Friday 7 January 2011

New Crochet Books

Hello Lovelies , It's properly dark , cold and grey here today.

Luckily I have a few pictures taken earlier this week I can share with you.
As you know I love the Internet for crochet inspiration and free patterns. Crochet pattern Central is a great resource , Ravelry is amazing .Not to mention all the lovely blogs I'm addicted to :0)
Why would I need to buy a book to get crochet inspiration and projects ?

Welllll....I know I don't need them but there is something about a book that is so satisfying . So ,despite having a few titles already, I ordered a couple more last week. A little post Christmas treat to myself.

After seeing Beyond the Square by Edie Eckman featured on several blogs I got the wanties...And you know how it is with online shopping, they always tempt you with those " you might also like" pictures.
As they only cost just over a tenner for both , with free postage , I didn't feel too naughty. Soooo, I ended up ordering these lovelies..........

First Beyond the square....I love the fact that it's hard backed and ring bound, so practical...

There are some great motifs in here all grouped into different shapes. Love this square......

And these more unusual shapes...

The second book I got , Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson is a paperback ,but gosh I love this book .Can't wait to give these gorgeous flowers a try........

Not sure what I will use them for just yet, but I'm sure inspiration will come....

There are so many stunning ,life like flowers as well as more abstract ones. And an added bonus , foliage patterns too........

Ooooh , think I will go and get my hook , and see what I can make before 3.30pm when the boys come home . It's great weather to cosy up in a comfy chair with a good book :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Hello Jacquie,
    Gorgeous books, especially the first one!I made some of Lucy's Teeny Tiny Flowers today, I'm so pleased I managed to folow the tutorial!
    Have a lovely weekend and happy time with your hook!
    Rachel x

  2. Both of those books are on my Amazon wishlist too, Jacquie. Are you on Ravelry, I'mm laalaa there too, come and say hi! Lynda xx

  3. Wow what a beautifull books.. Love the flowers in them!! Great gift for yourself!!

  4. Hello Jacquie! Internet is full of lovely things, but the book is always's so nice to keep it and have open on the table next to you when crocheting all those amazing flowers and leaves! Enjoy, I wish could join you! Show us quickly what you make...
    xxx Teje

  5. Ive wondered about the first one, it looks great. I have the second, its nice to just look at.

  6. I'm on Ravelry too and really love your new books. I look forward to seeing all the lovely things you make from show and tell please.
    A x

  7. Ohh beautiful books! The first one is on my amazon wishlist :-) and since it was my birthday yesterday I think I could treat myself to it... :-)

  8. What amazing patterns, the flowers and greenery are gorgeous - never seen anything like that before!

  9. Hello Jacquie, there is nothing like a book. I am a book addict, they are my best friends, all on the shelves , both fiction and non-fiction, they all make me happy ;0) I love crochet and knitting books too and think you have spread the "wanties" my way too with these 2 lovelies xox Enjoy!

  10. Oh the versatility of the crochet hook how inspiring.

    Jo x

  11. Oooooh, thanks for sharing! I may have to add these directly to my wish list. I can think of about ten things right off the bat that could use the addition of a smattering of those pansies!!

  12. Speaking of free patterns, I thought I would share a site that has lots of them and instructional stuff too! I find plenty of winter-time filling activities and projects on those pages! Oh, and thank you for more books on my Amazon wish list,lol, my family always knows where to get my gifts!

  13. Thanks for showing what is in the books. I have the first one but I think I need to get Crochet Bouquet!! NEED! xx

  14. Hello there, love the books. I'm really liking the square motif, I might have to get that book.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  15. What gorgeous books - both heading for my wishlist too!

  16. Oh I want these now too! I am the same even though ther resources are out there, I always prefer to have the book to refer to, books never crash and lose all your tags and websites :)
    That seems a brill price for those two, I love the fact that it is ringbound too so you can have it open on your lap, brill!
    Kandi x

  17. Wow those flowers are amazing the daffodil and poppy are stunning. I think the want bug is coming my way now ;-)) I will take note of these books and no theres nothing like sitting down and flicking through for inspiration. Enjoy them Dee ;-))

  18. ooooooooooooo lovely, I'm v temoted by the Edie Eckman one, esp as I've also had my beady hooky eye on her border/edge one

    this one also on my wish list....

    hmmm can feel a new year splurge coming on....

  19. Those books look lovely. I might ask for those for my birthday or even Mothers day x

  20. Hey Jacquie, fab books, guess who's got the 'wanties' now?
    Love the flowers, but the foliage now that is different never seen that before.
    I can imagine you were itching to get hooking. Can't wait to see your 'makes'.
    A little bouquet of Pansies perhaps or a bunch of Springtime Daffodils.
    Dilemma is where do you start?

  21. I have these books and was browsing through them tonight funnily enough, but I do love the crochet compendium I think you would love it too if it isn't already on your shelf x

  22. I love my Beyond the square book that I recieved for xmas, so many ideas whizzing round my head, there's nothing nicer than a cup of coffee and sitting down to look at a new book....heaven. xx

  23. Those books look lovely! I'm not sure that my crochet skills are quite good enough yet.
    Jille x

  24. Those flowers are fantastic, so life like. Who'd have thought to could do that in crochet?

  25. Oh what wonderful books, so inspirational. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make from them.
    Anne xx

  26. I love buying books too. Reading a computer (or a printout) just doesn't match the feeling of crafting from a book. Thanks for sharing :) Ames

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  28. What lovely books, you have tempted me to buy more crochet books now, lol :) xx

  29. oooh now I have the wanties too!! Hope the afternoon hooky has gone well - look forward to seeing some pictures of the results!

  30. I have both of these books and they're both great.
    Theres nothing more inspiring is there than sitting down with a lovely new book full of gorgeous coloured pictures and looking at all the amazing crochet.
    Em xxxx


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