Tuesday 23 November 2021

Noticing Trees

Hello Lovelies, 
yesterday morning dawned bright and chilly. As soon as I had taken youngest to work I headed out for a walk. I was so pleased there was still some frost to be seen after 9am.

I decided to leave the footpath a little to go and visit some favourite trees on the golf course as they are stunning at this time of year. 

I think I'd left it a bit late as most of the leaves have already fallen. Still, they made a stunning carpet.

And there were still a few gorgeous pink leaves catching the sunlight.

So many trees are totally bare now, but that doesn't make me sad. I love to be able to see the form of the branches and shadows they create.

Of course it's nice that some trees still have leaves, like this silver birch with wonderful golden cascades of foliage.

And the oaks are reaching their pinnacle of bronze beauty.

In my own garden our silver birch tree is glowing. This tree was here when we moved in 25 years ago, but we do prune it as our neighbour isn't keen on tall trees casting shade on her garden.

I'm more proud of the young trees I chose and planted myself. The youngest is this lovely Rowan  , chosen for it's benefits to wildlife as well as it's fab berries ( it's still too young to produce those) 

About 4 years ago I planted this Crab Apple and this is the first year it has a significant amount of fruit.
Isn't it lovely. Planting a tree is such a special thing I think

I keep looking around for a spot to add another tree but really I need to resist and give these chance to mature.

Finally, I'm happy to report this farmhouse apple and fruit cake I made at the weekend (link to recipe is in previous post) is yummy. I will certainly make this again.

Thank you apple trees!

I hope you have enjoyed what's turned out to be a tree appreciation post lovelies :0)
It's such a joy to me to notice trees in my local area as they change throughout the seasons. 
Look what I've just found! ...THIS post from almost a decade ago....I still love this tree and was pointing it out to eldest only yesterday 💚

Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful trees and wonderful late autumn colours and the frost on leaves is always so pretty! I like your Primrose plate and am glad to hear that the apple and fruit cake was delicious!

  2. Much beautiful tree appreciation here in Shropshire too. I like to see the US bloggers tree photos which are always out of this world. Nice looking cake. Jo x

  3. Lovely trees and the cake sounded delicious Jacquie


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