Saturday 27 November 2021

Keeping Cosy

Hello Lovelies,
I can't quite believe it's Saturday morning again already. The weather has really changed in the past few days and this morning I felt the need to light the fire for the first time this Autumn. We won't put up our Christmas decorations until next weekend  (would be later if it was my choice...I'm trying to hang onto autumn and I don't like to focus on Christmas until mid  December really😊) but I'm happy to have a few fairy lights up already to add to the cosy vibe.

This was the garden at about 9am. We had snow! I say had as it's already melted but wasn't it pretty! 

Ideal weather to get in the in the kitchen and do some baking again. There's currently a gingerbread cake  in the oven. I have some black treacle that needs using up so I've been on the look out for recipes that need some.

Today I decided to look in this book which mum passed on to me. I wonder if any of you remember the TV series this book was produced to accompany? It was a 70's series and I only have the vaguest of recollections.  

Any cake with plenty of ginger is ideal for cold weather I always think.

It certainly has been chillier here but Thursday brought my most favourite walking weather. 
Frost and sunshine.
 I dropped youngest off at work and headed to the start point of a walk not far from there. I parked on the roadside but was soon out in the countryside and the only person around. It was gorgeous.

A bit further along the path I noticed a group of men walking towards me. They seemed friendly enough as we crossed paths but struck me as a bit out of place. It didn't help when they stopped walking when I was still only a bit past them. I hurried on and was happy to spot a lone figure up ahead. He stood still (on his phone) until I passed him. He was at a folk in the path. Oh dear, that stuck me as odd too.

It was all innocent I'm sure, but on Thursday morning I suddenly felt really vulnerable. My imagination told me something horrible was about to happen and it didn't make for a happy walk. This track seemed to go on for a long time and I think I would have jumped in the hedgerow if a van had appeared.

I stuck to my original 4 mile route plan as I didn't know an alternative and I didn't want to double back. It's a long way when you are wondering what's around every corner and looking over your shoulder a lot.

I think the recent horribly sad cases of women loosing their lives while just being outside must be affecting me, but I don't want to live in fear. I will be avoiding this area, unless I have company, for a good while though. 

Sorry if that was a bit heavy, I just felt the need to share. I hope you don't mind. I don't want to add to anybody else's worries but I think being honest is important too. 

My cake is now out of the oven, it smells amazing.

Here is the recipe, in case you fancy making one yourselves lovelies.

As it's better after keeping for a few days I also made some simple shortbread biscuits.

HERE'S a similar recipe . I roll the dough into a sausage and cut into 5cm sections. Once they are on the baking tray I squash them with the back of a folk. It's very easy and I like the biscuit shape it creates 

I think that's a good morning's work...Lets call it that 😉, though it's really a joy to spend time baking. Especially when the temperature is 3 degrees Celsius outside and the wind is howling.

Whishing you a happy weekend lovelies, I hope life is treating you kindly and you can enjoy whatever you are doing.
Jacquie x


  1. It's lovely to see how much baking you do these days; I remember years ago (long ago!) that you said you were not much of a baker, but these days you make lots of yummy things. Everything looks delicious. I love gingerbread at this time of year, I also like to make cherry and ginger buns and with white icing on they seem quite festive.

    I used to have that book, it's a little gem but I lost it in a move. I did in fact watch and enjoy the TV show, it was on in the afternoon and I enjoyed it when off school. It was presented by an older lady with none of the gimmicks and hand waving that tv cooks employ now.Truly cosy cooking!

    I would trust your instinct on the people you meet during your walks, some might say over-reaction but I think it very important to trust yourself. It was probable they were just doing a land survey or something, but who knows. It is a great shame that they spoiled this walk for you though. I am cautious in exactly the same way. Always best to think about personal safety I think. I do hope you will continue to find relaxation and enjoyment in your walking though. I am sorry this has shaken you up, I hope you will feel settled again soon.

    I have noted how you do your shortbread biscuits, they do look nice like that. Take care and thanks for sharing all the things.

    1. Cherry and ginger buns sound amazing Sara. Mum says she met the lady who presented Farmhouse Kitchen on a course once and they got on really well. Thank you for such kind comments as always
      Jacquie x

  2. Felt for you feeling exposed on your walk - I have the same issues. Over the years I have walked rescue dogs and also a friend's dog, it is a help... but is a huge commitment... I always carry scissors in my pocket (for foliage chopping but just in cases). Hubby keeps nagging me to get a hand held alarm, I think I should - maybe you will consider. I had a nasty encounter many years ago and still don't really know how I escaped except that I am good at talking my way out of situations... hope you will still enjoy your walks.

  3. I can almost smell that gingerbread! Looks great.

    I never walk alone in places off the beaten track, always stick to the main paths. I had a couple of bad times many years ago but & not in isolated places but was lucky & escaped so it's not a new thing. A shame but just not worth the risk. I'm careful even when I'm walking my daughter's dog, well they steal the dogs now so that's something else to worry about. Take care.

  4. I love homemade baked goods.
    And I have a cake in the oven too. - clementines cake. The cookies look wonderful.
    ... not good if a woman has to be afraid outside ... It is right, go another route.
    Many greetings to you.
    Today 1st Advent. In the afternoon the first light is lit and we have visitors.
    Happy Advent to you.

  5. I know what you mean about feeling uneasy about walking alone. I nearly always walk alone, mainly on little lanes but in the good weather and daylight sometimes on public footpaths. Since it is now dark when I get home if I go for a walk it is along the busy main road. Not quite as enjoyable. I have been regularly walking this year but never yet felt vulnerable and see many ladies also walking alone or with their dogs. I agree always stick to more public area or go with someone (I drag hubby out sometimes!) but it is sad we have to feel this way.
    Sorry I went on a bit there! I love the photos and the cake looks delicious.
    Lyn xx

  6. Your baking looks lovely. So sorry to hear your walk has been spoilt, you are right though to avoid it if you feel unsafe. I walk my dogs alone a lot mainly on busy streets but part through a wood only for a short bit but I always speed up there. We shouldn't have to feel this way but there will always be good and bad people so whatever we can do to avoid potential harm I think it is best to go with caution. Take care. x

  7. I never walk on my own in an isolated spot if I can help it. Fortunately my rugby build hubby is also a keen walker so I can get my fix! Love your photos xx

  8. We have a Saturday bake up every week and I hope it is one of the things me girls look back on fondly when they are older. They are so good at baking now that I can kind of leave them to it. we love gingerbread too - mine has beer in! It gives it a really deep flavour. All looking very good from over here. Jo xx

  9. Thank you for the recipe I shall be trying it out very soon.
    So sorry that your walk made you feel so vunerable, such a horrid feeling that none of us should have and you are very brave to tell us. Hope you find some routes that you can continue to enjoy in safety x

  10. So glad your walk went ok Jacquie it can be very nerve wracking on our own
    Yum to ginger too and even though summer here now maybe I bake lol

  11. There are certain places that I choose not to walk our dog if I'm on my own. Nothing bad has happened, but I don't feel comfortable there on my own. I think it's very sad that the world has come to this point where we don't feel safe. If you don't fancy carrying an alarm, or whilst you're waiting for one to arrive, there may well be an SOS feature on your phone where you can press the on/off button a certain number of times and it will send a message to a given number. Worth investigating - although don't do what I did and set it to too low a number of presses as I was sending emergency messages several times a walk by mistake! :) xx

  12. Have You ever bake this Finnish korvapuusti. Their are very goooood!


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