Wednesday 1 December 2010

Welcome Advent

Hello Lovelies
Well , my what a beautiful start to Advent we have here . There was lots more snow last night .
The little people were hoping school would be closed today , but it was still open and we live so close that if it's open they have no excuse not to go .
Pulling each other there on a new sledge and the promise of more sledging after school eased the blow....

After I dropped them at school I headed out on foot to post Emma's prize.
The countryside was looking fabulous . Nevermind a blanket of snow , this covering looked like a thick squashy 15 tog duvet :0).........

It was pretty chilly but I just couldn't stop taking pictures ....

Everywhere I turned looked so picuresque.......

Loving the red of the postbox , so festive ......

Even the sad looking dissused phonebox looked good.....

My favourite is the Narnia like gateway .........

It really was a winter wonderland, and I wanted to make the most of it as we don't get that much snow in these parts. Once I got back , with cold hands and damp feet , I felt like Making the indoors look a bit more Adventish.

I dug out this wreath , which was my first attempt at one of these and I'm not that impressed with how it turned out.....

So I decided to try and cheer it up a bit ...looking round for ideas I spotted the lovely decorations I won in Emma's giveaway. Perfect, her cute little Santa is just the right colour :0).......

That's better. I also added some fairy lights for good measure.

Now all I needed was to put out my Advent calendar. Whilst I was waiting to post my Giveaway parcel , I spotted this gorgeous little one. The boys have the mandatory chocolate version, but this is much more me and the cute Bunny picture couldn't have been more perfect........

I love these 5 bunnys . Like our family :0)
The patchwork and stockings are adorable too. What did I get behind number one...

Err orange ! or preferably a clementine for me. Hopefully the pictures will get a bit more exciting soon :0)

At the moment I'm just defrosting after taking the boys sledging , it was Frrreeeeezing.....

I couldn't wait to get home to warm up and see what my wreath looked like in the dark.....

It was not easy to photograph , but you get the idea :0)

Hope you are getting a little time to get into the Advent spirit .
Jacquie x


  1. I'm jealous of your snow!
    Your photos are gorgeous-I love the bits of red mixed in the white landscape :)

  2. Wow what a beautiful countryside covered in snow! Lovely photos. I do love your bunny Advent calendar as well. I think your wreath look fabulous esp with all the pretty lights. Well done.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for posting the parcel, you really needn't have gone in all that snow! thank you so much.

  4. Your wreath is beautiful! It's tempting to take millions of snow photos I am having to restrain myself, I love how my (usually untidy) garden looks just as good as everyone elses under a foot of snow!
    Kandi x

  5. Crikey you've had such a lot of snow! We've hardly had any here, it is so strange to see the chaos it is causing everywhere else. Beautiful pictures - I particularly like the second one after your comment about Narnia gateways.

    Your advent calendar is so cute - and appropriate! I'm feeling particularly festive here - just posted on my blog all the Christmassy goings on! Not long now...!!

  6. Lovely photos and great post today...really enjoyed dropping by.

  7. Oh I think red on snow is just gorgeous especially when you have such perfect post and phone boxes! A couple of those shots would make ideal Christmas cards.
    Awwww Santa looks so snug in the middle of your wreath. I was thinking about him today and how I really must make another hehe!
    Totally jealous of your snow too, I live in one of the few areas hardly affected by the snow, but we definitely got the chill.

  8. I love your snow pictures. Oh that advent calendar!! My grandmother had one like that when I was very young. I remember being so excited to open a new box every day.

    She closed them back up and re-used it again the next year, because I would always forget what the pictures were from the year before.

  9. Morning Jacquie
    Thank you, thank you! I read your post about your snow fall last night. A week ago that would have been lots compared to here where the ground was lying bare but then suddenly winter climbed in through the door. Big time, if I say so. Ha ha ha.

    Anyway. Will check out that Flickr group and maybe be brave enough to add my Pretty Bird Pillow on there. Thanks for the tips. And my favorite picture in your post is by far the gate. There is something magical about that snowy gate and the road that leads toooooo... who knows? Maybe Narnia like you said. And I love the way you have put up pics in your right column for tutorials and inspiration. Looks really nice. Good job. Have a lovely snowy day.

    PS I wish I had that Bunny calendar to. Cute.

  10. Wow that is a lot of snow .I haven't been out for 4 days. I love the decoration sooo much.

  11. Your snow pictures are wonderful! And the wreath looks lovely with the lights! Stay warm xx

  12. I love the photo with the gate, and your bunny calendar is so cute!

  13. Fantastic snowy pics, I love the post box and telephone box. Red and snow... perfect for this festive season.

    Your wreath looks very pretty too x

  14. As I type there is another blizzard happening outside. Its very festive - but causing us a bit of a headache logistically. I wish I had a one horse open sleigh!! xxxx

  15. Loving that wreath! Very festive. We put our decorations up at the weekend, well, Friday. lol. Couldn't resist. The snow set the scene.

    Sal. X

  16. Hi Jacquie, I just wanted to let you know that the wreath arrived this morning. I love it, it's gorgeous! Thank you so, so much.

  17. Beautiful pictures how I miss trees!

  18. Soooo festive and gorgeous, I love all the red in the snow too, your wreath is looking just perfect xox

  19. this is such a cosy post! I love this time of year :) xxx

  20. Love the photos, the red against the snow looks great! Your wreath is so lovely too! :) x

  21. Beautiful pictures love the red phone box so English would make a great christmas card picture. I love your blog its beautiful. And all your lovely Crotchet is amazing, your use of colours adorable. Take care Dee ;-)


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