Sunday 3 November 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 44/52

Hello Lovelies,
it's that time of the week again, time to celebrate the small things that can add happiness to your days, even when life throws unwanted stress your way.

1. and 2. Handmade and Homegrown

Yesterday I went with my Mum in Law, niece and two of my boys to a craft fair. I spotted this cute-as-a-button witch and couldn't resist her hand knitted charms.

 I recognised the pattern as a Jean Greenhowe straight away, she is the queen of knitted soft toys in my opinion. I really wish I could knit when I see these lovely makes. Do take a look her patterns and  this page ,which includes an adorable image of this witch.....with a broom....ummm, maybe I could crochet her one.

Also on my mantle are a few blooms from my own front garden and an Apple ....just one of a huge bag of cooking apples given to me by a work colleague who has so many she does not know what to do with them all . I have one of these in the oven as I'm typing....smells lovely.

It's a shame I didn't get my witch before halloween  , but she was still too sweet to resist.
We had a quiet time on the day, only youngest went out trick or treating with his friends and accompanying adults.

 All three boys designed and carved these pumpkins without any help from me.....I think they did an excellent job...........the tiny one was rather tricky ......

3.. Thrifted
A new ( brand new with tags still attached ) scarf found in the charity shop. I like a scarf when the weather turns chilly. This one is so soft and I love the colours...........

4. Vintage
On our usual Wednesday outing Mum and I decided to take a detour and explore this timeless place I found earlier in the year

Look , you can just see Mum taking her own photo , towards the left in this picture.........earlier in the year, when she was very poorly , I hardly dared imagine mum would be so well again......but she is, thank goodness.

This place is by the river..........

and scattered around a little field are lots of these wooden buildings............

They are a bit like beach huts without the beach, but bigger, more like proper holiday homes . They all look so old but are beautifully maintained and full of character.
I couldn't quite believe my eyes the first time I came across them.

This one has to be my absolute favourite.....

With it's sweet little garden , including a bird table, rambling rose and  apple tree.

I just love the red and cream paintwork , floral curtains and veranda with wooden bench........

I would love to see inside. I can just imagine a little wood burning stove, comfy worn armchairs with lots of crochet blankets and rag rugs on the wooden floorboards ....... Two simple wooden chairs and a little table covered with  a pretty tablecloth and jug of flowers picked from the garden...... A simple kitchen with gingham curtains, a pot sink and little oven with the smell of baking wafting out of it ......  a  cosy bedroom with patchwork curtains, a patchwork quilt on the bed and more fresh flowers on the bedside table.....
Ooops , slipped into vintage  dreamland there :0)

I love taking the photos and writing these posts, but I wouldn't be half as much fun without your lovely comments and good wishes........they always make my week happier  ♥THANK YOU♥
Jacquie x

P.S. my latest blanket is now finished ......back soon with a Ta-dah :0)


  1. Looks like a beautiful spot indeed. I love tiny little houses too, don't know what it is about them. The witch is lovely, a great find. You will be able to bring her out every year for Hallowe'en. So glad your mum is so much better now.

  2. Your little witch is so cute - can a witch be cute?!?! I'm so glad for you and your mum that she is doing so well and that you can do your little expeditions together! xx

  3. Oh - my first comment disappeared. Those houses look a perfect retreat. I can see the same vintage interior.
    I am just waiting for rugby to start. Goodness it's cold this morning! Enjoy your Sunday. X

  4. I was right with you with the vintage interior ponderings, are they old railway carriages converted? Glad to hear your Mum is much better.
    Clare x

  5. Such a cute witch. There are lots of those chalets by us along the Severn Valley railway and they are really nostalgic. People use them as holiday homes. Jo x

  6. Those wooden houses are beautiful - we have a couple by us painted in that beautiful old bottle green with white detailing and there's nearly always washing on the line! I've imagined pretty much the same interiors as you have - it would be quite upsetting to find they had central heating and a microwave! Enjoy the traybake x Jane

  7. ah, the witch is cute! There is a lady that knits 'people' and we sell them in the charity shop I volunteer in, they are so well done, she did us a witch and I 'hung' her from the window ceiling so it looked like she was flying haha, we sold her though which is good!!

  8. So pleased your mom is better, good news. Love your scarf, so pretty! Those little houses are like stepping back in time, so cute and why do I only imagine elderly people living there with a cat or dog (small ones!)?! I'm off to have a nosey around Jean Greenhowe's site because I love that little witch! Happy Sunday x

  9. Glad your Mum is feeling better. Those little houses are so cute. I love the red one, it looks so homely. xx

  10. what a lovely place, I wonder what kind of places they are? quite unusual and very quaint! sweet witch, she definitely needs a broom and a cat! Heather x

  11. quelle jolie petite sorcière !
    j'aime beaucoup toutes ces petites maisons

  12. I too will be taking a look at the link to Jean Greenhowe's site, I've seen a few pictures of her work in magazines left in my workplace tea room (courtesy of a colleague who brings her knitting projects into work lol)

    Great thrifty find with you pretty and soft scarf.

    I love the red and cream house with the veranda, I can imagine someone sat out in the summer, sipping fresh chilled lemonade and working on her knitting projects.

    You and mum have found a beautiful place to share and enjoy, it would also be idyllic as a picnic spot in the summer
    hugs Linda x

  13. How lovely to have your mum so close and to be able to have days out with her.Am currently working on your hexagon pattern.Thanks for the super instructions.

  14. Realmente me encanta la bruja, con una escoba estaría lindísima.

  15. The outing with your Mum looks so lovely and I would love to see inside those riverside homes too. So pleased to hear your Mum has made such progress.
    Sarah x

  16. we enjoyed reading this post and watching your lovely photos with my son. thanx....

  17. Love your little witch. Jean Greenhowe has such cute patterns. Glad your Mum is better.
    Jille xx

  18. Glad your Mum's better. I recognised Jean Greenhowe's influence. I have a scarecrow and a chimney sweep of hers and several pattern books. Have a good week .
    Jacqui xox

  19. I always enjoy going for a stroll with you. Glad your Mum is feeling better.
    Sally xxx

  20. Your little witch is lovely. Glad your mum is so much better. I don't think it does any harm to let our imaginations go for a wonder every now and then, the little lodges are great aren't they. I have just installed a garden room at the end of my garden and have spent all weekend in their just pottering between knitting, crocheting and reading it was great and you can imagine the lodges being used for the same purpose.

  21. Beautiful scarf! Great find. I am a thrifter too. I find some great things!!! Loved the scenery in this post. So beautiful!!!
    XO Kris

  22. I love the knitted witch and the houses. Both are perfect. The scarf is lovely too.

  23. I love the little witch :) She ist so cute :)

  24. What a cute witch, and I love the little red and white house!


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