Monday 3 January 2011

Christmas Un-Decorating

Hello lovelies,
Happy New Year !
Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments on my crochet flower picture... you are so kind :0)
I will post a little tutorial later this week.

Today we have taken down all our Christmas decorations and I must admit to being relieved to see the tree put away till next's a bit big and I have to rearrange the furniture to fit it in !

As it's got dark outside it's made me a little sad ,however, to be missing my fairy lights and my pretty red and white archway.

So to cheer myself up I've been playing around with my hook to add a little red and white goodness to a pot of grape hyacinths on my kitchen windowsill .......

Ahh , that's better :0)

Bulbs in pots , I think they are great. There's something about buying a pot that doesn't look ,or cost, much (These were £2 from the supermarket). The anticipation of exactly what will appear and when.I suppose it's a bit like winter gardening :0.....

Oh ,and did you notice my cute little Kokeshi doll?.....

A Christmas prezzie from my Mum. Thanks Mum ,I love it .

I don't miss the decorations as much as when I was a child , then I absolutely hated the relative bareness when it was all packed away ,but tonight I still appreciated having some pretty new things and candles to light...

The weather has turned freezing again in these parts , so I hope you are keeping warm if you are in the U.K.

Jacquie x


  1. We took our tree and decs down yesterday, it looked really bare, so we had a trip to ikea today and came back with what feels like a years worth of candles and tea lights, they are flickering away right now to replace the the twinkling tree lights, cosy once again !!!
    Happy new year! xx

  2. We took ours down last night and yes I miss them but its nice to have things back to normal again.
    Happy 2011, hope its a great year for you.
    Em xxxx

  3. Ours came down yesterday; it made me sad to do it. It's the worst day of the year :)

  4. Ours is down as well. But I kept some snowmen out because they are winter instead of just Christmas. Don't you think? ;)

  5. Ours are down as well, your flower bulbs are going to be so pretty.

  6. Ohh, I can't wait to Christmas detox my house as well. It always feels like a fresh start to tidy away Christmas, I think. I start my build up at the first of advent so Christmas has been on for quite some time in my house. This weekend it all goes. No matter what the kids say (I think...).

  7. it is so cute:)your works are wonderful:))I will be a follower of your blog up to now..I love knitting and amigurumi.please visit my blog:

  8. Hey Jacquie what a cute little pressie from your mum, so bright and cheery and your pot plant cover looks lovely, It will brighten up your window sill on dull days. Can't beat a bit of colour to cheer things up.
    Been out shopping today, guess what I spied?.........Easter eggs in Coles !!
    Was keeping an eye out for a 2nd hand picture frame as I would like to make a crochet flower pic, better try the garage sales I think......

  9. Hi Jacquie, i know just what you mean about the decorations coming down, i did mine on sunday and its the pretty lights that i miss to they cast a cozy glow over the downstairs in the evening. I love your idea for your cosy for the potted bulbs its looks smashing, and i am going to go and get some bulbs myself today and brighten up my kitchen and remind me that Spring is just round the corner ;-) Happy new year. Dee x

  10. Our decs are down too and after a little while I soon got used to the bareness.

    Need to start spring cleaning / sorting when the boys go back to school - oh joy.

    Shall be looking out for pots of bulbs to bring some brightness into the house this week.

  11. I'm taking my decorations down on Thursday, 12th Night, but have decided to keep the twinkly lights up in the kitchen as they look so pretty and I'll need some pretty to get through the slog of January and February when Spring seems so far away.
    Your crochet flower is lovely, such a perfect design!

  12. Ooo love the pot and its "clothes" What a great idea!!

  13. Love your new pot and pretty things. xx

  14. Love your pot cover :) I always cover our plant pots in crochet covers, hubby jokes saying I am covering everything in wool! :) xx

  15. I can't wait to take down our decs. Love the crocheted pot fancy. I love hyacinths - the smell...mmmmmmm.......

  16. Cute little cover, very cheery :0)
    I took the christmas tree and decs down the otherday, I miss the twinkly lights but I am very pleased to reclaim the space x

  17. Hello! That's lovely idea to decorate a pot! I love those flowers! Here in Greece and also in Finland we used to keep Christmas things till 7.1 so next weekend I shall redecorate...
    Wishes Teje

  18. I love the grape hyacynth, they look so great especially with the beautiful pot cosy! I was so glad to take down my deccies too - I find it really theraputic as it gives my cleaning instincts a good kick! Tidy, tidy!!! Love Annie xx

  19. I took oursdown on Sunday - quite glad to see the back of them. It is slightly ridiculous to have a tree in the house when you think about it!

  20. We still haven't taken our down yet. I like to get it done when the children go back to school, 'cos then I don't get the pleading to just leave this up...LOL
    Love your little pot cosy. I've been making this and jars myself for the summer fairs ...if I ever get to one :0)
    Have a great New Year Jacquie .

  21. I leave mine up until 6th January.
    I love your Kokeshi doll.

  22. I love those bulbs in bowls or pots, I think I need to get one for myself to cheer the place up.

  23. Hello! Thanks for your comment over at mine. I've only just got round to catching up on all your lovely posts - looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. We've just packed away all our decorations here - it looks so bare without my crochet star garland, so I know how you must be missing your red and white arch. That plant pot jacket is a triumph though! So lovely - I spotted another one I liked in your floral post, I might have a go!

    As for your crochet picture, I L O V E it! and the tutorial you've posted is so clear - it must have taken you forever to post with all the steps and pictures.

    Anyway, looking forward to all your posts in the year ahead - I hope 2011 has got off to a fine start!

    Jones x


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