Saturday 13 April 2013

April Flowers

Hello Lovelies,
just this week the Daffodils, usually a common site along roadside verges and in gardens in March, are starting to bloom in earnest.
As the week has progressed there have been more and more appearing and it's a wonderful sight :0)
I couldn't resist stopping to get some photographs close up on more than one occasion......

 Bright yellow with huge trumpets

 Pretty pale yellow

and these with gorgeous orange centres.

They are such a happy sight when the countryside still looks like this...........

It all looks pretty dormant but if you look very closely there wild flowers beginning to bloom

 Middle son spotted this teeny Speedwell at the edge of a field.

And in the wood more plants were making the most of the light conditions , flowering before the shade from the canopy of leaves appears.........

 Dogs Mercury.....not very colourful but what a great name 

Lots of yellow flowers near still water........

Colts foot

And in amongst the old fallen oak leaves.........

pretty little Celandine , with it's heart shaped leaves.

These miniature flowers may not be the showiest of species but, like the Daffodils, they herald warmer months and natures beauty to come.
 I'm very much looking forward to that and I'm sure you lovelies in the Northern Hemisphere will feel the same .
Jacquie x


  1. Spring is beginning isn't it - I love that you looked so hard to find it. Beautiful photos.

  2. Hello Jacquie, thank you for sharing your Spring pictures with us, yes I can hardly wait for some warmer weather.


  3. Dearest Jacquie
    Just catching up on your last post, your illustration is gorgeous and the atmosphere has been captured so well! You make me want to draw, only problem is that a stick figure is as good as it gets :o) I can doodle patterns though and I love doing that.
    Yes, I also have noticed peeking flowers over and above daffodils, still chilly in the air though, I can't wait for the earth to become lush and green again. There is a little sunshine here and I have hung my washing on the line in hope! Enjoy your weekend xox Penny

  4. Lovely pics Jacquie. In the bleak of winter/spring a little bright yellow goes a long long way.... xxx

  5. Lovely images to bring some cheer into another wise grey, damp and chilly day... thank you! not seen coltsfoot before beautiful.. Cx

  6. Colts foot... I didn't know that was the name for this "tussilago" in English. The first sign of spring in Sweden is the colts foot peeking up through the ditch where some snow is still left, black and grey from road dirt. We always picked big odd bouquets for Mama that she couldn't put in a vase as all the stems were to short or uneven... We don't get colts foot here in Switzerland. But I have seen a blue anemone in my garden. She is adorable and cute.
    Happy weekend and than you for your sweet comment on my Gypsy blanket reveal. Made me very happy.
    My Rose Valley

  7. Lovely pictures Jacquie but one question I always ask myself - why is everything yellow at this time of year? Is it to do with light levels? Insects emerging? What's certain is it's always very welcome! Jane x

  8. Hi Jacquie lovely pictures to chase away the cold weather. After the sun over the Easter weekend it's turned cool again here. I've been beavering away at my crocheting when I'm not out with the dogs. Making the most of this weekend as I'm back to work on Monday! Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  9. Lovely photos and nice to see spring finally appearing. Jo x

  10. At last, at last! Maybe we'll have a wonderful summer. Your photos are lovely!
    Kathy x

  11. Spring definitely on its way. The daffodils on the farm where we live are finally coming out. I seem to remember a couple of years ago they were out n February! Better late than never I suppose.

  12. Yay! Spring is finally arriving - I was just blogging about the same thing this morning LOL - it seems that all of us here in England are in a state of anticipation for spring. Lovely photos :o)

  13. So lovely to finally see signs of Spring ... Sarah x

  14. Sigh.......... I wished I lived somewhere with such beautiful flowers growing in the wild. That was one of my favourite things when I ventured over to the UK. Hope Spring is worth the wait for you this year when it finally arrives.

  15. Lovely to see all those flowers emerging at long last!
    Sarah x

  16. Beautiful flowers thanks for sharing x

  17. Oh Jacquie! thats lets see you draw them....?
    Bestest as ever daisy j

  18. The sun was beautiful this morning - it was a shame about this afternoon though!

  19. Beautiful pictures Jacquie! Autumn here but still having amazing warm days.
    Think winter may be very bleak indeed lol.

  20. Hooray for daffodils! (and the other spring flowers too). It's lovely watching everything wake up isn't it. Lovely photos Jacquie - still waiting for an upward flower-against-the-sky shot ;) - if only the sun would come out again!
    Jones x

  21. Aren't all those flowers lovely- the daffodils are so cheerful:)

  22. Daffodils......I love all the different varieties and lovely memories of seeing them growing along the road side when we visited the UK in 2007.
    Nice to see things beginning to emerge in the countryside.
    Always am reminded of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, beautiful artwork.....

    Claire x


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