Sunday 17 November 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 46/52

Hello Lovelies,
I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been pretty stressful at times but I'm, once again, focusing on the good bits. 

1. Armfuls of the softest yarn.
 Last year I gradually built up a small stash of luxury yarn. This year I sort of forgot about my stash building dreams and I really need more colours and balls to begin a big project. But on impulse, needing a portable project  to keep me busy, I took my current collection on a family visit with me last week.

They are various brands of cashmere and merino blends.

I have been wanting to make a really warm scarf for the winter and thought I would  use natural fibres as they are so much cosier than man made.
Without a pattern and wanting to use all my colours I chose the simplest solution for a girl who has just finished a blanket of many squares.......a scarf of many squares.
 These are tiny two round granny squares. 
Once again I'm using the join-as-you-go method and I really pleased with how it's looking so far......

The colours are  lovely and the yarn is gorgeous to work with. I'll take some better (daylight ) photos to share with you lovelies soon.

In case you were wondering, the book by my lamp is Anne of Green Gables........I'm back to reading classics I can vaguely recall from my own I did last Autumn

Gentle and heartwarming tales seem to be what I'm craving right now.

2.Bright Autumn walks.
Fresh air and quiet places are such a tonic, especially at this beautiful time of year.

 The golden Silver Birches are stunning.

 and so are  the frosty fallen leaves.

 Friday morning was perfect for a wander through the trees before work.

I just loved the sun shining trough the Oak leaves.....

These reminded me of washing on the line.

3. Finding another heart............

When I turned around from taking the oak leaf picture I noticed this heart shape in the trees trunk :0)

4. An Amaryllis . I was thrilled to find the Amaryllis kits were back in the shops this week . This will be the third year I've grown one of these beauties in the depths of winter.......... 

Today I'll plant this bulb and hopefully I'll have huge stunning red flowers to enjoy in a few weeks.
 I love watching these grow , first a little shoot, then leaves and a stem getting taller by the day. Then the bud opens oh so slowly. It's great fun to observe and the reward for a bit of care is really beautiful.
I picked up a couple to give as gifts first one was a gift from my sister in law , so it was nice to return the favour this year.

Thanks for reading and all your sweet comments.
Jacquie x


  1. Hello Jacquie
    Just looking at your combination of yarn colours against the impressive photos of those trees and marvel at home they go together. I keep reminding myself to be guided by nature's colours. Merino and cashmere so soft ....great choice!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hi Jacquie. Your scarf looks like its going to be really cosy. Sorry you have had a stressful week but I hope the good has outweighed the bad, I love the hearts showing up everywhere. I wonder where you will find one next. xxx

  3. A very comforting post! I really like the idea of building up a yarn stash with luxury yarns, I've never bought them for a project because the initial outlay is so pricey, but now I'm thinking about buying here and there, when yarns are on sale...great tip, thank you! And I love what you're doing with the yarn, the join-as-you-go method gives a wee bit of instant satisfaction, doesn't it? And life keeps offering you hearts where you least expect it, I bet each new discovery brings a smile! Chrissie x

  4. What an amazing feel-good post! The lush and squishy yarns, the wonderful sunny autumn pics, cozying up with candles, a crochet project and a gentle and heartwarming tale! I just keep scrolling up and down again to indulge in that lovely feeling!

  5. Oooh I've just learned the join as you go method and am using it to make a hot water bottle cover (sssh - top secret Christmas present!) out of two round squares - it's so addictive! Your scarf is going o be lovely to wear in the predicted icy weather ahead! Lovely pictures Jacquie - hope you have a better week this time x Jane

  6. Beautiful yarns, colours and little squares Jacquie - that will surely be a gorgeous cuddly scarf; and once again your Mother Nature pics are so beautiful, thank you, I love silver birches and strong oak trees standing tall! I do hope that this week is much less stressful for you! Hugs, Joy x

  7. Hi Jacquie - the hooky looks fab, and I can't wait to see the finished article. I know what you mean about times when you just want to immerse yourself in heartwarming tales. They have just started showing feel-good, made for TV films (esp on Channel 5) in the afternoon. DH laughs at me, but I love watching these - a cross between The Waltons and Murder She Wrote - not least, because I just love the New England-type homes and lifestyle. They make me forget the frustrations of life at the mo. Keep smiling, crafting - and posting! Chris xx

  8. Beautiful work Jacquie! Sorry to hear you have some stressy stuff going on. Sending you some hearts...♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥...and some hugs and prayers. Love, Tina xxx

  9. your armful of yarn look

    your collection of yarn looks so yummy....and the scarf is beautiful. Think ill buy an amaryllis to cheer me up.......great idea!

  10. Such a lovely post and a really nice idea for a special scarf. How nice too if you've collected each expensive ball over time and each colour reminds you of the place or time that you bought it and it has hidden or special meanings.

