Sunday 16 January 2011

Latest Crochet Cushion

Hello Lovelies , thank you all so much for the kind and interesting comments you made on my last "nature" post. I'm glad to see there are other fans of these lovely books reading this blog :0)
Today it's back to a little crochet...the ta-dah post for those squares I showed you a little of last week.

So here we go ...

Ta- dah !.....

What do you think ?  I'm rather chuffed with this little project , the colours were so uplifting and fun to work on a miserable grey week............

It's made by making four squares , which I sewed together..

Then I added enough rows to fit my cushion...simples :0)

It's one of my "cheat" cushions .....just a front square attached to a ready made cushion . The green edging is part of the original cushion .

and here's the back......

Have you noticed it's made from a different stitch to a standard granny cluster? I got the idea from here.
I've just studied Sarah's image and done something similar...not sure what Sarah calls it ...I've gone with granny spike.

It's really easy to do and if you can do a granny cluster, you know, three U.S. double crochet ( U.K.trebles) you can do this :0)

I'm a little short on time tonight so I will do a tutorial, for those who would like one, next time .

I'm liking the slightly different  effect of this stitch and it's very practical for a cushion cover as it makes a less holey finish which hides the pad ( or in my case ,green cushion !) well.
Here it is with all it's co-ordinating friends, looking sweet on my sofa ....

Crochet cushions to love them :0)

Have a great week Lovelies .
Jacquie x


  1. They look awesome... I'm jealous, all I have on my couch are the daggy fabric cushions that came with it! (in a nasty shade of beige!!!)

  2. Oh dear, I'm drooling again. Over all those lovely cushions on your sofa (not literally, of course). You're right, brighly coloured crocheted cushions are so uplifting.

  3. Lovely cushion and that last photo is especially beautiful! Clever you! xxxx

  4. How very beautiful and so uplifting with all those spring like colours. It looks right at home on your sofa with the rest of your collection. I think the granny spike is a perfectly fitting name and I might just have to add this to my "to do" list which is getting longer and longer and almost becoming a "wish list" !!! xxxxx P

  5. So bright, colorful and cheerful! The collection of cushions on your sofa with the bright colors in the print on your wall make such an inviting place to sit!!

  6. I love this cushion, just looking at it makes me happy.

  7. Hey Jacquie, a fab cushion and what a great idea sewing it to a ready made cover.
    Gorgeous little stash of lovelies on your couch.
    Have purchased some more wool - yes more wool. It was half price. it was my duty..........
    I hope to start my first cushion soon and particularly love the cushion second from the right.
    Thanks for popping over for a visit, you always brighten my day.

    Claire :)

  8. Hi Jacquie, these are truely lovely, you are so good at crochet! I love the colour combinations they are really cheery. Sarah x

  9. Definitely an eye catcher. It ties in quite nicely with your other masterpieces!

  10. Lovely cushions. Beautiful.


    -Samya :-)

  11. More pointy that stitch. very neat! Me like it!111 O41oops8=== Charlie the cat just left a comment to. I think he likes it aswell. ................... (Charlie again!)Ciao!

    PS Thanks for your thoughts today on surgery. I am sure it will go well. Always a bit nervous though.)7777777777 Charlie too obviously!

  12. Love it and the sofa grouping too..always love a group of crochet cheery
    Hugs x

  13. It is beautiful Jacquie! I should really try this new spike granny square ... Lovely! Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  14. well done you its beautiful and bright and cheerful, i love that hexagon cushion to. what a great collection, did you make them all? Enjoy your week, Dee x

  15. Ooooh lovely!
    Just what a girl needs to brighten these dark wintery days....
    Karen x x x

  16. Lovely as usual. great colour combination just cheers me up on a grey January day. Would love to have tutorial on granny spike please luv Jan

  17. Wow they look really gorgeous. The colours are very summery. xxxx

  18. Your sofa looks such a happy place to be Jacquie!
    Especially on a wet grey morning like today!
    The new cushion is fabulous, love the colourway and the spikey granny stitch!
    Rachel x

  19. Your cushions look wonderful Jacquie - so bright and cheery - just the thing for a wet and miserable Monday morning like today! x

  20. Gorgeous, colourful post...just what I needed to brighten up this downpouringly grotty morning!

    Vanessa xxxx

  21. Great cushion! Such a lovely burst of colour.

  22. Those cushions are GORGEOUS!!!I love the colors too!! Very Cath Kidston-ish if there were such a word lol.

  23. Oh that has cheered me up no end, the colours are wonderful! well done!

    Julia x x x

  24. I LOVE the granny spike! I think I could work it out, but your tutorial would be great to see, also. :-)

  25. They look so pretty against the white of the throw! Gorgeous xx

  26. I love your bunnies! (I'm new to your blog and love it!) Oh, and your pillow covers are great. And how brave you are to have a white sofa!!!

  27. Jacquie, it's gorgeous. So spooky that you've attached it to a ready made cushion though. I've just completed my first crocheted cushion front and, not being the world's best/patient hand sewer, had been toying with the idea of doing just that. If you've done it, that means it's okay!! Yippee!


  28. Wunderschön!
    Ich arbeite auch eine Granny-Decke!;O)
    LG, aus Deutschland, *Manja*

  29. It looks like the Larksfoot pattern. Very nice colours.

  30. Oooo I love it! Love the cheat method of attaching to a ready made cushion would never of thought of that :0) x

  31. Please drop by my blog to pick up an award!

  32. your crochet look beautiful. made in a style I have'nt seen before. trying to sort it out from your pictures ;)

  33. The cushions look lovely, I have just taken up my crochet hook again, so maybe I will turn it into a lovely cushion like yours instead of being too adventurous!

  34. Hello! Oooh it's beautiful and with all the bright colours it's warming me! Even we had sunny day, now my hands are freezing. You know - I love mostly that photo where your unfinished piece is over the dark table with the 'lime' yarn and the flowers - what an amazing decoration!
    All the cushions are so sweet together on the sofa and their are perfect with that beautiful painting!
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  35. That cusion is fab! and I LOVE the stitch you have used - I have been wondering about the holey nature of a granny square on a cushion for a while now (perhaps I need to get out more?!) - if you have time for a tutorial or some tips that would be wonderful!

  36. Hola!!
    Es precioso me encantan los cojines.Un abrazo

  37. I love these! Thank you for sharing. As soon as I finish my current project, I will start working on a cushion.

  38. Just gorgeous. Can you share as to how you attached it to ready made cushion?

  39. te voy a copiar esos cojines, me gusta el punto que tiene!


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