Monday 23 February 2015

A City Visit

Hello Lovelies, here I go with post 701 :0)

On Saturday the sunshine returned and I really wanted to get another family outing in before the end of half term. I would have liked a hilly walk, somewhere new to us would have been nice. But gosh it was cold in the northerly wind and snow was forecast for Derbyshire.

So I had to rethink my plans. Instead we headed for an historic city that I haven't been to for many years............

It has an 11th century  castle and loads of medival buildings ( and lots of lovely smells coming from the burger stall at the farmers market).

 It has thick city walls with dark gateways........

Which lead to a huge Cathedral.........

Awe inspiring.

Have you guessed where it is yet?

Here's a big clue :0)

Yes, were were  in Lincoln

Here we had gone through another gateway in the walls, which lead to pretty and sheltered lawns.

 Where you can gaze up at the Cathedral.........

I think it looks even nicer from this angle.

or gaze down on the Bishops Palace..........

I would  have liked to have a look around here, but we didn't have enough time on this occasion.

Instead we headed for a hill....yay.
Ooooh look,  Steep Hill was winner of Britain's great street in 2012......

Should be good, shall we have a little wander lovelies?

We are at the top of the street and look, it's so narrow and pretty...........

The shops are all independent retailers, I loved this little place that only sold Russian dolls.........

and who doesn't love a hand made chocolate, or maybe a little bling..........

we are about a third of the way down now and suddenly the space opens up, it's quiet a contrast to the shadows of the first part.......

It's a cross roads, but thankfully there's no traffic in this pedestrianised spot. Just rather beautiful music from the busker you can see chatting to the guy leaning on his bike.

With the added golden rays of sunlight flooding in from Michaelgate it really makes this a delightful spot......

Shall we carry on a bit further, it's getting steeper now. How I love the stepped roof lines......

Past the comical, leaning lamp post.........

now we are in  the really steep part, it even has a handrail in case you need it.........

It does remind me of the steep hill where I grew up

The shops continue to delight, vintage bits and bobs anybody?

and I love the tidy little houses...........

and the interesting, really old buildings............

Right at the bottom of the hill there are more mainstream shops and a modern shopping centre ( or Mall). Not so pretty, but what a pleasant riverside setting........

Across the bridge there is a traditional Carousel........

and what do you think to this modern sculpture which spans the river..........

I do like it looks like a couple of Trapeze artists to me.

HERE'S what it's supposed to depict

Everywhere there is a mixture of old and new is often the case in our cities.........

But it's the old stuff that really makes me smile...........

Shall we head back up the hill now, past the modern shops and through the castellated gateway.......

past a bit of Art Deco is it?

Then back to the cobbles and a glimpse of the cathedral........

It all looks so gorgeous in the late afternoon sunshine............

and the shops are very tempting..........

Here we are, back at the steepest bit, ready for a workout?...........

Phew, lets linger here again and catch our breath...........

the busker is still playing and the sun has not quiet disappeared.

Gosh the light is BEAUTIFUL here..........

It's nearly time to leave now..............

Just a few more minutes to gaze in shop windows and smile at pretty café's........

Then it's goodbye lovely Lincoln...........

maybe we can visit the castle next time.............It's having a makeover at the moment.

I do hope you enjoyed walking with us in this character filled, historic spot.

Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely day out. I'm not sure I could see Empowerment in the sculpture! I hope the return to school goes well. X

  2. What a lovely place to explore! X

  3. We went there last year on a rainy day during our Norfolk broads boating holiday. I remember a fantastic shop selling DM's and Yuma shoes but I was too poor to buy anything after my 5th Year on maternity leave! I have my job now and would definitely treat myself if I was there again. Lovely light on the honey coloured stone.

  4. I've never been to Lincoln. It looks beautiful. You had great weather and the low sun at this time of year makes for a great light for taking photos. Reading blogs from all over the country makes me want to be able to travel around more. Need more weeks in the year. Katharine

  5. I have never visited Lincoln but it looks a fascinating city to explore. I love little independent shops, great for browsing. Jan xx

  6. It looks like a great place to explore xx

  7. Oh, what beautiful photos , once again.

  8. I love your walks, - I think I've said that before!! :) - with your descriptions I can imagine myself there. (just imagine Hubby trying to push my wheelchair up that hill!!) It looks a great city, maybe I will get to visit one day. In the meantime thanks for a great walk. Sharon x

  9. What a lovely virtual tour round Lincoln I haven't been there for years. Hopefully I will get yo visit again sometime
    Jackie x

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful day thanks for sharing
    Clare x

  11. I hadn't heard of Lincoln before! It looks like a wonderful place to visit! I love old towns in general, and this is really pretty, thanks for taking us along! : )

  12. Beautiful photos! I love seeing these glipses of different little towns and cities in England. I feel like I am collecting a nice little tourist plan for when I someday take a trip to the UK. Lincoln has so much character! Thanks for the great photos! :)

  13. How did you manage to stay out of those tempting shops?! Especially the vintage one. More will power than I would have had in your place. lol I thoroughly enjoyed this post thanks so much for sharing, it may be the only way I ever visit. Loved the sculptures! The picture with the swans would make a lovely drawing with that wonderful bridge and building. Have a great day! x

  14. What a wonderful place historic Lincoln is! I loved strolling through the streets and peeking in the windows of the delightful shops.
    I am thrilled to have come across your journal this afternoon and look forward to return visits soon!
    ~~~Deb in Wales

  15. Lovely to see Lincoln again, and to see it through your eyes, as it is probably all the same things I would stop and look at!
    Jacqui,is it just my laptop, but your sidebar on the right jiggles about, I find it quite distracting!

