Saturday, 8 December 2012

This Wintery Week......

..............Ive been playing with yarn...........

 Making sunburst granny circles in "Stylecraft" for a new project..........

More about them soon :0)

........... been baking. Gathering together all the ingredients for Yorkshire Parkin..........

I used THIS recipe and it's perfect......nutty, sticky, chewy and just the right amount of Ginger .........


...........I've also planted up an Amaryllis bulb I bought a few weeks ago then forgot about. When I opened the box the poor thing was trying to grow but the shoot was almost white , thankfully it's greening up now........

...........Amazingly I've written and posted all my posting Christmas cards. Love the little Robin on these charity cards...........

..........Reached 100 squares on my Seaside Patches blanket............

 There's still a loooong way to go ! But I'm OK with that.

.......spent an enjoyable hour or so crafting with my youngest. Love this Santa Gingerbread Man he came up with..........

While he snipped and glued I made a couple of cards too.........

I do love a bit of simple paper play

And finally , I managed to take my own photo of a Robin..........

Can you sea him sitting on the trellis ? I love all garden birds, particularly Robins, but never seem to be quick enough with my camera to capture them in a photo.

Not a great shot but it made me happy :0)

Thank you for popping by and for all your wonderful comments , they are a special part of my week too.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh I loved your robin Jacquie, its so hard to catch bird in a photo. I always feel that Christmas isn't Christmas till I've see a robin! Still waiting to see mine :o) Your sea side blanket is coming on a treat oo, beautiful colours. I need to get a move on with making our Christmas cards today, Alice will also be my little elf making hers. Have a grand weekend xox Penelope

  2. Hi Jacquie, it seems calm and crafty at your house at the moment, creating on all fronts feels good. That's a very smart gingerbread man and yes lovely to see the robins, good weekend, Heather x

  3. Don't think I've ever tried Yorkshire parkin - might give that recipe a try!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Love your fat robin on the fence and all the yarn talk of an exciting new project! I can smell that Parkin from here! The cards are looking lovely and your youngest has made a lovely Gingerbread man dressed as Santa!
    Have a lovely weekend. It's full of snow here - I'm just off with my camera!

  5. You've been a busy bee! Your blanket is progressing nicely and I love the card you (both) made! Parkin too! Yum xxx

  6. Lovely robin photo - I'm planning on stalking our robin so I get a decent pic - like you say they are so quick.

    Bet the kitchen smelt great with that Parkin cooking - very festive :)

  7. Oohhh! Can we please have the Parkin recipe? I've never heard of it over here in the land of Oz!
    I love your photo of the Robin. They are such cheerful looking little birds. I don't think we've got them over here, but if we do, they are rare. Lots of swallows this time of the year.
    I also love your papercraft stuff. Your little boy's gingerbread santa is gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Robyn, thank you for your lovely comments, they are so chatty and friendly. I put in a link to the recipe ,it's on the BBC good food web site. If you can't access it please let me know
      Jacquie x

  8. I wish we had white Christmas and robins on fences here in Australia! I love your seaside blanket. I'm a beginner at crochet and can only dream of tackling a project that big and that amazing! I dont even know the names of the stitches I can do haha

  9. It looks like you have had a lovely week! Christmas card making is top of my to-do list this weekend!
    Karen x

  10. What a wonderful post to start my day!! You've done such a wonderful job on that blanket!! The colors are so sea glass have covered every mood possible...happy day !!!!!!!

  11. What a great week & I love the gingerbread card so cute.
    I love your picture of a robin.

  12. Love your granny squares and circles. My post yesterday was about granny square. I am addicted to them.

  13. Lots of lovely winter things here. That seaside blanket is nice, those colours work really well. x

  14. Lovely atmospheric pre-Christmas preparations! Those cards are fab - love them! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the sunbursts! E x

  15. Oh my goodness, Jacquie, what a busy lady you have been...I think you must have more than 24 hours in your days!

    I also love the Christmas cards...especially that Santa. It's a delightful design.

    I'd write more praise of all you've been doing, but must now get back to all my own Santa workshop activities. xo

  16. How busy you have been!
    Parkin? thats new to me but looks delicious....and I am very excited to have just discovered your lovely tutorials on your side bar, to find my hook....
    Bestest Daisy

  17. Love the seaside patches progress and intrigued by the sunburst squares. Yummy Parkin, making cards etc etc are superwoman! Fiona x

  18. you have been super busy!
    Oh how i'd love a slice of yoru parkin ..... Mmmmmmm
    santa gingerbread man is fabulous!
    love jooles x
    P.S I wondered where Percy Pecker had gone today!

  19. You must have been quick to catch that robin - he looks so sweet. I've seen one around here but he's too quick for me!
    I bought an amaryllis for my parents for Xmas and am keeping in the back porch in the hope it won't sprout - maybe I should take a look at it!!
    Teresa x

  20. Aren't we a lucky bunch to be able to squeeze in some Crafty Time throughout the week! Ace gingerbread man! :)

  21. sunbursts, cake, handmade cards, more squares to your blanket and a real robin!!! Could you ask for more???
    happy weekend, xxx Ale

  22. Wow, you are a busy bee!! The parkin looks delicious, Lucey x

  23. bardzo mis się już podoba ten pledzik..fajnie,że każdy kwadracik jest w jednym kolorze:))Pozdrawiam

  24. I just love parkin and since I moved down from the north nobody seems to have heard of it. Used to always make it for bonfire night but not done so since the children all flew the nest. Nice capture of the robin

  25. Okay...I am so making your parking recipe. I had to order a couple of things from because I'm here in the states. It will be a one of a kind treat for me to bring into work!!

    Ho Ho HO....Merry Christmas

  26. What a lovely, happy post! :) xxx

  27. Love having a bit of Parkin and the robin is lovely.
    I decorate differently but do love xmas. Beautiful blanket coming
    along. Happy time coming here.

  28. I am totally loving those crocheted granny starbursts!!! Can't wait to see more!

  29. Love the blue and red starburst. I am working on starbursts too but I really like your blue and red combo quite a lot (my colors are kind of muted). I really need to get some Stylecraft.

  30. Love your cards and your littlies too, creative like mummy. Oh my gosh I do love your little Robin and your Robin Christmas cards.
    xx Sandi

  31. What a busy, productive week you've had! I love all your projects :-)

  32. lovely homemade stuff xxxxxxx


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