Friday 6 February 2015

A Winter walk to the Hill

Hello Lovelies, fancy coming for a walk with me this bright sunny morning? 
It's a chilly 2 degrees Celsius outside, so grab your coat, hat, scarf and warm woolly gloves. We are off to explore the same paths I walked in Summer HERE.

You can just see the little hill  in the distance........

Let me zoom in so you can see where we are heading.........

 It's only a couple of miles.

The path is in shadow but the low winter sun streams through a gap in the hedge..........

This is the way, out of the chilly shade and across the farmers field........

Where the mud is frozen solid and the crops are covered in frost...........

 Then through the pasture at the bottom of the hill, where Willow trees grow on the banks of the brook......

ooh look, there's lots of little birds in the grass, we can take a photo and try and identify them when we get home..........

 Now we are in a wooded glade.........

here the twisted tree makes a natural bridge over the little stream........

Don't worry, we don't need to try and shimmy across that....look this is easier .........

Then we are walking down a out for the traffic..........

Look what some people have dumped in the bushes....this makes me both sad and mad........

But lets not focus on the negative.

Lets attempt to capture the  beauty hidden within the nodding snowdrops.........

And wander down a quiet lane .........

passing  a bright red post box in the old brick wall............

Oooh, a Victorian postbox, you don't see those very often............

If we look up we can see interesting chimney pots on the big house..........

an if we look down we can see delicate little Aconites  shining prettily...........

Here's the Silver Jubilee bench and the phone box library I found in July...........

Right, enough dallying, lets get marching up through the fields. We are close to the hill now.
 How lovely it is to be outdoors on such a crisp and gloriously sunny winters morning, when the sky is blue and the countryside looks so pretty.............

Oh look, horses near the stile. Lets talk to them and hope they are calm.........

Hello gorgeous, such a gentle horsey, with friendly eyes.........

Over the stile, we can walk up through the sun and frost bleached stubble field.........

Till we reach the hedge, where plump clusters of Ivy berries glow in the sunlight..........

We are as high as the hill now and I'm feeling warm after the effort of the gradient. Lets start the homeward stretch. Mind you don't slip on the frosty road........

Or fall  into the icy water under the Lichen green hedge............

Nearly back now, are you ready for a hot drink?

We are leaving behind nothing...not even a footprint in the frozen mud.......

But we can take away photographs and memories of a simple winter walk. Thank you for keeping me company.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

Oh and I nearly forgot....the little birds....they were Redwings
Jacquie x


  1. Oh how I wish I was as adventurous and intrepid as you are! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great pictures! It's a lovely area where you live. I love the box library!!!

  3. This would be my perfect winter walk! Cold crisp days with plenty of sunshine.....rolling countryside and a little bit of wildlife thrown in :)) it's very, very sad to see rubbish dumped too, makes my blood boil. Well lovely, thanks for the walk! :) xxx

  4. Lovely walk! Snowdrops already in bloom? Here they're just growing leaves - and are now under lots of snow, since it's been snowing for 2 days!
    Wish you a great weekend! xx

  5. Wonderful. All that blue sky and winter light and acres and acres of space, aah, it's made me sigh a big happy sigh. I do so love the English countryside, there's nothing finer. It does look like it was a chilly day though, much like the day we're having here today in fact. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. Lovely. I really enjoyed my virtual walk with you Jacquie, from the warmth and comfort of my home! I love the way you pick out the small details, both above and below, as you wander through the countryside. x

  7. Beautiful! Have you ever thought of writing a children's book? About all the lovely things you see and meet on your walks? Especially if you did it with your own sweet drawings :) I love going on walks with you.

  8. I enjoyed that, thank you:) The horse looks like a lovely, friendly chap. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country.

  9. Looks like Spring is slowly creeping it's way to England :) Which month do you guys usually start seeing the trees start to blossom? I had always thought your weather/season changes were more like ours (in upstate NY) but you seem to have a much milder Winter. It looks much more like the DC/Virginia climate to me :)

  10. Lovely, and probably the only hike in England I'll ever do is a virtual one. ; ) Thanks for sharing. It's cold here this morning too -10 C. I'm wrapped in a cozy blanket "visiting" with friends via the web. Have a great day! x

  11. What a beautiful walk! And snow drops! I can't wait to see mine pop up...there is hope for spring yet.

  12. Great, great pictures! Lovely walk! Kisses from Portugal

  13. I so love your walking blog pictures, it makes me feel good to see the pictures and these ones are great, love the horses, and the far reaching views, have a nice weekend!x

  14. I want to be where you are and taking those beautiful walks!! I'm so jealous. Please keep posting these walks with photos, I feel as if I'm almost there.

  15. I want to be where you are and taking those beautiful walks!! I'm so jealous. Please keep posting these walks with photos, I feel as if I'm almost there.

  16. I want to be where you are and taking those beautiful walks!! I'm so jealous. Please keep posting these walks with photos, I feel as if I'm almost there.

  17. I so enjoyed my walk with you. We don't have much country around here and what is there is privately owned and you can't walk there. So...I enjoy my country walks with you and tramp around the sidewalks where I live.

  18. hi, I like your blog, there's always something new to read every few days and the photographs are lovely.

  19. hi, I like your blog, there's always something new to read every few days and the photographs are lovely.

  20. Thank you for taking us on a winter walk. I love the little aconites and the phone box library - a brilliant concept! It's been sunny but very cold here all day. Hope the weekend's sunny too so we can go for a walk :)
    Cathy x

  21. Thanks for taking us along on your lovely walk - it's all just so, so pretty isn't it. And I love the old Victorian post box - I've never seen a VR one before.
    Happy weekend,

  22. oo I feel all refreshed now, time for a cup of tea! :)

  23. I loved our walk, what great photos and interesting sights! xxx

  24. Jacquie, I feel as though I have trekked along with you and felt the hard frozen mud under my feet. You were really lucky with the weather, even though cold, and captured so much gorgeous wintry beauty. Take care and have a lovely weekend x

  25. Another lovely walk, I love reading and viewing the photos you take of your walking adventures. Just wish I was brave enough to go off on my own and explore the countryside, sometimes it is just too hard to get my DH enthused to come out with me.

  26. You had a lovely frosty walk today I love seeing the photos of where you have been it makes me feel as if I've been walking with you ( well almost)

    Jackie x

  27. So lovely walk with you during a winter morning in the english countryside!!I love nature animals you meet and so lovely the red victorian post box!!have happy week end!!

  28. It is lovely that you find so much on your interesting walks! Great that you could identify the bird too! xx

  29. Another wonderful walk and thoroughly enjoyed joining you ☺ not the rubbish part though....see a lot of that here in Oz when we go for bush walks while away...clean up what we can ☺ I even liked seeing the ice as it is hot here so cooled me off a little lol

  30. I've been enjoying your walks so much, I made a walk post of my own in very different Western Australia.

  31. Thanks for sharing your beautiful walk xxx

  32. Just love your walks! Thanks for letting me tag along. xo

  33. I love the sense of joining you on the walk.
    Litter makes me mad too - some people!!!
    I hope you enjoyed your hot drink when you got home. I t looks very cold there. Here too; the snow's still hanging around and we had a freezing fog last night. Fingers crossed for a sunny week with plenty of walking.
    S x

  34. Oh wonderful,walk,love those horses.Beautiful countryside,hate litter bugs.Thanks for sharing.xx

  35. Beautiful pictures as always! Aren't crisp, sunny winter mornings the best? I truely adore them and wish I would go for a walk more often!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  36. Thank you for taking me on that lovely walk, so different from my suburban one this morning - and a slightly different temperatures too!


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