  16. I LOVE your photos always so interesting and beautifully taken.What a Stunning place to visit.Thanks again for sharing with us.Hugs xx

  17. Lincoln looks like a beautiful place! You are really lucky to have such little towns around!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  18. Lincoln looks wonderful! I've never been but it's on my list now! A wise choice to avoid Derbyshire - we had snow on Saturday and Sunday in these parts - none if it lasted long but it came down thick and fast and did cause some travel problems while it lasted!

  19. That was a lovely trip. Never been to Lincoln so thanks for the virtual tour. Lovely photos.

  20. It's years since I went to Lincoln! I remember Steep Hill.Oh, do I remember Steep Hill!

  21. What a beautiful city. I've never visited, but I'd definitely love to go there now I've seen all of your wonderful photos. I love the oldest bits too, all that amazing history. It really does look exceptionally lovely. CJ xx

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you from this Canadian Gal who would spend half the year in England if she could!! Fantastic post that makes me want to jump on a plane and be there tomorrow :)

  23. I loved every single image and moment.. you rock.. thank you so much for taking us with you! The shot of the bridge/building and the swans made me SWOOOON! Love love!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  24. Went last summer for 3 days. Stayed at the new Premier Inn. Centrally located and reasonably priced. Really enjoyed it. Lots to do and see. We even had a trip on a barge up the river. Beautiful view of the cathedral from the boat. The castle was closed when we were there too.

  25. I have never been to Lincoln but I am now adding it to my places to explore file as it looks so beautiful and rich in history.

  26. Thank you for very cute and wonderful ictures, I have never been there yet, but maybe one day I could visit, tkanks for nice and lovely journey, greetongs from Warsaw

  27. Lincoln looks like a lovely place, thank you for the tour! I was fascinated to see the Empowerment sculpture and thought it looked vaguely familiar ... there is a similar one that is close to us in Birchwood, designed by the same artist. This one is called Encounter. I can't post a picture but this is the link to see it - they're very alike! (I've shortened it as it's the longest link in the world!) xx

  28. Lovely post: I have saved it under my travel file. You always go to the prettiest places!

  29. Oh! What a gorgeous city! Some much history and beauty. It seems like the quintessential English city with its mix of buildings and river flowing through the middle. Even the modern shopping centre was beautiful! I've never been to Lincoln. I'm in the UK in 2 weeks - maybe we'll take the train to this fabulous city!

  30. Hi Jacquie,
    Bit surprised to see today that there has been a bit more traffic then usual on my blog (i.e. some) and tried to work out why - there in the referrers is bunnymummy, so I thought I better have a look see. Thanks for adding me to your Blog List - I see there's lots more blogs there for me to check out.
    Anyway, having arrived out of curiosity, I scrolled down and thought - hang on that looks familiar - isn't that....? By the second photo I was sure, by the third I was really certain. I was born in Lincoln and still visit quite often. Since he retired, my Dad has been researching family trees and apparently a very distant ancestor of mine lived on Steep Hill. It's magic isn't it - a bit of a surprise for all those who think that Lincolnshire is completely flat. I haven't figured out yet whereabouts in the East Midlands you are - I grew up in Leicestershire.

    1. Oh - next time you visit - just to the right off the timbered Tourist Information office is a really nice ice cream shop, and Brown's Pie Shop, a cafe on Steep Hill, near the top, always used to be very, very nice (but I haven't been for a long time).

  31. A fabulous place for you to visit and loved ALL of you pictures ☺ I really like babushka dolls and yes I would like some chocolate lol Keep these wonderful walks happening ☺☺

  32. Jacquie, I think that by now you know how much I love your posts about your contryside walks, but may I tell you now that I really enjoyed seeing your tour around Lincoln, a place I want to visit, yet somehow have yet to manage.

    The steep streets and lanes and old buildings are full of charm and the cathedral is a classic, of course. It was encouraging to realize that taking a winter walk around a historic town could be such fun. (Surely cake and tea were involved.)


  33. What a truly lovely-looking place. I've never visited Lincoln before - and now I want to! It'll be going on my places to visit in the UK list...
    Fab photos, thank you!
    S x

  34. Thank you for the opportunity to visit this beautiful town with your photoes and comments!!A very nice trip sunny also frozen air!!So Majestic Cathedral nice old buildings and lovely shops!!have happy week

  35. I really enjoyed this stroll around Lincoln with you as I've never been there - it looks beautiful. Just my kind of place with fascinating architecture, and gorgeous shops and cafes. Your photos capture the light of a late winter's day perfectly - it looks like you had lovely weather, even if it was cold :)
    Cathy x

  36. Gosh Lincoln has changed. Mind you, I haven't been back since I left college in 1978 so I don't know why I should be surprised. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories.

  37. Thankyou for all the wonderful pictures of a beautiful city. A few years ago we were thinking of moving there, and I think you have rekindled the desire!

  38. lovely, if anyone says lets go to Lincoln, I'll say Yes! x

  39. I have never been to UK, but it looks so amazing that I want to visit as soon as possible! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Love them!


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