Saturday 18 June 2011

Showery Saturday

Hello Lovelies ,
We have been enjoying one of those slow Saturdays I love so much. Waking at eight without the alarm...enough of a lay in to feel like a bit of a treat but not so long as to feel like you have missed anything...if you know what I mean !
Sewing my blanket together in my PJ's before breakfast........

Then making pancakes for breakfast ,helped by my eldest, a yummy treat we don't do very often..........

The morning was pretty showery , we even had hail at one point. But by lunchtime the sun had come out and I took my blanket into the garden. Luckily the boys are used to my requests for "odd" photos these days ...I wanted to show you the thrifted /hand made vibe I had going on today......

I'm wearing a thrifted monsoon cardigan( love this green) and a thrifted floral top. My new bracelet was purchased from a friend who makes amazing jewellery using beads she makes herself ( they are polymer clay and apparently it's a bit like making seaside rock ) . I love it .

The garden is looking lush at the moment.....

I love this full looking border with no soil to be seen . Admittedly there are a few weeds and not too much colour. I'm hoping to remedy that next year.I do love this self seeded foxglove and the amazing red foliage behind it is Herb Robert ( also self seeded ) ....

After a simple lunch I enjoy pottering in the front garden ....planting a penstemon the replace the one that was killed by last years hash winter.........

The lavender under my front window is just coming out . This was here when we moved in 16 years ago and it literally grows out of a crack between the house wall and some concrete slabs. Tough stuff ! I'm hoping to dry some for making lavender bags this year........

There are bees every where at the moment which is so lovely to see.....

Later in the day we visit a local park to allow the boys to let off a bit of steam. On the way home the showers returned resulting the most amazing double rainbow I've seen in years....if ever.These pictures were taken out of the car so it was hard to capture the whole arc ...

it was so bright and a stunning end to the day. Did I say how much I love June ?

Have a great Sunday
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely post! I spent my day cleaning out dd's bedroom. Not a fun job I can tell you. x

  2. Oh I wish I were hanging out in the garden or in my PJs today instead of work! Spent the day delivering a baby and caring for a sweet mama... Your Grannies are PURTY

  3. I had a lovely Saturday, I must say.
    The Mr looked after the kids whilst I mooched around the shops in Chichester.
    Got myself some great bargains in the charity shops too. Love thrift shopping -you never know what you'll find.

    Great photos, love the garden.


  4. Now that sounds like a completely PERFECT Saturday! Definitely my kind of day!

    I am loving your granny squares, the colours are gorgeous together. It's such a lovely process seeing something come together like that.....thank you so much for sharing that with us!

    The rainbow is beautiful. We had sunshine and showers all day yesterday, it just couldn't make up its mind! I hope today is a bit calmer, I fancy a bit of outside crochet today!

    Have a super sunday!

    Vanessa xxx

  5. Looks wonderful. I love that bracelet!

  6. I would leave a comment but I have GOT to make pancakes.....

  7. Precioso Byutiful blog, mís saludos cordiales desde España

  8. I just read the other day that double rainbows reverse their colors and from the looks of your picture it must be true!

    Love the afghan...and the bees...and the lavender...and the foxglove...

    Cindy Bee

  9. A double rainbow is surely a sign of good luck, or extra good luck. Sounds like a lovely day.
    Happy Sunday,

  10. Beautiful blog ...
    ( I became a follower)


    Marjo's Cosy Corner

  11. Stunning post!
    Have a good week.
    Carina x

  12. Wow a double rainbow i have never seen once of those before i wonder why that happens.....Loving your blanket can't wait to see if finished and i bet you can't either ;-)) Your garden is looking lovely to. June is a nice time of the year, hope your enjoying your sunday, dee x

  13. Gorgeous pics - so many of my favourite things :) I keep meaning to take pics of the lavendar - its just been a tad wet here this weekend!!

  14. Absolutely beautiful post, love your garden, i'd sit in a garden like that allllllll day!
    Have an equally nice sunday evening
    Karen :)

  15. Gorgeous squares, gorgeous bracelet, gorgeous garden!
    Emily x

  16. Can't wait to see the finished blanket - the plum border just makes it, the perfect colour. Sounds like you have had a great weekend. x

  17. Ohhh I long for a lovely garden like yours! The border looks so good, so vibrant and green. Sounds like a perfect Saturday!
    Jones x
    PS Excellent charity bargains, you do find some lovely things!

  18. Lovely photos, the bee on the lavender is great.

  19. Your garden looks beautiful, I'm sure I can smell that lavender! x

  20. Your garden and your crochet are looking gorgeous Jacquie!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  21. Like how your purple Grannies are coming along! I unravelled a large part of my first baby blanket, removed all the taupe edges (waiting too long now for my LYS to come up with more taupe) en re-doing all with a red border now. Where did I see the "Lipstick Blanket"? yes, my baby blanket is now going to be bright red :-)

  22. Your garden is looking lovely!
    We had hail too - and wind, torrential rain, sunshine - most sorts of weather, in fact!

  23. Lovely garden Jacquie, makes me long for summer to come, I'm trying to enjoy the cold crisp days of winter here. Thanks for the link you gave me on my blog, I was trying to remember where i had seen something like what I'm making, and crejjtion was the place, so thanks!
    Have a great weekend! Julie:)


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