Sunday 9 May 2010

Wet Saturday

Our Saturday always starts with a watery theme as the little people have swimming lessons.Unfortunatly this Saturday it was also very wet outside the pool.
Yes,wet and cold describes Saturday in these parts.Quite miserable .I'm sure my mood never used to be so affected by the weather,but these days it definitely seems to be .
Nevermind,I know the garden needs rain.The plants actually look quite pretty glistening in the damp.......

At least I found somewhere to hang my bunting so that I can see it when the weather is not nice enough for it to venture outside....

I have these hooks up in my conservatory to hang christmas decorations on ,but they are perfect for bunting hanging too.I often think it's a shame we spend so much time and effort to add pretty decorations at christmas ,but not during the rest of the year.
Well this year our home has had an easter tree for the first time ,and now it has some spring bunting .Just the thing to cheer me up on a miserable day...

Never the less I was very glad to wake to this lovely sight on Sunday...

On the crochet front I have made a start on not one but two blankets !!
More of them next time .
Hope the sun shines where you are this week.

Jacquie x


  1. Yes your garden plants love beautiful in the rain, and don't forget rain washes away all the dirt and makes everything so fresh and clean. Your bunting looks lovely in the conservatory. I can't wait to see your new blankets, as you have seen I also have a habit for starting several projects hehe! Well keeps the projects from becoming tedious I reckon. Have a lovely Monday x

  2. that should say look beautiful*

  3. Your bunting is beautiful...a definite pick-me-up on a damp day! Cx

  4. I know what you mean - I never used to be affected by the weather, but I really am now.
    Great to see pretty pictures of your flowers and the bunting is lovely.

  5. You have a beautiful garden! I always enjoy seeing the plants soaking up that rain - seems to perk them up after a long time in the sun. And pretty, pretty bunting!

  6. We had a wet cold Saturday too, but it did make the garden look much better.
    Sunny today but still very chilly - roll on summer.

  7. Hello Jacquie,
    your garden looks gorgeous, even in the wet! Hopefully I will post about my lovely award tomorrow, it has taken me ages to think of 7 things that are slightly interesting, God I must be boring!!
    I am still envious of yuur gorgeously pretty bunting, it is spurring me on with the crochet! Wished you lived close by and then you could show me! I would make you homemade cakes and tea of course and we could have a good old natter!
    Rachel x

  8. I really enjoy your photos! I need to practice my photography skills, I'm lacking! :)


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