Saturday 6 April 2013

♥ 52 weeks of Happy ♥ 14/52

Hello Lovelies,
the weather is still unseasonably cold here in the U.K. but there has been quite a bit of sunshine this week which always lifts my spirits and tempts me outside.
Here are my small joys for this week.

1.Waking up the vegetable plot from it's winter slumber under a layer of old carpet........

 planting something in the ground....always makes me happy , this is garlic grown from cloves, planted  back in February......

 The weather has been so bitterly cold and the pond has been frozen  much of this winter that it really seems a small miracle that there is frog spawn our pond...

2. Light Evenings .....yay , now the clocks have gone forward it's not dark till eight o'clock...........

 3. More signs of spring, Blue Tits nesting in my Mum in law's nest box, it made me happy to get a photo of these cuties..........

4. While these pictures give the impression of warmth it's actually been very chilly with a biting some time in a warm kitchen baking for my boys who are on Easter school holidays was rather lovely...........

It's been a slow week here with much time spent enjoying the the lack of routine and taking each day as it comes , time with friends and time with family, nothing extraordinary but rather lovely all the same.
Jacquie x


  1. thanks for sharing your lovely images - slow weeks are the best x

  2. hey Jacquie, lovely images from your week.......
    Hopefully as well as sunshine you'll soon have some warmer temps.
    Our clocks go back tomorrow( Sunday) morning so our days will
    be drawing in.....

    Claire x

  3. Oh, you have shamed me into getting myself outside and making a start on th even patch!

  4. Wow, that frog spawn is amazing. Mother Nature will find a way :o) I love that you captured the wee little blue tits they are one of my favourites and that photo reminds me of your wee birdies you have in your illustrations! Enjoy the rest of the hols and yay for longer days xox Penny

  5. We are moving in the same rhythms. The weather is enticing me outside too. So much to do and so far behind. Jo x

  6. I - am - going - outside (wait for it) - WITHOUT A COAT! Nothing like getting back outside and starting to 'grow'. Whoopeeeeeeeee! Jane x

  7. It must be the tiny bit of sunshine that's had us all outside as I've done the same this week! I can't wait to see it all green with lovely things to eat.

  8. I'm so impressed to see the frog spawn; I think I've only seen that in the wild before, never in a tended pond at home. Interesting!

  9. What lovely Springtime pictures, that biting wind has finally dropped here and it feels very Spring like today. Have a happy weekend... Sarah x

  10. Hello Jacquie,
    Just found your blog and i love what you make.
    Your photo's are beautiful!

    Greetings Antje

  11. Ha, I thought I read the weather is unreasonably cold! I would have gone with that too! The sun can be mis-leading, it's still pretty chilly. Although my son is outside in a tea-shirt and crocs! I think it's just wishfull thinking on his part! It's nice to awaken the vegetable garden, Heather x

  12. The cold winters are lingering here in the states also. I am lucky to live in an area that has mild winters but many on the East coast of the US are still have bitter cold nights and days. It looks like you are off to a good start with your garlic sets and hopefully the sun will keep those little birds warm and cozy in their house.

  13. We've had a busy day in the garden and in the kitchen too.
    Love from Mum

  14. Thank you for showing your lovely pics Jacquie and taking me back to my childhood in Scotland - I haven't seen frogs spawn since then! Here in Western Australia's South West we too have had a little bit of unseasonable weather with quite hot humid days when really, we should be in Autumn. Sometimes I think it would be nice to swap weather patterns with you lovelies in the UK - just for short periods of time though!!!
    I do enjoy your lovely blog and admire the gorgeous work you produce - thank you for sharing! Joy

  15. Those are such sweet pictures, especially the little bird and the gingerbread cookies.

  16. How lucky to have birds nesting in your garden, thanks for the picture. Does your mother in law have them every year? Wish I could take a gingerbread man they look very tempting. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  17. Brilliant Happy pictures Jacquie, the frog sporn is amazing and I love the sun behind the trees.

  18. Hi There, These are truly the best times!!! Enjoy your little times together!!!

  19. We too have had sun this weekend so much so I actually took my coat off! Biscuits look yummy!

  20. Signs of spring feature quite heavily in your happies, and I can see why. I love the photos of those blue tits! It's always lovely to see lots of birds in the garden. x


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