Friday 29 November 2013

The Hidden Footpath

Hello Lovelies , 
on Wednesday I was delighted to wake to clear skys. As soon as the boys were all at school I headed out with my little camera to enjoy another Autumn walk.
 I passed Sunrise corner ....

 then over open fields to the little cluster of houses where I got lost on THIS walk a few weeks ago. Luckily my friend had since shown me the way .

 I think this photo shows why I struggled to find the correct the fencing on the right there is a gate, can you see it ?.........

It looks like any garden gate to me but the little yellow arrows show it's actually the route of a public footpath, shall we go through?

 The secret footpath then squeezes between gardens, where there is not much to see.
I was hurrying to get to the end when I was delighted to catch site of this lovely robin ........

Here's what I was so keen to see...........

 the misty view into the morning sunlight was stunning.

 And the friendly Robin perched on the hedge quite close by so I was able to get an even clearer picture of him.........

The Autumn colours are still wonderful........

I love this photo because the light shows up the gentle rolling hills so beautifully.......

At the bottom of this hill I crossed a little stream..........

And looked up now the sun was not in my eyes. The trees are just gorgeous ...........

but the birds liked perching on the electricity pylons.........

I wandered along the edge of the stream and then the the path turned uphill .

The low sun hurt my eyes and big clumps of mud stuck to my shoes so I felt like I was walking on stilts...........

I was glad to get to the top of that hill and look back at where I had come from. The houses are where the hidden footpath began.........

I was looking forward to seeing this view as it had been lovely the first time my friend and I walked this way on a cloudy day.
Ummmmmmm, initially I was dissappionted it was not clearer.........

But the more I looked at it the more I liked the effect of the mist in the valley, the blueish light gave everything  such a pretty, slightly mysterious air..........

Soon I was back out onto the road..........

I walked through a small village and then back onto another footpath that would take me  home......

I crossed a little bridge over another stream........

Through some trees and past a friendly dog........

Then I was heading uphill again, at least this time the sun was behind me and the path wasn't muddy........

At the top of the hill there was another bench ............

So I sat a moment and studied a feather I had picked out of a bush on the way up...........

And, of course, I admired the view..........

The colours of the Autumn landscape delighted me. The red berries were so eye catching........

these are Hawthorn berries.

and there are loads of Rose Hips

By now I had been walking for almost two hours and I was feeling a bit hot and bothered as the weather was surprisingly mild. I had taken off my gloves and scarf and unzipped the big coat I was wishing I hadn't worn.............

As the footpath lead me through this paddock I wondered if this horse was wishing he could take his coat off too............

It was a beautiful walk . There were so many lovely things so see, I took way too many photos. I've only shared about half here.

The countryside was very pretty on this mild and sunny  late Autumn day. I returned home tired but happy.

That evening I put the finishing touches to my latest drawing. It's a simple picture inspired by all the gorgeous leaves and berries I have enjoyed on my own travels and via some inspiring blog posts that I've enjoyed reading this Autumn.
I can't wait to share it in my next post.
Jacquie x


  1. I'm so glad that you found your way along this footpath, because it was lovely coming along on your walk with you. The little robin is so lovely, as is the scenery! xx

  2. Wow what beautiful autum pictures....I can see why you would be inspired to draw now... Have a great weekend :)

  3. What a lovely walk.... thanks for sharing. x x

  4. Just stunning photos :) They capture those misty autumn days just perfectly :)


  5. Simply magic photo ! Really like to wander with you in unfamiliar paths !)

  6. Superb photos. It is good to get out and about. Jo x

  7. Brilliant photos! And isn't it great that there are still days to enjoy that bright sunshine - despite the cold! And I had no idea about the triangle thing - shall be looking out for them now!

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed following along on your walk in this lovely part of the country. Looking forward to reading your next one.

  9. What a beautiful walk. I love the effect of a light mistiness on the countryside, each tree being more and more lost in the mist as they become more distant. Your photos are absolutely lovely. Really looking forward to seeing your finished drawing.

