Monday 10 May 2010


As you may have noticed I've been choosing to make mostly quick projects lately.
Like my fabric and crochet bunting.....also my Easter decorations ,bag makeover and coat hanger cover.
Well I've decided it's time to start a bigger project.I've never actually made a big blanket,by big I mean double bed size. The nearest I've got is my granny daisy blanket......

I designed this blanket for the back of the sofa ,but in our house ,with three little people jumping around it spent most of the time in a screwed up mess.
So nowadays it lives on my bed,where I love the look of it but it's not really the correct shape...It's wide enough but too short.

I also have hexagon blanket that has turned into a permanent U.F.O. ( unfinished object ) .......

It lives on the back of my chair ,like a brightly coloured,oddly shaped ,anti-macassar!
I actually went wrong after a few hexagons and omitted the chain round by accident.So that ,and the fact I think I threw just too many colours at this means I'm happy to leave it as it is.

So what to do for my big project??

I'm very into Cath Kidston colours again now it's spring.Last springtime I made this ripple cushion ,inspired by her colour scheme......

I also really like hexagons ,as you know .So I'm planning to make a hexagon blanket in CK colours.This is the start......

I say planning ,as I'm well aware many of my projects "develop" into something completely different.I suppose that's the creative process !

Very observant readers will have noticed the title of this post is U.F.O.s in the plural.
Yes strangely enough I've decided to start two big projects.The second being a blanket for master B.M.
Last year I made this giant granny square blanket for my youngest.....

I was really pleased with this ,it was so quick to make and looks so happy ,it makes me smile when I go into his room.

But master BM is nearly ten (yikes ) and I know he wants something a little more grown up, so after seeing this lovely zig zag blanket I was inspired to have a go at one too.Here's how it looks so far..........

I actually started this about Three weeks ago and it's very sloooow going !
It's all single crochet in the back loops only so you can't get any speed up.
I think this is why I have started another project ,which is quicker and done in prettier colours.Yes ,the zig zag is going to be a U.F.O. for a looooooooong time !

I will leave you with some more pretty colours.
I found these windmills in The Range today,aren't they great !! just the thing to make me smile till my sweet peas start to flower ...

Thanks again for your comments ,they are really appreciated !
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie...Hope you are well. I love your ripple cushion (not brave enough myself to try a ripple yet!) and your hexagon colours. Could you please tell me what yarn/shade the green and blue are?? I have been looking for a sage green colour for ages...are they Hayfield DK? andie xx

  2. Andie take the plunge into the scrumptious goodness that is the ripple, it is mega easy just follow Lucys instructions and you wont go wrong. Jacquie...WOW! I LOVE your cushion and your little mans granny blanket. I bought some cushions(in fills) today and I looked at the biggest and said you are going to be a ripple cushion, so I am unashamedly going to steal your CK idea(if that's OK) as they are lovely and when a few of my own UFO'S are done I am going to make a mega bright granny square blanket...that is after copying Andies cowboy blanket!!! Right I am going now I am turning my own brain into mush!

  3. That is the best and funniest term I have ever heard, and it's my new favourite! UFO unfinished object...who doesn't have any of those lying around somewhere!?
    I love all of your colourful creations...finished or not! you have a great eye for blending and patterning! I'm into the crochet again today too..come by and see!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Hi Andie ,I've answered your questions over on your blog :0)

  5. Oh such lovely colourfulness. I tried to do the ripple but it was disaster! I haven't tried since but every time I see a ripple cushion or blanket I wish that I could get my head around it.
    Hope you have a good week. x

  6. Love all your wonderful blankets. I thought the first one was my favourite but ...... so much beautiful colour, not too sure now.
    I cannot get the hang of ripples, not natural to me. I love the round and roundy granny squares - hexagons are my fav!!

  7. Hello - thanks for commenting on my blog - and snap on The Range windmill by the way - my boy has his firmly planted in the garden too!! Absolutely loving your crochet! I can only aspire to your talents at the moment - granny squares is as far as I have got so far but after knitting for years I'm finding crochet so addictive and quick and easy - and colourful!

  8. I have bben thinking of a similar post on my unfinished UFO's but can't seem to get around to finishing taking the photos!

  9. I LOVE your crochet work! The colours on that cushion are perfectly Cath, you have captured them just right and Im giggling that you have about 100 things on the go all at once (so have I, a few UFO's including a hexie blanket are lurking in a bag here). The windmills are gorgeous, just the thing to cheer you up! Lovely post, thanks for sharing with us!

    Julia x x x

  10. I agree your crocheting is gorgeous! Just love everything. I love your stool, but hey I love everything.
    Have a good weekend,
    Love Suex

  11. That new ripple looks promising for your young man but wow, I know how slow-going that is, working back loops only... I'm like you, in that when a project isn't going fast enough for me, I often just move on to something else!! :-) But that's okay, because that leaves us with so many options to pick back up when we're ready for another change.

    A note on the hexagons - which are gorgeous - I too forget that chain round QUITE often, and the circle loses its lovely definition. I don't know why it's so hard to remember it sometimes; I guess I'm just eager to JOIN it already and move on to the next one.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hi Jacquie
    Just tried to email you but my mail got bounced back, so appologies for sticking this message in your comments....
    I'm so sorry, yes I did put a post up yesterday, it was a quick and spontaneous post but the image i was trying to upload was not working out properly, it was all cropped off at the side and i didn't have time to try and sort it so deleted the post after it'd been up 5mins!
    Sorry for the confusion
    Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxx
    ps loving your crochet WiP's, your CK colours are looking beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....a wonderful feast of crochet goodies.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  14. Hi Jacquie...I never really know how best to reply. If I try replying to emails of comments I am sent to 'blogger no reply'. Thank you for the info on the yarn. We have a Wilko locally, I may have to steal myself and bob in town next week. You come from a lovely area... I passed through Haworth today on my way to Skipton Market. Hope you have a lovely weekend. axx.

  15. Hi, I just found your blog. I love the ripple cushion! I love getting inspiration from all these lovely blogs. My house is full of UFOs! I have about 5 crochet bags, all containing an item that I haven't finished. Oops! Lynda xx


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