Sunday, 7 April 2013

Time Outdoors

Hello Lovelies, 
it's finally happened.....a day with sun and relative warmth.....I had begun to wonder if it would ever arrive this year. 
Yesterday morning , while hanging out the washing , I realised I was outside , WITHOUT a coat, and it was quite pleasant.
Wow, this was a day to enjoy some fresh air, without the need for hats and scarves and gloves. Sorry if I'm going on about this a bit, but  this year has been so cold up till now that time outside has been fairly unpleasant .

After much cajoling (of the  boys, not Mr BM...he's always happy to go for a walk ) we headed off to somewhere new. A country park quite a distance from our home. 
It's not very hilly where we live and yesterday I had the strong desire to climb a hill. 
We parked in the valley , close to a pretty stream

And didn't really know where we were going, but fortunately there were well trodden paths to follow........

The ground was quite boggy and almost moor like.......

The old trees were gnarled and full of character.......

Getting higher now , we can see our destination.........

There are plenty of people up here doubt they too are relishing the milder temperatures, lack of wind and beautiful sunshine ( though you can see that there is still a little snow on the ground ).......

I really love the short steep climb near the top , focusing on getting my reward of a sit down at the summit......

Ahhhhhhhhh........just wonderful, the far reaching views are spectacular...........

And we sit there for quite a while enjoying drinks and a little snack....I love milky coffee from a thermos on these occasions.......

Suitably revived we head off the explore the folly at the summit......

It's a popular place today. I had to wait quite a while to get this shot without lots of people in it.......

And the perfect spot to fly a kite in the gentle breeze.........

After a while we tore ourselves away and enjoyed a bit of solitude in the wide open spaces ......

The light was ever changing as clouds cast shadows across the landscape..........

Back in the valley we had a look around some interesting ruins..........

And looked back up at the route we trod.......

At last 2013 has given us a day to spend a few hours outside without getting was positively warm down by the river..

Lets hope this weather sticks around for a while , it really is so welcome.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi There, I wish I could have joined you!!! What a wonderful day you had!!!! And what beautiful ruins!!! Enjoy your warmer weather!!!

  2. Just stunning photos. I love the folly and totally agree that warm weather is a blessing. I'm aiming for time outside myself today too. Let's hope it sticks around. Oh and you've reminded me ...need to get a new Thermos! Emma x

  3. Sounds like you all had a great day, let's hope we get more lovely sunny days!
    Angie x

  4. What a lovely little adventure and such gorgeous scenery. I do envy you with all your history and gorgeous ruins over there. Coffee from a thermos while on a walk is so good isn't it? Especially when washed down with a chocolate bar :-D Hope your warm Spring weather continues. Mel x

  5. What a beautiful day you have had, lovely photos, my mother often said this is a day i will always remember. I think this will be that sort of day for your family. I'm wondering what the folly is? It is always great when you have to work at getting the young for a walk and then they have a fabulous day! Mrs A

  6. It's only a few degrees but its made so much difference! Great place to visit, thanks for sharing! :) x

  7. Oh my, such beautiful photos to capture a gorgeous place and a gorgeous day.

  8. This country park is lovely on a summers day when you can sit with a blanket, picnic a good book for the girls as the boys like to go for an explore in the river. Never made it up to tbe folly yet will have to try this year, lovely pictures always a pleasure sharing your blog thank you.

  9. Ooh I know where you went, I love that park and the deer. I imagine Lady Jane Grey out riding there before her life was taken over and then ended so suddenly. I've put pictures from a dog walk on my blog today, must be the spring sunshine :-) Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  10. So glad that the weather is heading in the right direction to enjoy getting out and about......
    Lovely scenery Jacquie....

    Claire x

  11. Really I envy you that you have so many beautiful parks in your country. You are very lucky to be able to enjoy such walks.

  12. Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Glorious!! Can I persuade my boy to come on a walk I wonder????