  10. Lovely photos, I enjoyed your walk, sweet little robin, looking forward to seeing your finished drawing.

  11. Such a beautiful walk and your photos depicts the essence of Autumn, simply beautiful. Thank you! xoxo

  12. Beautiful photo's Thanks to you we can walk the secret path with you. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend, Margaret

  13. Looks a lovely walk with stunning views :)
    I love the blueish light, looking back at the village - it looks quite unusual.
    Have a great weekend. x

  14. I only found your blog today and I'm so glad I did! Such beautiful photos! Looking forward to seeing your drawing tomorrow x

  15. you take some amazing photos!! makes me want to get out and take a walk as well!!

  16. You got good pictures of the robin and the mist. I've never been able to get a good picture of a bird.

  17. I love going on these walks with you. I've been under the weather this week and haven't really felt like doing a lot - so it's nice to get a glimpse of the outside and enjoy this stroll with you from the comfort of my sofa.
    Jones x

  18. Another wonderful walk with you! I love the misty photo, it really is quite striking...Chrissie x

  19. A beautiful walk -- thanks so much for taking us along with you:)

  20. What a beautiful walk - the mist makes it even more lovely. I am scared to walk alone in the countryside and I admire you for doing so. Wish I could get over my fear of 'bad people' in remote places as it means I only go to such places when i have my husband for company. xxx

  21. What beautiful photographs! There's nothing quite like the English countryside. I feel blessed to live here! Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

  22. Thank you for the beautiful walk today.
    Love from Mum

  23. Gorgeous pics. I could almost smell the Autumn air with you.

  24. what lovely photos, it really brought the countryside inside. The british countryside is unrivalled I think. Simple pleasures shared, thank you x

  25. beautiful scenery and rolling hills! Heather x

  26. I think the robin is one of my favourite birds :)

  27. Oh I have enjoyed my walk with you today Jacquie, thanks so much! The scenery around and about your place is wonderful and it warms my heart every time. Hugs, Joy x

  28. Hi Jacquie
    You have a very pretty neighbourhood to explore. I really enjoy the seasons in your part of the world. I think you would find coming to Australia very interesting, depending on the bits you went to!
    I'd say Tasmania is more like England than mainland Australia. Although the northern tip of the island state is about 100 miles from the mainland, its climate differs markedly - and the further south you go, the more so it is.
    It is the colours that get me. Here on the mainland, there is the greener, coastal belt where the majority of the population lives, and then there is the drier interior. Each state pretty much has its own climate zone, and within those bands there is the consideration of distance from the coast. It is a land of flooding rains and searing droughts.
    As we start to come into summer, in the area where I live, many of the grasses are turning golden. Crops are nearing their harvest and there is a bit more of a hint of warmth in the air.
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous autumnal colourfest. :)

  29. A lovely walk with beautiful pictures and I very much enjoyed being along for that walk ☺

  30. What a beautiful walk - that view at the end of the hidden lane is breathtaking. Thank you for such fantastic pictures of such a gorgeous autumn day!

  31. That looks like a beautiful walk. It would have been easy to miss it- glad you didn't!

  32. The berries do make a nice splash of colour in the landscape this time of year in the UK, the countryside looks lovely. Favourite pic is the 'all misty' scene, it almost looks like the gateway leads through someone's back yard!! Once again wishing I could just step through the computer screen and be there myself.....

    Claire x

  33. What a wondeful post, and such great photo's I love reading your walking post as being mostly housebound they bring such joy to me.
    Clare x

  34. Your photos of the scenery are so beautiful with the low lying sun. I can imagine you needed to take off some layers as it did get a bit mild this week. Have a great weekend. xx

  35. I'm glad you found the hidden footpath I cam see why you got lost last time! I larah xove the light and the mist and the autumn colours that are still so bright.

  36. Hi Jacquie What a lovely walk!!! Lovely colors, trees and skies!!! Have a great day!!!

  37. Lovely photos, especially the misty valley one.

    Regarding your comment on my blog about making photos larger; I used to do that, until I had trouble putting photos on because apparently I had run out of space. I think a lot of bloggers were having the same trouble at that time and I read that having large photos used up the space, so after that I only put normal size photos on and hoped that people would click on them to enlarge. I later found out that it wasn't the actual size but how many something or others it was (don't know the technical term) but as I hadn't had any trouble since keeping them normal size I daren't do anything else. I'm too much of a technophobe risk doing something on the computer I might regret!


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