Friday, 8 November 2013

November Light

Hello Lovelies, 
now the days are getting really short and it's dark before 5pm I feel the need to get outside and soak up some bright daylight whenever I can.
These photos were taken on Sunday afternoon. I'd been indoors all day and the weather had been pretty rubbish. 
Then at 3pm the sun came out. I pulled on my coat, picked up my camera and headed out to stretch my legs...the rest of the family were engrossed in a new DVD.

I usually walk about these familiar streets in the morning. I'm accustomed to seeing this cute little terrace bathed in sunlight. But the afternoon sun was already low in the sky and the streets were mostly in shadow.......

I decided to try and get a view of the landscape and headed uphill, then along this footpath behind some gardens........

 As I emerged from the narrow tunnel of fence and hedge I was thrilled to see the beautiful glow of warm sunlight cascading across the fields

Ahhhhh, just wonderful........

These pictures were taken about 3.45pm

 I could see for miles, the sky was gorgeous and the shadows were amazingly long........

I zoomed in on the distance and  loved the way the fields all look so small and patchwork like....

The hedgerows are rapidly turning brown now.

The view to my right was partly blocked by the large hedge.........

I could remember taking a photo of this view easily  in the spring,when the hedge had just been trimmed. Here it is........

After a bit of a struggle I managed to get a clearer shot.......

I love being able to compare the difference between May and November. And also to notice the amazing glow the setting sun creates. It adds so much to the beautiful russet colours of Autumn.

I walked home with a happy smile on my face, bight images of seasonal beauty filling my mind.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my latest blanket....they really are appreciated and I've answered any queries in the comments section.
Jacquie x


  1. Those photos are wonderful. You are right about the light. You have an eye for a good photo.

  2. Oh Jacquie these are just stunning photographs I love them, thank you for sharing them with us all, brightens my day. Have a fabulous weekend, big hug

  3. Gorgeous photos, love this time of year with all the changing colours and crispness!

  4. Lovely photos. I love the light this time of year too, it's when the sun sets and all the buildings turn golden that's my favourite

  5. Wish I had such beautiful views nearby. Beautiful lights and autumn colours :-) Thanks for sharing this beautiful landscape.

  6. Beautiful shots of the November sunshine Jacquie. I saw it briefly today from my window in work but by the time I left, the lamps were on down the driveway and everywhere looked cosy on my drive home. I love the russet browns in the hedgerows and the long shadows. Have a gorgeous weekend. xx

  7. Beautiful Jacquie, I love going on walks with bloggers, I get to see all sorts of interesting places. Thank you for taking me along!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, you really encourage me to seek out beauty in my surroundings

  9. So lovely to see your sunshine. I think it's going to be in short supply again here. Looks like I'll be watching rugby in the rain. It seems that whenever I am working the sun makes an appearance but whenever I have some free time, it rains.
    Have a great weekend. X

  10. Such beautiful pictures of the countryside. Makes me wish I was there to take a nice long walk.

  11. You captured the essence of November light perfectly, some beautiful views you found too, thank you for sharing x

  12. What completely beautiful photos. You live in such a lovely spot I think. Well done for capturing these picturesque autumn moments.

  13. Such beautiful views Jacquie, very well captured and I have loved gazing on them, wishing I could also be walking through them! Over here in Australia I have just posted about our local beach - how about a swap! Lovely post, thank you! Hugs, Joy x


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