting

Jacquie x

p.s. I would be happy to share the pattern for the mini hexagons if any of you lovely people are interested,and I could even try and do a Lucy style tutorial :0)


  1. Found your blog via Flickr and popped over :-)The hexagons look fantastic. I love them too

  2. LUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE IT. Please, please, please give a tutorial I want to steal your amazing idea and show off the results as part of my own stash hehe...the idea stealer, lol. I do absolutely love them and do really want you to give a tutorial I am just not a stealer and will totally praise you and link the result of my efforts to your blog :) Too nice not to share xxx

  3. I would love the pattern, so could make a hexagon ball. They are a fantastic size.


  4. What a really lovely blog you have. I think your hexagans are really great. I'd love to see how you make them. I think I'd make mine into a scarf. All your crochet looks really lovely, I must pull my finger out!!

    Colette xx

  5. Hey Jacquie, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I wish I could say I lived in Snowdonia as I would love to live in the UK for 12 months, but my corner of the globe is pretty nice I must admit. Sometimes I think my blog posts can be too chatty and have to delete half of what I have typed!!
    Your crocheted hexagons are so cute and they look great, must've taken a while to sew them together! Would love it if you would post a little tutorial or the pattern. I have a better chance of finishing something if the crocheted motifs are ones you can whip up in a short amount of time.
    Yes, I love attic 24, Lucy is one clever lady.

  6. The crochet hexagons are amazing! I love bright block colours together and I think your finished cushion will look amazing and give you lots of big big smiles! Have a lovely day!......I have a thing about grapefruits too! xxx

  7. Please please please share the pattern! Your crochet is beautiful! Lovely and bright and cheerful on this Spring day! Cx

  8. Hello Jacquie,
    your crochet looks amazing, the hexagons are so cute! I REALLY wish I could do it! How long did it take you to learn to crochet?
    I will have to stick with my fabric hexagons for now!
    Rachel x

  9. I would love to learn how you make your hexagons! The solid colors are lovely...thanks

  10. You have been working well! Congratulations I'm just loving these. I should think they grow really quickly!
    Have a good weekend Hugs Suex

  11. Your little crochet hexagones look divine, such a cute design and surely wonderful to use up any many yarn-leftovers. (But I also have to confess that I love the two coloured ones,too, like a whole bunch of pretty flowers.) At the moment am completely obsessed with crochet and collecting many pictures from blogs and flickr for inspiration, just wrote about it on my blog. It would be fantastic if you find the time to write a tutorial, I am so much looking for a pattern to make a little cushion for my niece and yours is definitely the one I will use if you don´t mind for copying it. It´s so beautiful!
    With my best wishes and looking forward your tutorial,


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