Tuesday 20 November 2012

Fireside Warnth

 Hello Lovelies , 
the weather has been rather horrible so far this week. Cold and windy and wet. The kind of days when you dash about outdoors and give a big sigh of relief when you get back home . 
Yesterday , in between the dashing about, I picked up this book in the supermarket ( Morrisons ).
 I thought it would make a nice Christmas pressie for my grown up niece as she enjoys baking and cooking.......

When I got home and sat by the fire to thaw out a bit I decided to have a closer look through it's pages. I love the photography and styling. .........

                               Yesterday I was definitely in the mood  for comfort food

Ummmmm, mismatched vintage crockery and pretty floral page edges......

I felt inspired to do a bit of baking. There is not much I prefer on a cold wet day to pottering about  in a warm kitchen  making something sweet. Lemon drizzle cake looked yummy but I didn't have all the ingredients ...........

So I chose a different favourite treat of mine from the book. One  I had never made before .

It's a good idea to test a few recipes in a cookery book before you give it as a gift don't you think....quality control and all that :0)

Dough rising by the fire.........

then rolled out and spread with a cinnamony butter cream and raisins ( should have been currants but I didn't have any )

I'm pleased to say these Cinnamon Swirls turned out  very yummy and were especially popular with Mr BM........

As you may have spotted in my previous pictures I'm enjoying playing around with red and white yarn at the moment. I little Christmassy decorative project I'll share more of soon........

 Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my welsh dresser.
 After I took those photos Mum came over with some blue and white storage jars that had belonged to my Nanna.
This one is my favourite . I just love this simple 1950's pottery and the fact that something of my Nanna's is now looking so pretty on my dresser ..........

Hope you all have a good week
Jacquie x


  1. Oh gosh, fabulous. The cook book and quality controlled cinnamon buns are totally essential, you can't give a bad present can you?! Love all the photos and you are tease with the crochet, go on spill the beans.

    I am feeling particularly noble as I have been out and walked the dog in the rain and wind and now can pile on a warm cardigan and work inside. Later I can allow myself some crochet time as reward. I adore the Cornish-ware too, I don't have any but one day I hope.

    Fiona xx

  2. Those cinnamon buns look yummy. Good idea to quality control a receipe book. I love your blue and white stripy pottery. My Grandma had a whole set of this. I quite often think I'll start collecting it but I'd have to invest in lovely dresser like yours.
    Ali x

  3. That looks lovley. I wish I could spend more time at home, pottering around baking and crocheting, rather than in the office. :(

    Hope you have another warm. productive day.

  4. I love the dresser, you've adorned it so beautifully! That book is a real find, you may not want to part with it?! or at least get your own copy :) Love all your piccy's, everything looks so cosy...

  5. Oh I am intrigued by your Christmas Decorations ... especially with the hearts displayed in your photos ... !! x

  6. Ooh that looks like a gorgeous little cookery book Jacquie! I do love a cinnamon swirl.
    Victoria xx

  7. That cookbook looks full of yumminess if those delicious looking cinnamon buns are anything to go by. On a more random note...I really love your little crocheted green apple by your fireplace! It is adorable.

  8. Oh dear, I had vowed no more cookery books but I will be near Morrisons on Friday. I do love to bake. Although I have a decent (huge) collection of books something tells me that this little sweetie will be joining the family.

  9. that's a lovely view of your table by the fire! I wonder what the red and white yarn will be? looking forward to seeing more views of your dresser, I'm sure it will make a great decoration! Heather x

  10. Looks a lovely book Jacquie, and lovely, cosy pics!

    Your Nana's pot is very nice, I bought a matching pair of eggcups yesterday!


  11. Gorgeous looking cinnamon swirls and that book looks lovely and is so prettily decorated. Quite right to test the recipes first!!
    I like your homely table by the fire full of little crochet goodies that look as if they might be some Christmas crochet and a nice red mug and matching jug with flowers!

  12. That's a beautiful piece. I like the simple style of it, and it will be lovely on your new dresser.

  13. So very cosy, over at yours. I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas project.
    Lover from Mum

  14. OhHhHh what I'd give right now for one of those cinnamon buns! They look lush :) Your fire looks cosy too, can I have that as well? ';-)

  15. All looks yummy, hope you are enjoying your new dresser, just think what you will be able to do at Christmas! :)

  16. Hello Twinny....I picked up that very same book a few days ago and swooned over the styling but didn't have enough pennies to purchase...and now am positively eating my laptop due to your most delicious cinnamon swirls!
    I baked lemon drizzle cake with little B this morning but am now craving the taste of cinnamon. Think might have to purchase that book for the Attic archives when get my housekeeping funds on Friday.
    By the way Jacquie, LOVE your new dresser....it'll come as no surprise to you that we are currently planning a new layout to our downstairs to create more space, and top of my wish list for a new blank wall is.....of course. You knew already.
    Much love

  17. The last time I went to make cinnamon buns I started the dough and discovered no cinnamon! Gah! Yours look lovely now I have the wantsies for the cookery book! Add to list, new welsh dresser, red and white yarn, blue stripey pot, cinnamon buns, pretty cake book... lol xxx

  18. Road test is definitely permissible; just don't get flour through the spine!
    I love the beautiful jar. Just gorgeous and perfect for a Welsh dresser.
    I'm hungry now after looking at those pictures. Thanks. :)

  19. Oooooh....those cinnamon buns look good! Would you like my address so you can send me a few?! .....no?!

    I agree that the jar is beautiful. It's lovely that you get to appreciate your grandma's pottery, and have the perfect place for it now you have the dresser! xx

  20. what a lovely warm and comforting post, the cinnamon swirls look yummy! how nice to have treasures, and somewhere lovely to enjoy them

  21. I have just found your gorgeous blog...I feel very lucky to have done that.....I love your Welsh Dresser, it's on my wishlist...I need another room first though...lol, I look forward to keeping up with your postings xx

  22. What a homely person you are. All that home made food makes my mouth water. Can we have more of your dresser please......xx

  23. Hello. Thanks for a lovely blog !
    I live in France and would like to get a copy of that lovely cookery book. I can't find it on the net. Could you give me the references (publisher, ISNB number). Many thanks.

  24. Ha ha I have that same book! Arn't the pictures adorable! I have cut some of the little t-cup pictures out to frame! Recipies are quite good to, lol
    Sharon xx

  25. What a lovely book - may keep my eye out for it!

    can't wait to see your decorations! xxx

  26. I'm craving a cinnamon swirl now! Yours look delicious :)

    I must track down a Morrison's, I need gifts for a couple of folk who would love that book :)

  27. Oh yes - I love your quality control measures!!!


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