Friday 29 July 2011

Holiday Crochet Ta- Dah

Hello Lovelies,
We have been very fortunate to spend a few days away this week, in one of our favourite parts of the country, Norfolk.
 As the journey is a fairly familiar one to us these days, and my navigational skills are not required, I took the opportunity to do some crochet whilst Mr BM drove.
My Giant Granny was nearing completion and I was keen to see the finished result......

First I completed the plum border ,which was already half way around when we set off, then I began the sewing in of over 100 ends. Here are just a few. Unfortunately the trip was about 10 minutes too short to get them all done .....

The next day I finished off in the final few ends using this method. (scroll down a bit )

Would you like to see my latest blanket ??

Here it is ....

Ummmm I LOVE this blanket . It was started ....let me check ....yes , on the 29th of June . It was completed on the 26th of July. Less than four weeks !!! .
I really enjoyed this speedy project and being part of Sucrettes crochet along made it even more fun.Do check out the gorgeous blankets in the flickr group ( button in my side bar ) Thank you so much for organising this Angie :0)

Another reason to love this kind of blanket,as well as the easiness and speed, is that they are just so soft and drapey. Perfect for snuggling under...

Using lots of bright colours like this always makes me happy , it's like colour therapy !!.....

Here it is spread out on the floor. It's 57 rounds plus a border and is big enough to easily cover my feet when draped across my lap........

The border is my favourite "double V. stitch" you can link to the pattern via the picture in my side bar . It's super quick and easy......

We were not very lucky with the weather whilst we were away. I had to wait till yesterday to take these pictures. Not what you wish for at the seaside , but all the grey weather meant my new blanket got lots of use.
 In fact my Mum , who came with us and made it possible for us all to stay in a rather lovely lodge style caravan, admired and used it so much I gave it to her at the end of the holiday as a little thank you. ......

The weather meant My granny square blanket also got lots of use . ....

Finally , just yesterday , we got the sort of hot sunny day holiday memories are made of. We spent the whole day on the beach .
 The boys played for ages in the sea with their cousins who visited for the day ...... It was bliss .
For me, the best bit about this resort is that despite being on the east side of the country , it's position on the wash means it faces west and you can stay on the beach till late in the evening , watching the sun setting over the sea....

Perfect :0)   ( unlike my wonky horizon ! )

Right oh, I'm off to catch up with all my favourite blogs...I've missed you guys .
Jacquie x


  1. Stunning! Just love it - well done clever you!!!

  2. I love it! and I know your Mom will too!

  3. Jacquie your giant granny looks lovey. I like the border very much. I think I will use the same border on mine. I look foward to seeing your next project!
    xo Susan

  4. Oh mercyme, that giant granny is spectacular! So very snuggly, and your colors are perfect. Your mum will love it. :)

  5. Woooow Jacquie! It is beautiful :) I love it as much as I love mine even a little bit more :D hehe The colors are fantastic!
    Mine is done too... will make a post about it on monday ;)
    Have a lovely week end!

  6. Your blanket looks great Jacquie, you've gotta love the speedy project don't you, so good to see quick results! Glad you enjoyed your break, I'm envious of the sun and beach, it is v. cold here today! Have a great weekend! julie:)

  7. lovely, fantastic, beautiful, brilliant ........ I have no words ...... is a very good job
    Love your colour therapy :-)

  8. Wowsers!
    It looks soooo snugglesome!
    Love those colours too.
    Must add to my to do list.

  9. Your gigant granny is beautiful. Love those colours too.

  10. It's lovely, and so kind of you to give it away, will you be making another one?

  11. Lovely post and amazing blanket - well done, you! xxx

  12. I love your giant granny square, and the plum finishes it off perfectly!

    You take such great pics. It's always a joy to visit your blog :)

  13. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I want one! xx

  14. What a beautiful blanket. You seem to go warp speed to me. I can't believe it! It puts me to shame and you make me feel like quite a 'plodder'. I love to crochet in the car too. Only as a passenger though obviously not as the driver. Well I have crocheted socks in the drivers seat in Gridlock! I have crocheted dish cloths in the dark of the cinema before now too. A scroll through your blog is a real feast for the eyes! Lovely, lovely, lovely...

