Thursday, 26 February 2015

Midweek Miscellany

Hello Lovelies,
today I'm borrowing Sarah's lovely, regular post title. Do check out her beautiful Mitenska blog if you are not familiar with are in for a treat.

I'm a bit late for midweek, but here are my miscellaneous images from the past few days.

1. Saturday nights moon . I went for a little twilight stroll and all the time I was drawn to the lovely crescent shape of the new moon ( perfect for a cow to jump over)..........

2. Sunday mornings dawn.

I had another walk before the forecast rain arrived. I loved the glimpse of sheep and sunlight through the ancient hedgerow. Apparently it's several hundred years old.............

I liked the sound of my crunchy footsteps on the frozen grass..........

and pondered that maybe this is the nicest sort of walking weather.........

Chilly but bright..........

The wintry landscape looked lovely............

In a quiet sort of way..........

and it makes for great exercise as you walk quickly to keep warm. 

3. Baking
Back home the kitchen felt a little chilly so I decided to bake some buns...........

Or cupcakes if you prefer. You can see from the crinkled and stained page in my book this is a well loved recipe...........

 As Delia says, it's pretty fool proof and very easy. It's on line HERE 

I was happy in the cosy kitchen, baking and cooking our roast dinner. I loved the fresh greens radiating from the little tray of living salad leaves on my kitchen windowsill.......

they were bought cheaply from the supermarket,  such a great idea

As predicted the weather turned to rain and I was so glad to have made the effort to get outside early in the day...........

4. Reading about walking.

Last week I ordered THIS book second hand from Amazon. It said the condition was " used-good", when it arrived it was pristine....and obviously unread. It only looks a little creased now because I'm reading it...........

the seller was a Hospice charity.....Recycling, a Charity donation and a Cheap Book delivered to your great is that.

I'm only about a quarter of the way through it so far, but it's certainly  living up to the Telegraph's review on the cover........" so observant, so funny and so intensely likeable"
I'm trying to ration myself and spend some time digesting all the brilliant descriptions and comical, touching moments rather than rushing to the end.

5. And last but not least....Snowdrops.

My lovely sister in law gave me these as a thank you for driving on our trip to see wild snowdrops last week............

I love having a few of these pretty and delicate blooms by the kitchen sink, where I can easily admire them up close. They make me smile every time I walk into the room.

Happy Thursday lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely post Jacquie, I love your strolls you live in a very pretty part of the world. Like you I enjoy going out early in the morning, it sets you up for the day doesn't it. And obviously the right choice with all that rain!

  2. It still looks so cold. A tray of living salad leaves, such a wonderful idea.
    Anne xx

  3. It does look chilly with you still, but it makes for beautiful photographs. It's quite mild here at the moment, but rather wet. The book sounds like a good read, and an excellent bargain, and I love your snowdrops on the windowsill, so delicate and very pretty. Wishing you a good weekend Jacquie. CJ xx

  4. Love all the frosty landscapes! The buns look yummy btw, thanks for sharing the recipe, definitely worth trying! xx

  5. Lovely frosty morning photos, I also took myself out early on Sunday morning for a walk and was home before the murky weather set in. Your new book looks to be a good read and I am sure your cakes didn't last long if your boys are anything like mine!

  6. I agree, frosty is nice for walking, no slipping around in mud, and very beautiful too. I like the look of the book, walking tales can be full of humorous events, I will check it out. X

    1. it looks good Jacquie, I think I will order it. Have you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed? I think you would like it. x

    2. Not yet Heather....but it's on my does look good.
      Jacquie x

  7. Happy Thursday Jacquie, Love going for a walk with you in your pictures. I always have a few pretties on the kitchen windowsill. It just brightens the day.

  8. I also have Simon Armitage's book, but I quit reading it, I found it a bit boring.
    I'll try again in summer, maybe it will mean more to me, while I am spending my summer holidays in Scotland this year.

  9. Now whilst I might enjoy the odd glass of champagne every now and again (usually when I'm with a certain friend!) it's these simple things that give me most pleasure.....the countryside, a good book a little crochet, and baking......although I'm still perfecting the results so the tasting is pleasurable too! ;) xxx

  10. You certainly had the best of the day and a roast dinner and buns sounds very homely on a rainy afternoon :)

  11. I really must make time for a little reading before baby arrives. I made a resolution to read 12 books this year and so far I've read nothing. Thank you for the inspiration x x

  12. You definitely picked the best bit of the day for your walk and followed by baking and a roast dinner sounds just perfect to me

    Jackie x

  13. LOVE your interesting and colourful post,such Beautiful scenery and your photo's are A MA ZING.Love snowdrops next to poppys they are my fav flower.huggles xxx

  14. Forgot to say,I am a HUGE Delia fan,have all her books,your buns look sooooo scrummy.x

  15. Thanks for another lovely stroll Jacquie. Sharon x

  16. You did well to get up early and fit in a walk - we had a lie in and ended up going out in the rain. Your new book is on my wish list, so I'm very interested to hear that it's a good read. I am a fan of Simon Armitage's and have seen him reading on stage twice - he's a great poet, and very entertaining too. I love your snowdrops in the stripy mug - so fresh and delicate :)
    Cathy x

  17. A lovely place to walk, not like here, all concrete and roads and a bit of grass lol Beautiful pictures again too

  18. I very much enjoyed 'Walking Home' when I read it.....hmmm, not so long back. The countryside around your home looks very much like where I grew up.

  19. I've never seen snowdrops potted in a pretty mug on the windowsill before.. so pretty! Loved all your wintery shots, too. We are still having spring-like weather here in Oregon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Lovely snippets from your week. I love the stones surrounding the tiny pond. The buns/cupcakes look yummy, I baked brownies here this midweek. Of course the snowdrops are a favorite site to see. Have a great weekend! x

  21. I have started doing all in one sponge, I used to take ages to cream and add everything carefully but now I get better results doing all in one. Jo x

  22. Cold weather, cupcakes and a decent book? Heaven.

  23. Hi Jacquie I am so enjoying your winter walks....I might not comment on every one you post. but I read all of them.....impatiently awaiting the next...
    bestest daisy j xxx

  24. Hello lovely lovely your photoes from your country walk!!At home slurp cup cake...magic flowers at your window!!Have happy sunday!


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