Wednesday 15 December 2010

Looking Festive

Hello lovelies,
Hope you're keeping well.Mr Lurgy is still at ours but he's not caught me ( yet)

Wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas decorations with you today . As this is the first Christmas I have been blogging I can show you our trimmings without fear of repeating myself :0)
At the weekend we put up our tree.....

As you can see it's not real , but an old faithful artificial one that we have had for about 7 years now. It's a real family tree . By that I mean there is no colour scheme, or design styling , just lots of stuff...Handmade by the boys...

Handmade by me...

And handmade by other clever crafty types and purchased over the years at the school fair..........

It's looks pretty good with it's twinkly lights , but it's not my personal favourite.

That has got to be my red and white archway.......

This is the bit I get to style and I love it ....

Crochet and felt goodness made over the last couple of years.......

Along with one or two sparkly bits ....

Yes this is my favourite festive bit of our home , it even looks great from the other side .......

And this year when you walk under it you get a waft of the boys pomander , perfect...

Hope you are feeling festive too.

Jacquie x

Felt inspration and templates in the sidebar HERE
Crochet snowflake tutorial HERE


  1. Squealing in delight at your archway Jacquie!
    Utterly gorgeous, I do love a tree filled with handmade and sentimental loveliness too!
    Thank you for your sweet comment too!
    Rachel x

  2. I love your archway, such a lovely idea and filled with such beautiful homemade, handmade loveliness. Our tree is much like yours full of things made and collected over the years, creates real meaning and mamories. Always the best way to go xox

  3. Oh no I meant memories not mamories !!!!!! oops freudian slip!

  4. Thank you so much for popping over to my little bit of Blogland and becoming a very special 50!
    Love,love your decorations
    Kindest Regards Linda

  5. I think the red and white would be my favorite too:)

  6. Oooh, yes, the archway looks fabulously festive. Love it!

  7. Your archway is so pretty and special, I am wondering how everything stays up! I tried putting some stuff around my doorway but it had to come down as the paintwork was suffering. Pomanders are the best and when they get old and shrink they are even better next year!

  8. Your decorations are stunning - love love love the red and white garland! Our tree is full of sentimental and handmade decorations - they're the best! xx

  9. It all looks so pretty! Love the garland in the archway! :) x

  10. What a beautiful archway! Red and white are my favourite colours for Christmas too. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful rag wreath tutorial. I've made one, and I'm completely besotted with it! There's a picture here:
    A very happy Christmas to you. Laura x

  11. The archway does look wonderful!

  12. Your tree is the best. We have an artificial one too because I can't bear the thought of another tree being cut down, even for Christmas. I love all those ornaments on the tree that have special meaning. Just beautiful. I love your archway too and it's lovely that you have a place where you can do your creative thing. I loved this post. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  13. love love love your archway decoration, gorgeous and so very stylish! I gave your rag wreath tutorial a go at the weekend, turned out fabulously, so thanks very much for the inspiration:) (pictures on my blog if you are interested to see the result!) Jenny xx

  14. Love your tree - mines the same (well it will be after the weekend) - nothing quite matches but every decoration is special :)

  15. Your tree and archway both look fabulous :0)
    Love those felt booties...
    We've still got to get our tree...can't wait as we're having a real one this year for the first time in about 18/19years!
    Have a great week, and I hope Mr Lurgy doesn't get you like he got me Uurgh...
    Donna x

  16. Well, I have several trees in my house, of different sizes and themes, all very different in their own ways. I wouldn't expect everybody to love them all, but each is very special to ME in one way or another, and THAT'S what counts, right?!... I think your tree is gorgeous!.. BEAUTIFUL!... I love your pine bough archway too! (And I've just GOTTA make me some of those felt scotty dogs sometime!.. SO CUTE!!) ~tina

  17. I love your archway, too. :-)

  18. Hello Jaquie,
    Your tree is beautiful and I love your handmade decorations I can feel that they are all made with so much love ...
    and your achway is lovely ;)
    Have a beautiful day!

  19. The archway looks amazing! So festive! Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas and that everyone feels better soon :)

  20. Jacquie,
    I just L.O.V.E your festive archway!! It´s fabulous! all the things in red and white! I love this colour combination!
    P.S.: Discovering your blog this year was such a good, inspirational thing! Thank you!
    Have a happy blessed Christmas! :)

  21. Ohh i love your archway and i adore those little red slippers you have made there so cute. And your crotchet decorations are darling to. Enjoy your lovely decorations. And i hope that you all feel better real soon. Dee ;-) x

  22. Everything looks so festive and pretty, beautiful decorations :) xxx

  23. HI Jacqui, your archway is gorgeous, Red & White is my favorite xx

  24. Love all your Christmas decorations. Beautiful - can't wait for our feast!

  25. LOVE all of your handmade ornaments!! Each one is so unique and beautiful!!Thanks for sharing.

  26. Drooling over your arch way! Delish. love the pomanders too. fab idea. x Jacs x

  27. I love your archway too, very pretty!
    My decs are going up thie weekend and then I must look back on last years post about them so I don't repeat myself!


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