  15. What a gorgeous blanket, Jacquie!! So colourful and vibrant. Well done! :)

  16. The colours are just lovely,another lady that crafts while travelling hooray!!!

  17. Te ha quedado preciosa y la frontera es encantadora con ese color. Un saludo.

  18. Both blankets are just beautiful. Glad you had a lovely time on holiday :-)

  19. The blanket is fantastic! I love it, and the granny square one! I'm so behind on this challenge, I think I'm on round 27... Well done for getting it done so quickly!

  20. Well, now you have me a bit in a quandary. I have a square granny in progress. It's only cushion sized right now and I had decided to leave it at that and start again with a rectangle shaped granny blanket because I prefer a rectangle blanket...but yours looks so lovely should I just carry on with my original one??????? Oh MAN!!

    That edging is the biz. I wonder if that would go ok on a blanket I have nearly finished for charity. Mind is whirling!

    Glad you had a super hols but sad the weather was pants. Good to have you back though.

    My poppy heads are still a bit to green to harvest. Everything seems to happen much later here in my garden.

    Off to feed my sweetpeas now, lets hope your advice does the trick. I've never had any luck with them. BOO!


  21. Jacquie, how DO you keep churning out such gorgeous crocheted delights? I think it's one of my favourites, it's so rainbowy and beautiful! How kind of you to give it to your Mum. I'm afraid I'm still at the 'keep it for myself' stage.


    PS. Yay for crocheting in the car on long trips - what on earth did we do before??! x

  22. Four weeks!! You must be some sort of machine!! Ive been working on granny squares for a blanket for christmas.. I swear ive been at them for ages and i only have 20! My aim was one a day but i havent managed that yet. Maybe I need to stay off the internet and keep crocheting!

    I love your blog ^_^


  23. It's just perfect - the colours you have used are so lovely together. I bet your Mum was so pleased to be given the blanket to keep all to herself at the end of your holiday. What would we do without our Mum's? Glad you had a great holiday, despite the weather. x

  24. What a lovely post. Your blanket is gorgeous. I am nearly finished mine for my brother but not quite. x

  25. Lovely blankets, perfect for brightening up the caravan! Shame Norfolk's weather wasn't kind to you - it has been so cold here most of the last week. But that is a lovely beach picture. Hope you feel you've had a break x

  26. Wow - it's stunning. Colours lovely. Enjoy the blanket and the holidays.

    Carina x

  27. Wow, what a gorgeous blanket! I just love all those bright colours you used. It looks particularly stunning against the white of the rails outside the caravan! I love the border you used too, I'll definitely be taking a look at the pattern for that! :)

  28. Absolutely stunning Jacquie, queen of crochet! Love all your photos and I'm so pleased the sun eventually shone for you xox Penelope

  29. hi jacqui, bit of a blurker here but i've been following your blog for a while now and just love your posts. you inspired me to start crocheting and i just finished my first project - a giant granny square blanket! i'm so thrilled with it, I got about 50 rounds in before i ran out of all my wool. lovely blog!

  30. It's really pretty Jacquie, well done! How lovely to give it to your mum too, it's the best feeling isn't it, giving blankets to people who'll love them.

  31. Jacquie,

    What a gorgeous blanket!! It's on my To Do Before Christmas Gifts lol Could you, please, tell me what yarn you use? The colors are wonderful. I can't find anything with that vibrance! (I live in the States)

    BTW, I lived in East Anglia for 5 years (03-08) :) There were quite some beautiful scenery.

  32. Love it! gorgeous blanket, your mum is very lucky! bet she loved it!
    I liked all the holiday snaps, particularly your last photo with the wonky horizon, I'm good at taking shots like that :) my dad always tells me the water will have gone by morning, run out the side of the pic, how rude!
    Jones x

  33. Gah there's another good blanket. Go you!! Great!


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