Sunday 31 July 2011

July Scavenger Hunt Photos

Hello Lovelies,
Thank you all so much for your extra kind comments on my Giant Granny.You really do make my day :0)

The list for July's scavenger hunt ( see the other entries to this monthly challenge  here ) had a holiday vibe so I intentionally left taking any pictures till we were away last week.

It's nice that these pictures for the scavenger hunt also allow me to share a glimpse of our first trip to the seaside this year with you lovelies. The images are not in the order of the list...but in the order they were taken.
The first three were taken in the resort of Wells -next-the-sea. It was our first visit here and we would love to return one day. So much to see and do.

1. Celebration.......
well sort of .....lots of bunting and flags in this street made me think of celebrations

2.Ice Cream

Fish and Chips and Ice cream...2 must have food items at the sea side.

3.Red , white and blue

I was particularly taken with this fishing boat in wells harbour. We were having a go at crabbing when I took this picture...along with many others. I think the crabs have got wise to this sport and learnt how to tease us by taking the bait then letting go as soon a you try to lift them more that a foot out of the water...what clever creatures :0)

The next couple of pictures were taken back at our Caravan. It really was a souper dooper one and it must have belonged to a family who sub let it as there were so many sweet personal touches like colourful crockery and great resources like puzzels and games.


well OK one star (fish) on this gorgeous tea pot .Isn't it great !

5. Stripes

Had to be my latest blanket. I'm loving picture for both it's colourful crochet and the glimpse of my cheeky son who sneaked under the chair when I went to fetch my camera and then gave himself away by giggling. You can just see his trainers and the top of his head if you look closely :0)

The next four images are from Thursday ...our only sunny day this holiday

6.A Kite
A Dad and a very sweet little boy enjoying the day.

7.Sea Shells

the incoming tide making this shell look so colourful. I love wandering along with my feet in the waves looking for shells and unusual pebbles.

8.A Flag

Hunstanton proudly displaying it's blue flag ...I'm loving the blue sky!

9.Flip Flops

For sale on the prom

10.Something that makes you happy (not a person or animal)

Crochet on the beach :0)


Norfolk Lavender fields taken on the journey home.The grey skies had returned but this weekend has turned out sunny ...great for getting the mountain of washing dry !!

Hope you enjoyed these . Now I just need to squeeze in my "Nature Notes" post....pressure !!
Have a great Sunday .
Jacquie x
P.S. Just realised I missed out Strawberries from my photos ...oooops


  1. Hello lovely Jacquie
    I have been sooo frustrated not being able to post comments on your account mucking about but now google chrome is being kind to me :0) hoooray! Love love your granny blanket, just sheer happiness in a rather large square, I bet you mum was very pleased with it. Love all your happy hols pictures too, really pleased you got some sunshine at the end xox Penelope

  2. How strange I took some of my Scavenger Hunt photos at Hunstanton. Looks like you had a great time in Norfolk.

  3. Don't worry about the strawberries Jacquie, I just bought two plants today in readiness for Summer you can borrow them......... One of the plants actually has deep pink rather than white flowers, it's gorgeous.

    Love all the photos for the scavenger hunt. It looks like a beautiful day at the beach and I just love the Lavender fields.

    Better crack on with my granny blanket, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Claire :}

  4. A lovely set of photos with a true holiday feel ... exactly what I had in mind when I set the list!!!! I love the red, white and blue boat!

  5. Great photos Jacquie, I love the bunting flapping in the wind.
    Anne xx

  6. Edit, quickly edit! You can go and get strawberries :) Gorgeous photographs.

  7. Hello Jacquie! Great photos! Thank you for the tip on leaving comments, blogger was driving me insane yesterday...
    Have a lovely day!

  8. A great set of photos .I must get organised and join in this month ie August

  9. Hi I have just read your comment on Andamento's blog. I have also made a hexie quilt and have just made a start on another paper pieced. You said you don't have any little girls to make the hexies out of. If you mail me privately I would gladly send you some snippets of my stash for you to make a start. Just fyi I search car boots for pretty baby dresses, blouses etc. I never pay more than 50p - it's a great way to get some lovely fabrics really cheaply. Good luck. (It's very addictive though - bit like crochet).

  10. I didn't mean that you would make hexies out of real little girls lol. I meant little girl's clothes -oh mens shirts are another great start if you can get them cheap enough. Bye!

  11. Love that blankie! So many beautiful colors! Does that ice cream have a blue edge? How do they do that? That is one delicious looking snack! I need to go find some RIGHT NOW! x&o, Annette

  12. What beautiful photos! I love Norfolk and Hunstanton - such a great place and so many pretty villages around there x

  13. Great photos!! It looks like you had a wonderful trip to the favorite place to be:)

  14. Great photos, I love the blue flag against the sky and the lavender field.

  15. What a beautiful post! Really great pics! I'm a bit jealous though - I wish I was at the beach eating a huge icecream! Love your beach crochet - how perfect. And I'm still completely besotted with your beautiful blanket!

  16. Lovely photos Jacquie - what a great idea to do them as a holiday record. All these pictures feel very familiar to me - Wells is not far from where we live and a regular summer trip when the boys were younger (and even at 22, 20 & 17 they have been crabbing there this year!). Love the shell on the beach. x

  17. Fab photos!! Love the English seaside....

    S x

  18. Great idea to take the photos on holiday! The caravan sounds perfect, and looks like you had fun with picture taking as well :) Your crocheting is beautiful!


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