Thursday 20 May 2010

May 2000

This week I've been thinking a lot about May 2000.
This is what I looked like ten years ago........

How maternity fashions have changed ! In this photo I thought I had about six weeks till I became a mother.In fact, it turned out to be only a few days.My much longed for twins arrived 6 weeks early.

Yes, their entry into the world was quite traumatic.And the first weeks so demanding,thank goodness my Mum came every day to help.
Lets be honest,the first few years were so demanding .Talk about 24/7!
I suppose that's why having one,non-premature baby, three years later seemed like a walk in the park.

But of course it was totally worth all the stress.My twins , their younger brother and Mr BM,are the best things in my life.
The stage they are at now is so lovely.Still so affectionate .But increasing in confidence and getting more independent.
Here is a photo of them in the early days .With the little crochet coverlets I made while pregnant.....

It was eight years before I found the time and inspiration to pick up my hook again.
I'm always impressed by Mums with very young families who find time and energy to keep creating such lovely things.And,time to share their creations in blogland.

I feel so lucky to have a lovely, healthy family,and ,now,the luxury of time to myself .Time to relax and be creative.Time to appreciate all the small things that are easy to take for granted.
Lots of things have changed in the last ten years.I think writing it down here really helps me to appreciate all I have . Don't get me wrong,they drive me mad at times.Some days all they seem to do is squabble and fight.But most of the time they are such good fun and keep my young.

Yes, my memory and my pelvic floor may never be the same again but being a mum is great!

Happy Birthday boys,double figures ,Wow !

Mummy x


  1. Oh that is so sweet! I love the photo! Brings back memories. My little girl will be 10 in July so I remember those dresses well!
    Happy Birthday Boys!

  2. What a wonderful post - Happy Happy Birthday to your boys, and also to YOU as their mother. For me (and for many mothers, I'm sure), having a baby changes who you are, so in a way, their actual birth day signifies a new birth of you, too. So glad you've come back to crochet after all that time! I stopped cross-stitching right after my son was born and have hardly touched it since. But I love crocheting instead. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What a lovely post and lovely photos too. Hope that your boys have a very Happy Birthday :O) xx

  4. Hello Jacquie, I just thought that I would reply to your comment on sibol here.My blog is to be found here I would love it if you came by. Your post is lovely, What happy memories for you. I too had much longed for premature twin boys (at 5 weeks early) sadly we lost one of them shortly after birth, we say he hung on to save his brother, so a positive life wouldn't you say? I am always drawn to twin mums so I hope you don't mind me telling you and I hope I didn't bum out your day. I couldn't crochet when mine was wee. I learned shortly after. He was 7lbs 4 oz and now 5'7" at 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your twins! One of mine was 10 in March and those 10 years have whizzed by! I wonder what the next 10 years will bring us!

  6. Hi Jacquie,
    the link is
    I have made it more obvious.
    Louse did link under 'blogging'.
    My daughters are 24 now! I know its so wonderful having twins.
    To watch them together throughout the years has been so entertaining!
    I just love mine to pieces too!
    Congratulations to you it's such hard work but well worth it...
    hugs Suex

  7. Awwww what a lovely post. Happy Birthday to your boys. Children are so wonderful, so much work but for so much reward and the harder you try the more you get back in the end I find. Watching them grow so fast wanting to slow the clocks. Lovely pics there Jacquie, thank you for sharing xxx

  8. Happy Birthday Bunny twins! Doesn't time fly? My first 'baby'is 15 later this year, much to my disbelief!

  9. What a sweet post. Love your pic.

  10. Oh my goodness, you didn't pick up your hook for 8 years?? I think I would go crazy. I've only been crocheting a short time but I'm addicted!! lol The baby blankets you crocheted are so cute, I love how they are opposites.


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