Thursday 15 November 2012

Misty Days

Hello Lovelies,
there have been many misty days around here lately. Thankfully it's not been too cold and I like the quiet stillness that comes with this sort of weather...........

The Autumn leaves are particularly beautiful at the moment, both on the trees and on the ground......

Wonderful mellow tones of yellow, orange and brown........

 It seems like  the next windy day will make the remaining leaves fall which feels a little bit sad , but I do love the changing seasons..........

Winter is approaching so quickly

And the days are shortening........

Still, I do like to cozy up on dark evenings . Draw the curtains, light lamps and candles. And be thankful for my family and our cozy little  home..........

Many lovely bloggers have taught me so much about really noticing the beauty around me . And how to cherish the small things that make me happy . Whatever the season, I'm certainly thankful for that.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely posting, Jacquie. My favourite shots are number two, I just love the fence and that 5-barred gate! I also love the last shot of the beautiful lantern and two little owls!
    Have a lovely misty, autumn day! Sandra

  2. Beautiful pictures, all of them ... but that bench is just waiting to be sat on, to enjoy the view!

    Love the chucks!

    Love, Claire xxx

  3. Lovely post, it is good to take time to appreciate the small things isn't it? Love the lantern! Elaine x

  4. It seems to have been a particularly pretty Autumn this year, so much colour. Your photos capture the season perfectly!

  5. Hello Jacquie,
    thank you for popping by,you're right my hooking skills have come in in leaps and bounds but some patterns still scare me! I've tried to have a go at stars for Christmas but just couldnt get the hang of it!
    Might have a go at one of your cute Amigurumi bunnies though, they are adorable and you always explain thinggs so clearly!
    Love your photos, the trees are beautiful at the mo!
    What fabulous news about the dresser! I know you will make it look gorgeous!
    Perfect for Christmas too!
    Rachel x

  6. Beautiful pictures!
    What a lovely owls!

  7. hello lovely, that really was a cosy comforting post and the beauty of the season changing in your beautiful landscape- the leaves at the moment seem sooo full of colour- cheers my soul x

    love the lamp ;0)x

  8. Beautifully said and beautiful images to go with the words.

  9. Oh love all your beautiful pics Jacqui, nice farmy scenes and the leaves are beautiful.
    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons too and lighting lamps and candles on dark evenings and
    being nice and cosy sounds wonderful to me.......

    Claire x

  10. What pretty pictures, you make winter sound wonderful :)

  11. I miss these colors already, it's so lovely there! It's white here already, I love it but I do miss the color.

  12. Here in Australia we are moving into the summer season. In some parts there have already been some really hot days (40C/120+F) but where I am it's a lot more balmy.
    I love autumn. I love the change of colour in the trees as they move toward their winter hibernation; I love the crisp chill of the mornings and if it is a fine day, how lovely it is; and I love that it is soup and casserole season! Nothing more wonderful than a comforting bowl of something slow cooked and filling.
    I love your photos, you take beautiful landscapes. Thank you!

  13. I love autumn colours. These are very nice photos. Here in Mallorca we don't notice these changes.

  14. Like you i see beauty all around me. Love your post . Maybe you could take a peep at mine sometimes.....xx

  15. Beautiful photos as always, I love the leaves changing in autumn :)

  16. Lovely, Beautiful pics.............

  17. Lovely, Beautiful pics.............

  18. Haven't the colours been especially beautiful in recent weeks? We're so lucky not to have had wind storms to blow them away. I'm coming around to the idea of autumn nowadays.

  19. I hadn't really thought about the fact that blogging had help me change my outlook but hearing you say it I realise that I have become much more positive and appreciative of what I have since being in blogland. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  20. Thanks Jacqui for following me . You have made an old girl happy......xx

  21. I love all the different colours in the second photo.


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