Wednesday 21 April 2010

On my morning walk..........

Hello ,
we woke to bright sunshine this morning ,and I was soooooooooooooo glad!!
After 2 days at work where I can't even look out of the window I was definitely ready for some fresh air.
And fresh air is so much nicer with added as soon as the little people were dropped off at school I headed out for a walk around our village.

I love to do this on my days off,for several reasons.
Firstly ,and the main reason is because I think it's a great form of exercise.No special equipment(except comfortable shoes),no cost or pre booking required,just lock the door and go.
I walk quickly most of the time and when I'm on a health walk I really try to power walk.
That is when I'm not stopping to take photos of flowers. This is a great time of year for flowers,so I walk along with my camera in my hand and take photos when I hope no one is looking !
Loving these Marsh Marigolds shining in the sunshine...........

Next I stop to take a photo of the lambs,getting bigger..........

Then some more flowers...Grape hyacinths,forget-me-nots and Elephants ears(great name!)

At the top of the hill there's this little footpath.
Being originally from Yorkshire I call this a Snicket ,or a Ginnel.
People from around here call it a Jitty or a Twitchel !! So many names for the same thing..........

On the way back down I spot some flowering Quince and this stunning coloured Wallflower...

Colourful flowers and front gardens , the second reason I love getting out for a walk........

On the way back home I stop at the shop for some essentials.....Another reason to love walking,not using the car today.

So I'm back home by 10am and my step counter says.........

I saw the website you can see on my pedometer mentioned in a magazine at work.
You just fill in a form on their site ,and they send you a get walking pack, which includes this pedometer, free .

Hope you can get some fresh air too

Jacquie x

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  1. Lovely photos, you live in a very pretty place. I know what you mean about taking photos when no one is looking. I'm still figuring out how to use my camera, so Really don't enjoy an audience! Kim :)


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