Wednesday 8 June 2011

My June Commute

Hello Lovelies,
Just though I'd share some pictures I took on my way to work this morning . It was beautiful and sunny first thing and I was sorry I was going to miss the day but the scent of the honeysuckle as I opened the front door at 7.30 was gorgeous .........

Another lovely surprise was a poppy that had opened up overnight .....

I've got loads of these in my front garden this year thanks to the second master BM who collected some seeds from a plant that was growing out of a crack in the pavement , he scattered them randomly and so many have come up I'm amazed  :0)

Once in the car I'm stuck by how beautiful the countryside is at the moment and while in one of the many queues of traffic I grab my camera and manage to take a  shot whilst stationary .......

I think the wild poppies growing in the rape seed fields (which have now lost their yellow flowers ) are the best I've seen ...I'm determined to get a closer look on my day off.

Once I arrived at work I still had a few minutes to spare before I had to say goodbye to the sunshine so I hooked a plum border or two in the car........

I think the day turned out showery so I guess I was lucky to be out and about first thing ...I do love the early morning light .

Right off to crochet more of my blanket ... I can't wait to show you my progress  :0)
Jacquie x


  1. The honeysuckle is so perfectly photographed you canalmost touch it! The poppirs are really lovely too, I love it when you see them as you are driving along!

    looking forward to seeing your blanket xx

  2. That honeysuckle is spectacular and you have to a flower (poppy) that grows in a crack in the pavement.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  3. What a gorgeous reflective start to your day :) I love Honeysuckle and that looks like a beauty. The purple poppy is so pretty and squeezing in a 'Plum Border' in the morning is impressive. x

  4. Exquisite flowers! Never seen a purple poppy before. I do love your crochet bag too and your grannies are so pretty. What a shame you couldn't have sat for a little longer to enjoy yourself.

  5. Your photos are g-o-rrrrrrr-g-e-o-u-s! That purple! I love all the detail in the center! Just incredible! What lovely views to start the day! x&o, Annette

  6. I have never ever seen a purple poppy its lovely i only thought they ever came in red ;-) Lovely poppy field photo i could happily walk through there today myself. Can't wait to see how much you have done on your blanket. enjoy it, dee x

  7. what beautiful sights first thing, the honeysuckle is gorgeous, have some in my garden & i love them they just grow & grow & grow sweet! The countryside is so lovely this time of year, hope you have many more mornings like that one :)
    Karen x

  8. I love to see the red poppies in the fields.

  9. I would imagine it was hard to leave the car and go into work Jacquie.

    Love the combination of raspberry pink and yellow in the Honeysuckle. I keep saying I'm going to grow one, must get on and do it and that Poppy just gorgeous.

    As I drove to work this morning all I saw was..........well, actually nothing really it was still dark, bleurggh..........

    But tomorrow is the start of 3 weeks hols, yippee.......

    Claire :}

  10. Lovely flowers! We have foxgloves in our garden that do the same as your poppies, its incredible where they will pop up...

  11. Lovely honeysuckle - gorgeous to have that outside the front door to sniff every time you go out! And is that valerian growing underneath? beautiful. The poppy is an amazing colour, and there's something very special about plants that just self-seed or grow from casually scattered seed - I've got foxgloves everywhere - I love them, and no matter how many I get, I don't have the heart to pull any up when they've made the effort to plant themselves without any help from me!
    Jane x

  12. It must be a good year for poppies!
    While driving to Bath last week I passed several fields full of poppies

  13. Have just discovered your beautiful and inspiring blog. I grew up in the rural midlands and then moved to Yorkshire so many of your photographs look familiar to me. Your pictures of the midlands countryside and villages give me lovely nostalgic feelings. The crochet is wonderful too!

  14. What beautiful photography, you alway get the best photos of nature. I look forward to seeing your blogs. You are very creative.

  15. Lovely lovely! Beautiful poppy. Squares are looking good. x

  16. Purple poppies!? Gorgeous. i have massive pink ones like Peonies coming up in mine. Want some seeds when the time comes? I'll send you some if you let me know where to send them xxx

  17. What a fabulous looking blanket - can't wait to see the whole thing finished. I love stylecraft yarn too. My children all want me to crochet them a blanket & it would cost WAY too much to do it in wool. Masons are also great - I have always had excellent service from them. Will look out for the 'ta-da' - I have just started a blanket & that moment feels a very long way off!

  18. Ooh lovely! I am very impressed by your early morning hooky. I love the honeysuckle - the stuff in our garden is just yellow, I love the pink and yellow on yours. Have you tried pulling off a flower and sucking the nectar from the bottom - it's yummy and sweet! My dad showed me how when I was little :o)
    Jones x

  19. that's a stunning poppy <3

  20. That poppy is astonishing!! What a beautiful colour - and don't they look glorious edging the fields right now, I love the swathes of red ones that you see, so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics, nice to see you managed to sneak in a little bit of crochet too (in fact Ive just finished a quick crochet project which is over on my blog now that you might like!)

    Lots of love
    Julia x x x


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