  14. Looks very much like Bradgate Park to me!
    It's been a real pleasure to see the lovely sunshine this weekend.


  15. The landscapes that you presents are always wonderful., Jacquie! I'm glad that the sun come. Here in Catalonia on now are wonderful, it's nice to see the sun after the long winter. Many kisses from Catalonia!

  16. A beautiful walk! Thanks for taking us along.

  17. Jacquie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures and landscape with us.

  18. Simply stunning Jacquie, I love these posts and especially when you share them with us. The sun has been very welcomed here today, I'm loving that I can dry my clothes on the line and leave the house without multiple layers! xxx Penny

  19. Lovely photos. Isn't it lovely to get some 'less cold' weather? (That's how the BBC weatherman described the forecast - less cold!)

  20. What a beautiful landscape!
    Can't figure out where about in the UK this is.
    (I am a bit curious)

    I would like to add that I really enjoy your pictures: so big. Can somebody please explain to me how you do it in the blogger programme? I know you have to click on the picture and that a small text-block appears, but in my case it only works for the 2 first pictures, not for the following ones.

    Anyone who could help me, please post your answer at:

  21. Lovely pictures. It feels so good to finally get out in the sunshine doesn't it! xx

  22. Lovely scenary, nice!

    Have a great week!!

    Lluisa x

  23. That's such a beautiful walk in the sunshine and the view and the snack was worth the climb!
    Sarah x

  24. Lovely photos looks like you had an amazing day x

  25. It was so nice to have a bit of 'warmth' this weekend. We spent 6hrs in the garden today and it now looks lovely and ready for the really hot summer we are going to get!!!!

  26. Gorgeous photos, it looks a lovely walk.

  27. What a wonderful walk you all had. I loved that gnarled tree and the meandering stream. Isn't it fantastic to see blue skies again - with just a few fluffy white clouds to make it picturesque! Our winter has been long this year too and even now temperatures are below average. I'm so looking forward to eating outside again surrounded by lots of flowers!

  28. What a lovely walk you had! The ruins look very interesting, and your pictures are fantastic!

  29. My parents live (and I grew up) a couple of miles down the road from there - I must have covered every inch of it at some point in my life and it is always my favourite place to visit when I am back there. I have some very similar pictures on my blog from a trip there a while back. I'm quite envious of your walk - made me feel a little homesick! It is so lovely to see the sun at last too! X

  30. So beautiful! What a wonderful way to spent time together! We just got snowed on this week end after a couple really nice days :( I am really looking forward to spring!!

  31. Wonderful photography......xx

  32. Beautiful photos!! Looks like it was an amazing day!
    Kate :}

  33. Looks beautiful! Worth the cajoling!! :)
    I'm glad we enjoyed the sunny but cold weather at the weekend. The rain is hammering down now.
    Fingers crossed for some sunny,warm weather soon. Please!

  34. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei lindas as imagens, maravilhosas. Me visite:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  35. What a gorgeous place for a walk. Those views! And that blue sky. The kids and I ate lunch in the garden today. It was about 11°C so not exactly warm, but the sun felt nice and it was so good to be outside!
    Gillian x

  36. What a lovely place for a walk. We have loved the slightly warmer weather over the past weekend - and I believe there is more to come. Yipeeee!

  37. That was absolutely spectacular. Thanks for sharing!
    We've been having an Indian summer here in Australia, but it looks like autumn may have arrived with grey skies a light showers and promises of more cooler weather and leaden skies in the days to come.
    It will be interesting to see what winter brings after watching the big freeze in the northern hemisphere.

  38. So good to get out and feel the mildness in the air. Your walk was beautiful - thank you for taking us x

  39. Gorgeous photos, it looks a fantastic place for a walk (with camera, of course!). Too hard to pick a favourite.

  40. Im so pleased to see your bradgate park photos! I live in leicestershire so we visit there every few months, its truly beautiful isnt it? I have 4 blog posts dedicated to it:

    In fact, i really want to go again soon!

    Aqeela xx


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