Tuesday 27 November 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hello Lovelies,
 is it really a whole week since my last post? 
It's been pretty busy around here so I don't have any finished crochet to share today but here are some clearer pictures and information on my latest project.

 I found a sweet pattern called  "Home Is Where The Heart Is" Here  that seemed perfect for making some Christmas bunting. I love their plump shape........

I made some in two colours  and some in a single colour , then sewed two together and lightly stuffed.......

Lovely :0)  I used Patons Smoothie acrylic yarn from my satsh. It's quite a solid pattern so the stuffing doesn't show through........

 I just need to finish sewing them all together and stuffing them , then I can string them together.

 There are other seasonal touches appearing in our home too. The supermarket has started selling Hyacinths again .........

 I couldn't resist popping a pot in my trolley this week. I just love watching the flowers emerge and change.

 It's a particularly joyful sight at this time of year when spring is so far away.............

My Welsh dresser is continuing to delight me and it's proved the perfect spot to display an orange and clove pomander made by the boys. It's probably a bit early for this but I was pleasantly surprised when they requested to make one this year.

Now they are getting older I fear this sort of simple activity will soon loose it's appeal.  Still, I don't mind playing around with these wonderful smelling ingredients myself.........

Also looking festive on my dresser  is this plate I picked up in the charity shop last week. It's a scene from the Yorkshire dales and reminds me of a special weekend in May ( though it wasn't snowy then )..........

I've also been making some granny squares from embroidery floss and a 2.5mm hook. I'm hoping to turn these into decorations too.........

I just need a few more hours in the day.
Jacquie x


  1. hello Jacquie, it's all looking lovely there! I like your red and white christmas hearts, they will be a gorgeous touch strung across your dresser perhaps? the green Hyacinth looks nice, must get one. Hope the rain is not to heavy up your way today, Heather x

  2. What a lovely post, I love the hearts, I have a obsession with hearts!
    Lovely orange too :-)

  3. I know just what you mean......fells like I need at least thirty hrs every day !!!!!!
    Can't wait to see your bunting, looking so christmassy already :)
    Karen x

  4. love these chubby red&white hearts!!! So festive!! Even the granny squares are really cute and colourful!!!
    I didn't find your email address, so I think I'll ask you here! Since you've posted it, I felt deeply in love with your granny hearts pattern!! I've done so many since then as gifts and for my home! In one of my last posts (http://homemadeatmyplace.blogspot.com/2012/11/hearts-again.html#links) I've made 2 garlands with them and some pompoms! I would love to bring them to a bazaar I'll be in next Saturday: what do you think? I thank you in advance Jacquie for your answer and have a good day,
    xxx Alessandra

  5. I too love the Patons yarn Jacquie, I only discovered it the other day, it's great to crochet with. The Pomander looks and I'm sure smells lovely on your dresser. I must get round to blocking my snowflake garland to this Christmas! and not leaving it for next! Yes please to more hours in the day xox Penelope

  6. So do I, I have loads of ideas, not enough energy, or time! That Christmas bunting will look great! :)

  7. I just love those plump little hearts! Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  8. Just lovely Jacquie!
    Your little dresser is just gorgeous. Cherish those moments with your boys; they are too fleeting. However, if you are ever blessed with grandchildren (don't laugh - I woke up one morning and realised my little boys were not little any more and I wasn't 25 years old either!), the joys of their childhood will be the joys they will wish to share. I have watched this happen with my own son, so it is wonderful to know that these moments do stay with them!
    Love an orange and clove pomander! :)

  9. The hearts are looking great, I imagine they'll look brilliant all strung up! I've thought about crocheting with embroidery thread before, but haven got round to it yet. I love the intensity of the colours and the sheen your squares seem to have. Is it quite easy to crochet with?
    I'm also loving the pomander! How did your boys make it, is it literally just cloves pushed into an orange? xx

  10. The hearts really look lovely, and the words "Home is where the heart is" at this moment in my life they have a special meaning for me, I am actually from Catalonia ( North of Spain) and my partner is from England.
    We are living in Catalonia right now, but with the possibility of moving to England some point, and I just feel that although I love England, I also love Catalonia....anyway....

    Thanks :)

  11. There are never enough hours are there. A Home is where the heart is - was my first cross stitch piece done when I was 16. Home is still where the heart is now. Your home is looking particularly colourful and cosy.
    Love from Mum

  12. For some reason I can't see you first few photos but that pomander looks lovely and I'm sure it smells divine.
    Anne xx

  13. I love the hearts. They are going to made a lovely garland. And I can't wait until the hyacinths bloom. Isn't it funny, well, maybe it's just me, that you sometimes get stuck on the material you can crochet with. I had never thought about using embroidery thread. Such a good idea. Time gets away from me every day.


  14. I am in a dilema, part of me is gearing up towards chrimbly time but the other half is in denial! Lovely little hearts, thanks for the link to them :)

  15. Those little hearts are just darling! Even though to call them that makes me feel like the Tweety Bird Granny or something. I can't wait to see what your embroidery floss granny squares turn into.

  16. Love those little hearts - very sweet and effective. I'm doing something similar but cheating and using felt circles (not enough hours in the day). Reminds me that I must do the Christmas pomander too - where does the time fly to?

  17. That plate is gorgeous Jacquie, wintery, but with a homely feel. And the little red and white hearts are delightful.

    I sometimes wish my lot were still of an age to be making me pomanders, but then I remember the advantages of having children old enough to cook Christmas dinner!

  18. Can't believe that I've only just discovered your blog! Love all the crochet goodies.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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