Wednesday 26 January 2011

January Nature Review

Hello Lovelies , hope you are well.

Unfortunately there has been some unwellness affecting us this week . My Mum has been in hospital,rather poorly and ,though things seem to be improving, it's always a worrying time.

So to take my mind off these things I've been baking ,and walking and now I'm talking to you lovely lot :0)

After my first Nature post , inspired by this lovely book.....

I've been paying more attention to the Countryside around these parts .I'm trying hard to find the beauty in drab old January and I'm pleased to say it seems to be working.

Back in the middle of the month, the 14th , I ventured to the other end of my village . The Sun was fairly watery but the long  shadows and misty distance were pretty nonetheless......

Can you see the ridges in the field ,in the foreground of this picture? ( you can click to enlarge).......

They are also in this field ........

 I'm pretty sure this is a legacy of Medieval farming, were the land around a village was "common land" and everybody could work a strip. Quite amazing to think that all these hundreds of years later these ridges are still apparent.

A couple of days later (the 16th) we had a frost . As soon as I dropped the boys off at school I headed out with my camera.
Up the road a little ,to my new favourite off road spot.......

I never really see anybody else here , which is great for playing about taking pictures without feeling daft. So over the style ( green with moss and icy with frost) I went.....

to be greeted with .....

WOW , It was even more beautiful in real life .......

What a magical , mystical morning . It was all gone within 30 minutes and I'm so glad I didn't miss it .
Close too , the frost on the Brambles and the moss was quite lovely....

All the while I was walking I could here a loud birdsong. I'm afraid I'm pretty rubbish at recognising birds from their lovely singing , but I want to try and get a little better at this, so I recorded the song using the video setting on my camera the used this site to identify the bird as Coal Tit .
Here's Edith's picture of this bird and its cousins ( painted in 1906)....

I think it's so comforting to realise that at least some of today's nature is pretty similar to Edith's time .

Today, despite it being rather dull and drizzly I headed back to this footpath .
Mr Coal Tit wasn't singing but the horses were friendly , hello guys, sorry I don't have a carrot !...

Looking down I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of green.....

I know these are weeds , but it was still great to see the signs of new growth, and one mans' weed is another mans' flower, don't you agree ?

Speaking of flowers , I spotted I my first Snowdrop on the way home....

Sorry for the rubbish picture but I had to include it .Snowdrops, Ahhh I really adore them. Another thing that made me smile was noticing the buds on the trees and hedges, this one even had the beginning of leaves emerging , yippee :0).......

I am enjoying finding natures beauty in winter,it can be truly stunning, but I'm still really looking forward to the spring :0)
Jacquie x
P.s. Mum's just phoned to say she can come home  :0)


  1. Thank you for that little jaunt outside. I am trying really hard to enjoy what Winter has to offer. Spring is a while off yet and I'm determined not to get down in the dumps.
    Jo x

  2. Lovely photos, glad Mums on the mend.

  3. Jacquie ~ What a great walk, lots of lovely interesting things to see when there's time to look. I'm sorry to hear that your Mum has been unwell ~ I hope that she feels better soon :O) xx

  4. Lovely pics Jacquie ~ the morning mist is very pretty. Sorry to hear that your mum has been poorly ~ sending you good wishes and positive vibes xx

  5. This is a wonderful blog post! I loved your pictures and felt like I was walking with you.

  6. Hi Jacquie, really pleased your mum is better and ready to come home. I love all your pictures, amazing how nature can restore what life stripsaway from us. Thanks for sharing xox

  7. Great photos = so nice to get out and about. Wishing your mum a very speedy recovery! xxx

  8. Hope your mum is feeling better - thanks for sharing your walk - it was lovely. Good idea about recording bird song - when I went on a walk alone the other day I heard lots of birds but couldn't recognise them - my K would have done he is a bit of a bird man. Next time I will record.

  9. Thanks for the tour. I love your pictures, and am intrigued by the "ridges" in your fields from the Medieval times. Are they made of piled stones? We have stone fences all over the U.S. It was a way of fencing and disposing of the rocks for free... well, alot of work, but no cash out of pocket. I used to live in a house built of rocks from a rock fence that my Mom and Dad built when I was 7. Rocks have been very interesting to me since. (I've got them all around my house for decoration. Rock Hounds!)

  10. Great pictures. hope your Mum is better soon.

  11. Hey Jacquie, what a wonderful little adventure you went on. Beautiful photos particularly the ones you took after climbing the stile.
    I love birdsong too, it's one of the things I was aware of when i visited the UK in the Spring of 2007, there seemed to be birdsong all day long. It was just lovely.
    At the moment I can hear cockatoos hooning around the sky and screeching at the top of their lungs...

    I have found that there is beauty in every season, but sometimes we just have to look a little bit harder.

    So glad your mum is well enough to leave hospital.

    Next time you go for a walk, don't forget to pop a carrot in your pocket, you never know who you might meet.

    Claire :)

  12. Gorgeous photos Jacquie, thank you for sharing. Those horses are beautiful.
    I'm glad to hear you Mum is getting better.
    Anne xx

  13. I love your photos especially the misty, frosty ones.
    Hooray for the snowdrops, always a welcome sight. Our's are never out until well into February.

    I hope your Mum makes a speedy recovery.

  14. I really enjoyed the little tour. I was transformed into the countryside. Hoping you can find some relief in your worry for your Mum somehow. Let's hope for good news soon.

  15. Hello Jacquie! I'm reliefed your mom is well and coming home!
    You gave us today so wonderful walk around your beautiful countryside! Thank you, I enjoyed every moment! I love the green colour of the moss, the grey of fog, the blue of winter shadow, adorable horses - and your unique book!
    xxx Teje

  16. So sorry to hear your mum has been poorly, Jacquie, but glad she is able to come home, and hope she will be feeling much better soon.

    I enjoyed your walk in the countryside - you are lucky to have it all on your doorstep! If you are interested in getting better at identifying birdsong, the National Trust have got a little guide on their website at the moment

    PS I love snowdrops too :o)

  17. Such Breathtaking photos....thank you so much for sharing them :)

    Hope your mum is soon much better :)

  18. Great piccies, and thankyou for the kind words regarding my jars and bottles, i shall hopefully have some knitted ones soon. Pixie :)


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