Monday 27 December 2010

Christmas - part 2

Hello Lovelies.

Today, as promised ,I've got more pictures from Christmas day to share with you all.

Can you remember the last time we had a white Christmas ? Here in the midlands, where we generally escape the worst of the weather , it's extreamly rare.
Even as a young lass , growing up on t'Yorkshire Pennines ( close to here ) I dont remember us getting snow at Christmas. It generally started in January.

This year, though there was no snow on the actual day, the cold temps meant the fall we had earlier in the week was still looking lovely.

I really wanted to squeeze in a walk to enjoy the rare treat, so late morning I left all the toy assembly and chaos to soak it in for half an hour. Even better , I had a company.
One of my twins had asked for a camera as his main prezzie . I must admit to being very happy with this. We got him one of these and it is great. I have a touch of megapixel envy now.

So we set out and I was very happy to show him a my favourite spots , my little gap in the hedge........Where you get this stunning veiw.....

What a day to get your first camera. White glittery fields and icy blue skys ......

Further on we spotted animal tracks.....

This is the path up to the boys school, looks like Mr fox is the only visitor this week :0)

More berries.....

Here you can see our two shadows as we scan the allotments for photo opportunities...

Yes it' s great to have another keen photographer in the house.

Something else I must share today are my Santa Swap Goodies , Look what I got ...

So many lovely things , including a pincushion ,heart shaped pins, a book , hair grips and a candle.
My favourite are this gorgeous bunting and the cute buttons ......

thankyou Santa :0)

I do Love to here your comments and I've just realised this is my 100'th post !!!

Jacquie x


  1. What lovely views you have near where you live:)
    Your swap goodies look fab.
    Pleased you all had a great day.
    Enjoy the week,
    Donna x

  2. Thank You for your comment
    lovely pics
    cate x

  3. What a day for taking pictures! So exciting. And how fab to have a fellow conspirator in the family! Congrats on your hundreth post. Jacs x

  4. I love the bunting! What a lovely gift. You have pixel envy and I have bunting envy!

  5. Lovely photos and lovely goodies too!

  6. Lots of great things you've shared with us! Fabulous photos too!

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post. It's amazing how quickly that happens. I love your photos and how nice to have a little companion to enjoy your walk with at Christmas.
    I hope you are staying warm,
    Anne xx

  8. WHat a treat to have a white Christmas, how special. Well done on 100 posts!! Have fun writing the next 100!

  9. Congratulations on your 100th post. My last post was my 100th too! :O)x

  10. Hello Jacquie! Congratulations for you 100th post, which is wonderful with those lovely photos and nice presents!
    You have lovely blog and I shall be back soon!
    Thank you for your visit and sweet words!

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post! Lovely photos, glad you now have another photographer in the family! Lovely secret santa parcel too! :) x


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