    I love reading but I'm also a fan of multitasking - so much pleasure, so little time - and since I got back into yarny crafts I've brought my audiobooks in from the car so that I can listen and craft at the same time which doubles the fun. I usually listen to them on my drive to work but I'm also enjoying them with my returned to crafts.

    1. The audio book is a great idea thanks. I can make things and "read" a book at the same time :0)
      Jacquie x

  11. A lovely post . A true mixture if yummy ness . Thank you

  12. Beautiful post today, love you picture of all the yummy yarn in your arms, Autumn is looking gorgeous and of course so is that scarf.

  13. I love the tiny squares scarf, I bet it's very snuggly and soft. I second the audio book advice too, I love being read too!
    Hope this week is less stressy

  14. Jacquie, you tiny square scarf is definitely being inspired by the colors of this season. All are beautiful! Connecting as you go along really does work well for the granny square's so important to begin with a great selection of yarn colors as you did, so that you can have that wonderful color way appear bit by bit.

    Maybe it's a little like watching the arrival of the amaryllis flowers!


  15. What a lovely peaceful post today! I just love your armful of yarns - dreamy and that scarf is just right for the winter season! I think I might just grab one of those Amaryllis Flower growing kits myself!
    Hope you have a more peaceful week :o)

  16. Your scarf is looking beautiful Jacquie, I love the colours that you have chosen and I am sure that you will be so snuggly and warm with a scarf like that to wrap around you. So funny that you saw another unexpected heart, you will see them all over the place I am sure now that you have started noticing them! xx

  17. The scarf will be so colourful on these soon to be chilly days. I am so glad you said about the flower, I suddenly jumped and shouted, 'we need to plant the bulbs for Christmas!'. Have a great week xx

  18. Gorgeous colours!
    Beautiful photos too, I love silver birches at this time of year x

  19. There are so many beautiful things we see if we open our eyes :)

    Your yarn looks lovely as does your scarf.

  20. Lovely wool, what a nice idea to build up a little stash of luxury yarn. I love the picture taken with the book in the lamplight. Crochet, reading, dark autumn evenings - wonderful. The photos taken on your way to work are beautiful, so crisp and colourful. Sorry your week was stressful, I hope this coming one will be much better.

  21. Hi Jacquie!

    I'm so absolutely tickled pink your number came up as my giveaway winner!!! My email is if you could let me have your address.


    Heather xx

  22. I love the comparison to those leaves hanging like washing - you have a lovely eye for things :) That scarf looks like it's going to be delicious! I'm not sure I'd have the patience making so many tiny squares - just thinking about sewing in all then ends makes me a bit giddy - but I know the finished piece will be just gorge!

    Keep enjoying autumn - it feels as though winter will be here before we know it!

    Jones x

  23. I love the colours you have chosen for the scarf, lovely. The rest all your post as enjoyable as usual.

    Lluisa x

  24. Lovely happies that scarf looks like it going to be a stunner, lovely to see all the Autumnal photo's, anne of green gables was one of my favourites growing up. Enjoy.
    Clare x

  25. Such nice pictures, I loved the one with a frozen leaf... I wish I could experience the real Autumn now.. :) Though even here, in India, days are getting colder, and mornings are really chilled!
    I liked your scarf in progress, so colorful! Have a nice day!

  26. Two-round grannies are so much fun - so quick and cute. That scarf will be beautiful.

    I love the Anne books and am actually about to start re-reading them myself (as soon as I finish the Chronicles of Narnia - one book to go). I too go through phases of reading childhood classics. They are comforting and non-demanding and often much better written than anything modern. :)

  27. Love the colours of the wool and what you are doing with them. Jacqui x

  28. Beautiful pictures Jacquie. It's lovely to be out and about in the Autumn weather when the skies are beautiful and bright. I'l take cold and bright any day over mild and grey!

    Your scarf is going to be a stunner!

    Have a super week

    Vanessa xxx

  29. thanks for the lovely post and i think i will pop down to morrisons for one of those amaryllis as i loved the one you grew last timexx

  30. I love how you find the good bits and pieces every week. And your photos are always so beautiful.

    Do you know you can replant amaryllis bulbs every year? There's no need to buy new ones. I've had mine for a couple of years now and it had to stems last winter. It also produced baby bulbs. But you reminded me that it's time to plant them again. If you'd like advice on how to get them to bloom again, pleas ask. I'd be happy to help!

    Greetings from Austria!

  31. I've just reread The Jungle Book and The Secret Garden from my childhood. I'd forgotten how poignant and uplifting TSG is.

  32. I really love the scarf you are working on - those tiny granny squares are so sweet and the colours are gorgeous. x

  33. Hi Jacquie, Armsful of loveliness!!! I love the colors of the world around you right now!!! It's just stunning!!! Somehow we just don't have that down here when our Autumn comes around!!!! It simply turns from green to boring brown!!! Anyhow, have a super happy weekend!!!


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