Friday 30 November 2012

On a Cold and Frosty Morning

Hello lovelies ,
This morning we woke to a sharp frost . After dropping the boys at school I decided there was time  to go for a little walk with my camera.
The allotments are still so productive despite the short days . I loved the ice on these leaks....

I headed for a favourite footpath of mine , one I haven't found the time to visit for ages, to see what it looks like at the moment............

Ahhhhhh, still gorgeous in the early light............

It's wonderful to slow down for half an hour and really notice the frost while it lasts..........

Round the bend the frost has already melted where the suns rays have reached...........

In one such  sunny spot I notice an old piece of farm machinery which I find interesting ..........

And also the wide mixture of colours in these Ivy leaves..........

Time to re-trace my steps as I'm getting rather cold . My Hands are numb despite my thermal gloves and I'm very glad of several layers of clothing including my long padded "Duvet Coat" as I call it .

There are loads of birds hopping about here , but of course I don't manage to capture any in these pictures , they are too quick and shy.........

I even stand quietly beneath this oak tree waiting to get  a shot of the sweet  Robin, all fluffed up against to the cold.  Or maybe one or the lovely blue tits ........ but I fear I would need a super zoom lens and more patience :0)

As I head back home to all the jobs that await I take one last picture.........

Hope you have a lovely weekend with a little time for yourselves.
Jacquie x

P.S. in case you were wondering, the title of this post comes from THIS nursery rhyme.


  1. I know which nursery rhyme you borrowed your title from - one of my favourites :)

    Such a pretty morning - love the frost pics - we've had a few light frosts but are due are first heavy one tomorrow. Being close to the sea means we often remain a few degrees warmer than places inland.

    I think we have to agree - winter has arrived :)

    Have a good weekend xx

  2. Is there really such a place that can inspire poetry, art or song.... i think you have found it.
    Great pictures of the frost !

  3. I love the roller in the sun and that lovely path of autumn leaves with branches making a tunnel effect! We are expecting snow here in Sunday!

  4. simply stunning!!!! i loved all your photographs i wanted to be there!!!! xxxx

  5. Beautiful! My little girl (4) was fascinated by the 'crunchy grass' this morning, first really thick frost of the winter.

  6. Beautiful photos, what a lovely walk! Love how the the frost looks! :)

  7. Thank you for that lovely walk. Hope you didn't get too cold.
    Love from Mum

  8. Thanks for letting us share your walk... beautiful...

  9. Jacquie, this early 2012 frost has given you (and us) beautiful views of nature. Thank you so much for bundling yourself up in all those layers and taking your camera along for this late autumn on the calendar/early winter in the temperatures walk.

    All the images are beautiful, and with your commentary, really are much more generous than any magazine might offer. I really felt as if I saw what you saw, and enjoyed every chilly step. That unidentified piece of farm equipment qualifies as sculpture to my eye.


  10. the beauty of Jack Frost....!!!
    thank you, xxx Ale

  11. I love your pics!! Have a super day!

  12. I love it when you take us on a walk with you. All that nice nature at it's best. Thank you. It made my day.

  13. Thanks for sharing. We are gearing up for summer here, and have just had such a hot day and then magnificent but damaging thunderstorms.
    My husband and I will be flying to China in just over a week and the temperature there is extremely cold, and we are getting used to anything from weather in the 70s to 90s now!
    I do hope you get a chance for more of these photos and I do hope you capture a few of the birds.

  14. Beautiful photography!! Well done - looked like a wonderful, peaceful time! J9 x

  15. Wonderful photos.Thanks for sharing them with us.I have just bought a "duvet" and it is brilliant.How have I managed without one before.I love it!I bought mine from Next.

  16. Lovely photos, very peaceful :-) x


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