Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Colour

Hello Lovelies ,
I'm loving all the colour in the picture above...both yarny colours and from some pots of flowers in the garden.
Inside the house I have new colours hanging on the wall.
I'm so lucky to have a talented Artist for a Mum . Having seen  this picture she painted ,and commented how much I liked it , she remembered and gave it to me for my birthday last week......

Please excuse the reflections on the glass.
 Looking at it again I'm noticing the wonderful colours Mum's used and I love the extra detail created by adding pen to this gorgeous watercolour. The subject is Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire...somewhere I haven't been since I was a child but would love to visit again.
Another birthday prezzie from Mum was a David Austin Rose. It's called William Morris and it's a shrub climber......hopefully one day it will look like this.Such a pretty colour.Thanks Mum :0)

My garden is quite green at the moment with not that many plants flowering . I don't actually have many annuals . They are great for a splash of colour but I'm most keen on perennials ...especially those that attract wildlife..........

One thing that is flowering is my  Buddlia or Butterfly bush, it's looking lovely and certainly living up to it's name. First I spotted the delicate Cabbage White butterfly above then I noticed a stunning Red Admiral.......

Ooooooh Lucky me . Then I was surprised to notice a third species I wasn't familiar with. Turns out to be called a Comma ( how disappointing!....I think Tiger Butterfly would have been a more exciting name don't you?).........

My lovely lilac/purple poppies which looked like this last week..........

have now sadly lost their flowers but I'm still loving the fab shape of the seed heads and will be collecting the seeds to  spread in my own garden as well as sharing them with family and friends........

So what was the yary colour at the top of this post? It's my latest WIP.I'm joining the fun HERE and making a Giant Grannt Square blanket. There's a flickr group HERE to share our progress.

I was going to limit myself to 12 colours ..but as it's grown others have sneaked in and currently there are 15 in use....well I do love colour..... any day of the week :0)

Giant Granny squares are so easy to make and grow quickly wothout many ends to weave in . If you fancy joining in I would say ......DO !!

Hope you have a colourful week
Jacquie x


  1. Go go go to Robin Hoods bay - Its still a totally awesome beautiful place. xxxx

  2. Beautiful pictures Jacquie, Happy Monday,

  3. Beautiful Pictures................

  4. Stunning painting :)

    My buddlia's are just starting to flower - am looking forward to seeing what butterflies they attract.

  5. Fabulous granny blanket, I hate weaving in ends so I think a giant square might be the way to go!
    Your Mum's painting is gorgeous, I haven't been to Robin Hood's Bay in years

  6. Belated happy birthday! Loved this post - that painting is really lovely and captures Robin Hoods Bay perfectly. Your butterfly pics are gorgeous - I have been trying to catch some in my garden but the blighters keep moving! And love the colours in your giant granny square. x

  7. We went back to Robin Hood's Bay last year and it hasn't changed a teeny bit. Still the same quaint little shops. Lovely. I'm doing a giant rectangle - it's allowed hehe! But I have ran out of a colour so need to order more so it is sort of on hold for a while. x

  8. I love your Mum's painting, what a lovely gift to receive. I also like you butterflies, our butterfly bushes aren't out yet but I look forward to when they are, though I've never seen a comma butterfly, most dramatic looking - moreso than the name would suggest as you say.

  9. What lovely photographs!
    The giant grannies grow quickly at first, but it won't be long before it's taking an hour to crochet a round! I'd get some good tv lined up!

  10. Hey Jacquie, belated birthday wishes, hope you had a lovely day and your boys spoilt you rotten.

    Wonderful painting by your mum, the colours are just beautiful and a David Austin rose is always a lovely gift.........

    Love the Comma butterfly. Buddleia is always a wonderful magnet for butterflies. We seem to get swarms of Red Admirals hovering around the flowers.........just beautiful. I also love the perfume, that sweet honey scent, mmmm, heavenly........

    Love the blanket. Just wondered how many balls of each colour do you buy? Or do you buy them as you need them?

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  11. Belated happy birthday! You have a very talented and thoughtful mum - both painting and rose are stunning xxx

  12. I was in Robin Hoods Bay when I was little...I think it was in 1977?!!!! It was gorgeous! Cx

  13. belated happy birthday. What a lovely post - your garden looks lovely, I like the seedheads as much as the flowers. x

  14. Oh, I love the colors here! Granny stitch is one of my favorites!

  15. I love the idea of a giant granny square blanket :) xx

  16. Great colors in all of the photos as well as in the granny!

  17. Wowsers! Love the massive granny square. Very addictive, I'm sure.
    Will add it to my list of 'one day...' projects!
    Great photos btw.

  18. I haven't been to Robin Hood's Bay for years; it's a great place to look for fossils.
    Love Comma butterfly, I've never seen one of those before.

  19. What amazing colours, very cheery!


    PS Im doing a crochet giveaway, please drop by my blog to take a peek!

  20. Did I miss your birthday? Oh No! Well, a belated many happy returns, hope you had a wonderful day Jacquie.
    Now that giant granny square is TREMENDOUS! I love the colours you chose. Just lovely.
    And that 'tiger' butterfly is amazing! I agree it could have done with a more woweee name :o)
    Jones x

  21. I love all your colour.Have a look on my blog at my squares(from Jane Brocket's book).I am really enjoying doing it and seeing how all the colours develop.
    I love your Mum's watercolour.What a special present.
    Enjoy your summer break with the children.

  22. Stunning painting + the beautiful rose !! Wauw !
    beautiful pictures !

    Have a lovely day !

  23. Oh how pretty! I love those butterfly-pictures!!

  24. My heart skipped a beat when I spied Robin Hoods bay, thats my soul-place, I love it soooo much there and have some tremendous memories attached to it. Lovely.
    your giant granny is looking fabulous, very inspiring and I love how your colours are coming together.
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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