Wednesday 26 May 2010

More Outings and some embroidery

Well good ol' Blighty has returned to familiar dull chilly weather.Never mind the heat was great while it lasted and hopefully it will return soon.
I've got some more pic's of Beacon Hill Country park taken on Sunday I would like to share with you.
There's a very diverse landscape in a relatively small area and the little people are already talking about going back in the Half Term Holidays ,next week.
As well as the woodland..........

The great views....

And rocks to climb on (this wasn't as dangerous as it looks ,honestly !)....

There are also open spaces to picnic and a wild flower meadow.......

And also this.......

A Labyrinth . It has been created by making a path through some huge rhododendrons...

It was lovely and cool in the dappled shade and round every turn were gorgeous flowers.........

There were plenty more still in bud so I think a return visit in a week or so is in order.

I haven't forgotten the crafty part of this post it's just taken a while to get here. I've finished my embroidery hoop picture and I must say I'm really pleased with it. What do you think?......

The only thing I had to buy was the hoop.Which cost a bargain £1.90.
The background material came from some cotton thrifted curtains.And the felt was just scraps I had left over from previous projects.
Working within the hoop made the whole thing so easy,as the material was held firmly.I think it makes a great frame too.Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best .
There's even an embroidery hoop Flickr group if you want more inspiration.
Today I've been and bought a second hoop as I think a pair of these pictures will look even nicer .
Jacquie x


  1. Oh that's gorgeous! I love it. Well done. x

  2. The Country Park looks stunning, I am a real sucker for a wildflower meadow!

  3. oh that's just lovely - very folksy which is what i like xxxx

  4. Hi Jacquie! I've just seen your mention of the Caravan of Love Give Away! Aaw bless you for your kind words. Your house is beautiful. I love the jolly flowers! Much love, Amanda xxx

  5. Oh your pics are wonderful and it seems you all enjoyed the wonderful weather we had. Your hoop pic is stunning so bright and cheery really cute x

  6. That is the cutest little piece of embroidery! I love felt, and this is just so simple and cheerful (yet I know some work went into it). Very inspiring :-)

    Had to laugh at "good ol' Blighty." I love WWI-era British TV and fiction / actual history, and I'm always hearing about "Blighty" but have never heard it referred to as such by an actual resident! :-)

  7. Hello my lovely!

    What a beautiful embroidery picture! I love it, the colours are wonderful!!
    I have some nice news for you too - you are the winner of my draw!! Would you be able to email me your address so I can post the goodies out to you please?
    (if you have any problems doing it through my blog, just go to my website and send it through the 'contact me' page).
    Much love to you, Julia x x x

  8. I love the photos and it made me feel cooler just looking at them. It's very hot here and my air is not working well. I'm going to try the hoop craft. I have everything that I would need and I love the house! You are sooo clever!


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