Monday 3 December 2012

The First Weekend in December

Hello Lovelies ,
this weekend I managed to complete my crochet heart bunting and I've hung it on my dresser......

I love this puffy, three dimensional bunting in my favourite Christmas colour combination.......

  A modest bunch of simple Chrysanthemums on my mantle is also making me smile.
 In fact there was enough to  spread into several vases ( including tiny ones in the bathroom and kitchen  ) they last ages and are such a cheerful sight when the garden is bare...........

The boys and I also enjoyed a little trip to a Christmas Fair on Saturday. This one is my favourite as it has a lovely friendly atmosphere and  great craft activities.
The boys have made loads of these Gnome Gardens over the years.......

 by simply spreading clay on a wooden disc, then adding a sweet Gnome and loads of foraged greenery and interesting seed heads.............

 It's perfectly adorable and with the addition on a tea light and some glass beads.

Another activity the boys enjoy at the same fair is candle making. These candles are made by dipping the wick repeatedly into melted bees wax ,which smells of honey.....delicious.

Lighting one when we got home seemed very appropriate for the first day of advent.......

This weekend I've also been enjoying the taste and scent of Satsumas. I'm generally a Clementine girl but these Satsumas were on offer so I gave then a try and they are wonderful .........

Yet another lovely scent filling our home is from my first bowl of Hyacinths this Winter, which have just begun to flower.........

did I mention how much I love indoor bulbs ?

 They looked so happy in the sunshine yesterday morning I had to capture them to share here but don't be fooled by the sunny picture, it's still COLD here at the moment. The temperature  barely rose above freezing all day..........

On short days like these it's always lovely to see a bit of sun . Then cheer up the long dark evenings with candlelight............

 It may have only have been here for a few weeks but my dresser feels like an important part of the home and I'm so looking forward to adding more  Christmas decorations when we get them out of the loft next weekend.........

I hope you will be happy to see more pictures of it soon :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Your dresser looks beautiful... I love the lights and bunting. I too enjoy indoor bulbs and I think hyacinth are gorgeous this time of year. It is raining here "up north" today, hope you stay warm x

  2. What a lovely and creative weekend you had with your family. Your dresser looks so pretty and homely with the those tiny lights and puffy hearts garland. You're really in the seasonal spirit now!

  3. Love your puffy bunting!!!
    When I see clementines, I know Christmas is not far....!!!!
    happy week, xxxx
    P.S.: I've sold one of the hearts garland at the bazaar on Saturday!!! ;oD thank you, again!!!

  4. simple beautiful! i love the candle lights all over! your bunting came out very nice too!all decorations you made are awesome.

  5. Stunning photos and brilliant makes by the boys. thanks for sharing.

  6. I wish my photos came even halfway close to yours!
    I make my hubby take them for me. I'm just awful

    x xx

  7. Hey Jacquie, that gnome garden is soooo cute.....your boys have had a creative time of it.
    Love your heart bunting and I imagine your Hyacinths smell divine.....
    Candle light makes everything look so cosy, love you pics...

    Claire x

  8. Love the little gnome garden - so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Your dresser looks beautiful, and I especially like the picture with the lights and candles in the dark. So festive!

  10. Simplemente hermoso!!!Tus entradas son todas tan significativas!!También yo adoro el tiempo de Navidad.Feliz Adviento!!!Cariños

  11. Your dresser is beautiful and I love the crafty makings of your boys. I do hope you have a selection of these boxed up and hidden for the future. Nothing like a surprise piece of kiddy art. They do secretly love it. I know because my boys are aged between 27 and 30 and take a bit of pride that mum and dad have kept these little treasures and value them.

  12. The sights and scents in your home really are gently reminding us that Christmas is on the way. Your crocheted garland looks so jolly strung across that dresser...they complement each other well.

    Best wishes.

  13. Oh, Jacquie! I love your crafts and your works and your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  14. That's one very festive dresser! Love the gnome garden! :)

  15. oh the dresser looks so beautiful light up at night, how cosy! and cute bunting. I do like your gnome garden, very special and I bet that beeswax candle smells lovely! enjoy all your winter delights, Heather x

  16. Your dresser looks wonderful, love the crochet bunting. I'm so jealous!

  17. The little jar with the crochet cover is gorgeous with the candle light showing through x

  18. Gorgeous atmospheric pics, Jacquie! Your puffy heart bunting is just lovely - I love its three dimensional aspect. May just have to give this a go! And that gnome garden - what fun! E x

  19. hey jacquie ,love your bunting and lights ,dresser looks so beautiful,thanks for sharing ,x zohreh

  20. I like every croket work you do!
    I follow you from Italy.
    see you next post!

  21. Look at your beautiful dresser - it looks amazing!! What a gorgeous post hon.

  22. That bunting adds the perfect Christmas touch to your dresser. And I am in LOVE with those gnome gardens. I may have to round up my boys over the weekend and start them on a crafting mission...

  23. I love the light and crispness of winter, it has a beauty of its own - lovely photos - I haven't been commenting much recently, but I always read xxxx


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