Sunday, 7 November 2021

Newstead in November

Hello Lovelies,
 for the first time in too long we had a trip to Newstead Abbey today. 

There's lots of different areas to explore. We started by walking through the woodland, until we came across this strange building.

It's a mock fort and you can read about it HERE

There were gorgeous views across the lake and I loved the autumn colours in the trees.

Up close there's still a lot of green in the leaves, unusual for November.

The large lake flows out over this pretty cascade.

And into a lower lake, populated by a good number of ducks and swans.

Lower still you come to the Japanese garden, this was my main reason for visiting today. I've never seen it in autumn and was hoping for good foliage colour.

Ooooh, I don't think I will be disappointed!

Oh my, this tree was out of this world!

Just look at these leaves. So stunning!

The amount of water in this garden is wonderful too. There's so many little bridges linking the paths.

Lets stand back and admire this wonderful Acer from a distance. The shape is outstanding I think.

I loved all the stepping stones too.

They gave a great view back towards the star tree.

This Japanese garden didn't have any gravel areas, but I preferred the water garden feel anyway. I loved these stone ornaments too.

A weeping cherry looking gorgeous framed another.

Beauty at every turn.

Just look at the amount of different ponds.

Truly magical in November. No mean feat.

There's so much more to Newstead Abbey, including beautiful Topiary.

But I'll stop there. The overcast weather didn't make of the best photos and the Japanese garden was truly the highlight on this occasion. I'm so glad I got to see it.

Jacquie x


  1. The acer is a stunning colour, it looks a lovely place to visit. I'm currently self isolating with Covid so I'm enjoying my trips outside through your eyes!

    1. Hope you are fully recovered very soon Linda x

  2. What a lovely day out. I especially loved all the water features and the colourful Japanese Maple. The little stone structures were nice too. The autumn colours make everything look so cheerful, despite the lack of sunshine.

  3. Fabulous to get out and about with you again. x

  4. What beautiful trees there are at Newstead and the Acer is just amazing, a real stunner.
    I will add Newstead to my places to visit as it is not too far for us to visit.
    Have a good week x

  5. Beautiful images! The autumn colours are vivid despite the cloudy weather.


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