Monday 13 December 2010

Homemade Presents and a Parcel

Hello lovelies, hope your week started well.

I've had an unexpected day a home due to an unwelcome visit from Mr Lurgy . Master BM was taken ill last night with a sky high temperature and a nasty cough.
This has meant me taking the day off work to nurse him better. Hate this scenario,the guilt of leaving work short handed ,but it can't be helped .

I haven't wasted my time , whilst Master BM curled up under a blanket with plenty of fluids and his favourite Disney DVD I managed to finish some more Christmas Prezzies....

There's a couple more Little Granny Bags like the one I made for myself.

A Monochrome version for the friend who commented how much she liked mine,
and one with a touch of turquoise and teal for my lovely friend at work who is always so supportive and inspired me to start running.....

Then there is a neck warmer to go in a package of goodies for a work colleague who is currently enduring treatment for breast cancer...

This yarn is so soft and warm and I think this will be ideal to wear around the house as well as outdoors . You don't notice you have got it on ( as I found out when I was searching for it then found it around my neck !) it is so comforting.
It's just chain 65 or so then U.K. treble ( U.S. Double ) in every chain, turn at the end of each row . I made mine 6 rows deep and added some scallops at each end.

My other finishes today are these great Ear warmers. Pattern here , thanks for the link Jacey :0) I love them and they were so quick and easy to do ....

Making all these things for others it's nice to know there's something handmade for me under the tree...

My secret Santa swap parcel !! It's a gorgeous little box with a beautiful handmade Lavender heart on the outside . I'm so looking forward to opening it on Christmas day :0)

Another bonus of having a day at home is having the energy and enthusiasm to let my youngest do some pretty messy but yummy baking after school....

And helping his older brother make a pomander....

Make holes in a orange with a cocktail stick and push cloves into the holes , great fun.

I haven't done one of these since I was his age and whilst it may not look the prettiest decoration, it smells ( in the style of Craig on Strictly) "Fab-U-lous Darling !"

Guess I ought to get on with writing my Christmas cards now, when is the last posting date ???!!
Have a great week
Jacquie x


  1. You have been busy! I love those little granny bags, they are so sweet:)
    I haven't made a pomander since that long ago either, but seeing yours, I might just get round to one this year :)
    Pleased I'm not the only one whose still got cards to do....maybe I'd have more time if I stopped nosing on everyones blogs.... :0)
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Take care,

  2. Hey Jacquie, love your hand-made goodies, especially your earwarmers - I just tried some yesterday, too. I found a similar pattern here:

    They are easy and look great, hey?

    I love the flowers on yours. Thanks for the link to the pattern; I will have to try those out sometime.

    Caz :)

  3. Well Iv'e managed to write my christmas cards and post them plus take a swap prezzie to the post office. No time for anything else though.

  4. You have been so very busy my dear...
    I love the headbands...I will be sure to pop over and take a look at the pattern...
    Thanks again for sharing my link...I adore your little granny bags!!!

  5. Hey Jacquie, hope Master BM is on the mend.
    You certainly put your time to good use, your crocheted pressies are lovely and will no doubt be put to good use.
    Must be tempting to take a peak at your Santa Swap parcel................
    Hope the weather is a little better this week...

  6. Your gifts look fantabulous! You've been busy! Funny on the orange...I was just looking at one on my counter the other day and thinking I should get some cloves!

  7. I love the orange , do you dust it with Orris root Powder? It makes a wonderful Pomander ball ..
    Your gifts a lovely also :))

  8. Oh yes the ear warmers ree taking the world by storm. I have even seen them in Primark.

  9. Some gorgeous makes there :) Lucky friends & family :)

    I think I might have to have a go at the orange thing - tis something I've meant to try for ages.

  10. I love your little granny bags they made me smile. Dee ;-)

  11. Lovely makes - I love them all!
    I think an unexpected day at home is a real blessing at this time of year,once you get over the guilt!

  12. They all look really lovely - I'm sure that they will be well received. xxxx

  13. Gorgeous makes.
    I forgot until seeing your's that I bought cloves to make a pomander, I must get on with it.

  14. Juat found your lovely blog and have so enjoyed my visit---Please pop over to mine I would love a visitor.
    Love Linda

  15. Well Jacqui you have absolutely made my day --- I have been stuck on 49 followers for what seems like for ever and 1 of those was me! So 2thank you" Please pop in oftenx

  16. Hello Jacqui, I love your makes. The scarf is a great idea, I'm sure your friend will love it.
    I hope that your family are better soon. We all have the lurgy too.

  17. Lovely Christmas preparations Jaqui, I'm going to have a look at the ear warmer pattern I must say it doesn't look very easy !
    Louise xx

  18. You've been so busy! I love the ear warmers, they look fantastic! I've seen something like that in the shops, so much better when it is homemade. The scarf is a lovely thoughtful gift too.

    I also love your red and white doorway on your previous post (I'm a bit behind here!) - gorgeous decorations. I remember making one of those orange/clove things when I was younger!

    Ahh I'm feeling festive!

    PS. Love the Strictly reference - Kara to win! :o)


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