Wednesday 22 December 2010

Robins in the snow

Hello lovelies, hope your run up to Christmas is going well.
I was wrapping till midnight last night and it's still not completely finished .
Whilst I was wrapping the snow began to fall , so festive :0)

Today I wanted to show you some other festive goodness....Robins , don't you just love this cute little bird.
This is a Christmas card made by one of my eldest.....

I was really impressed with this watercolour. ...

This morning I ventured into our snowy garden and spotted this cutie....

No he's not real, but crochet....

I made him earlier this week , love how he turned out :0)..... pattern HERE....

Right better get on with my long list of jobs.

If I don't get a minute to post again, I hope all you lovely people have a peaceful, relaxing, fun Christmas.
Remember it's just one day and if you are feeling stressed out by it all this post is a brilliant antidote :0)

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and THANKYOU for welcoming me into the lovely blog community,see you again soon.
Jacquie x


  1. The card made by your son is a Masterpiece and I love the robin.

    You are sooo's just one day!

    Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Hello Jacquie,
    I love the watercolor and the little crocheted bird....sooooooo cute :):)
    I wish a Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones:) May this season bring peace and happiness around the world...

  3. Love both the watercolour robin card and the crochet robin! Robin's have to be one of my favourite birds, always so curious! :) x

  4. your eldest has made a beautiful watercolour, what a special gift to keep for ever. Betty x

  5. The crochet robin is such a cutie and your son's card is lovely.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, I hope it's a good one.

  6. The watercolour robin is beautiful and the crochet one, very cute!!
    Happy Christmas!

  7. I love both of the robins! Have a lovely Christmas. xxx

  8. The card is fantastic! Something to treasure!

  9. That card is so cool :0) What a talented son you have!
    I've been crocheting Robins like those! Love the tail on yours though:0)
    Have a lovely Christmas Jacquie.
    Take care,
    Donna x

  10. Robins are my favourites. My mum always says that they are the best as they don't desert us here in the UK for warmer climes during the really cold weather. The watercolour robin is very artistic, I'd love that on a Christmas card and if it were mine I'd have it copied, printed and made into personal cards. Have a very Merry Christmas XxX

  11. What a wonderful card, you must be so proud.
    Have a great xmas.xx

  12. The card is beautiful, congratulations to your very talented child. I love the little crochet Robin. So very cute.
    Have a wonderful Christmas,
    Anne xx

  13. What sweet birds! Hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  14. Jacquie they are a beautiful bird and bring the colour of Christmas to our home from yours ..
    2 sleeps to go woohoo :)) Merry Christmas...

  15. Hey Jacquie there is some serious 'Robin Envy' going on here at SBL.
    Your son has done a wonderful job painting that picture, well done and that little crocheted fella well he's so cute I may just have to whip one up myself.

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  17. I'm still busy wrapping too ~ it seems like a never ending job! Love the Christmassy robins they are both fantastic. I hope that you and your family have a very Happy Christmas and that all your Christmas wishes come true :O) xx

  18. Christmas is not Christmas ifI haven't spotted a robin and your crochet one is too sweet for words, specially in the winter wonderland. I love the watercolour card too, really special when our children make such beautiful things. have a love memorable and merry Christmas xox

  19. Love the Robins!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.
    Much love x

  20. Such a cute robin! It's been wonderful reading your posts this year. Have a lovely, cold Christmas.
    Caz :)


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