Saturday 29 January 2011

Vintage Crochet Blanket

Hello Lovelies,

I'm so excited today as I'm finally getting round to showing you something I've been meaning to blog about for a few weeks now.
Some of you will remember my post about my Nannas' knitted blanket .

Repairing this blanket prompted Mum and myself to remember other blankets we had at home when I was a little girl.
My absolute favourite was a crochet granny square blanket. I really thought it was long since lost as Mum has moved a couple of times since then, so imagine my delight when she showed up at my house with the very blanket . ...............

It was even more gorgeous than I remembered it .........

This blanket was made in the 1950's, as a lap blanket, for my paternal grandfather who was wheelchair bound due the arthritis.
It was made by a neighbour of my grandparents and my Mum and Dad inherited it when they passed away.

I'm totally blown away by the gorgeous colours in the the bright ,random squares, there are 180 and no two are the same.....

The lovely plum coloured border this talented lady used  really makes the colours stand out........

I love ,love love it.....

The really unique thing about this blanket... the thing that is hard to appreciate by looking at photos... is the scale. Here is a 4 round granny square made in double knitting yarn using a 4.5mm hook next to the tiny squares of this blanket.....

The whole blanket is only 33 inches long .....

and 26 inches wide .

The yarn and the hook must have been so will have taken so many ,many hours to complete. But here it is ,over 50 years later still looking fabulous. It was well used by my grandfather and also used in my pushchair , according to my Mum.
Here it is with my circle give you an idea of scale...........

There is only a small amount of damage and the colours are still bright , in a vintage sort of way, after all these years......

So this, my lovelies, is what has inspired my next big blanket project or BBP. I'm making small 4 round granny squares ( not as small as the original ones !) and planning to edge them in plum ( when I can find the perfect colour ).

This is going to be a slow project , probably taking most of this year. I love having a big project on the go and always feel a little lost when I come to the end of one .I also love making lots of smaller projects when the fancy takes me . So don't expect a ta-dah any time soon.

I'm sure there will be quite a few progress reports though :0)
I'm up to 40 squares so far. Sewing in the ends as I go . Making sure I do a good job with this as I would like to think it might even last a long as the fabulous blanket that inspired it :0)
Here are a few of my squares ......

Still a loooong way to go , but that's just fine with me .

Thank you all so much for your well wishes regarding my Mums recent illness, I'm so glad to be able to tell you she is MUCH better :0)

Have a great weekend .
Jacquie x


  1. Glad your Mum`s on the mend.

    I have a cone of plum/wine coloured wool that my Mum gave me but which I know I'll never get around to using (it reminds me too much of my old school uniform!). I could send it to you if you like. I think it's only 4-ply because it's obviously for machine knitting but you could easily double up. Let me know.

  2. .....sorry, forgot to say what a work of art that little vintage blanket is....i'm sure the lady who made it would be so chuffed that you're showing it off 50 years later (don't think my efforts would stay the course!).

  3. Wow! What an incredible thing to have in your is gorgeous! Not only is it a thing of beauty in itself, it also has a long history and carries lots of memories of your family. Is it now yours?

  4. I absolutely love the colours in the blanket, muted but still with brightness and so dainty. Quite magical.
    Jo x

  5. O Wow i had goose bumbs reading your post what a lovely memory blanket because to me thats what it is, A piece of art and history to. Its stunning and the memories it gave back to you and your mum ;-)) So glad to hear she is better. Enjoy making yours. Dee x

  6. What a beautiful blanket you've inherited. The thing about making granny squares is that you can make one when you've got a spare 10 minutes or so. Before you know it, you have a lovely little pile just like you've made for your new blanket.
    Happy hooking,
    Anne xx

  7. The vintage blanket is beautiful, I love the plum color that pulls it all together. Looking forward to watching your progress as you work on yours. It's sure to be stunning!

  8. How lucky to have such a beautiful blanket in your family, looking forward to seeing the progression of yours through out the year.
    Have a great weekend. xx

  9. I love your vintage blanket and the fact that it was something that you used as a child. It will be fun to see the modern version next to the vintage one some time in the future. Rachael Xx

  10. I think your blanket is very special both in looks and to have lasted this long.

  11. Sorry your Mom has been poorly- Glad she is doing better.
    I love the way crafters inpsire years and years later.
    Your squares look gorgeous.

  12. What a fabulous blanket, so vibrant and such tiny squares, a real work of art, thank you so much for sharing :)

  13. It's amazing, I kept scrolling up and down, can't get over how small they are! I'm currently making granny squares too, my plan is a blanket but it will probaly turn into cushions.
    Kandi x

  14. Amazing....after 50 years it still looks so lovely and fresh. That must of taken an absolute age to make up with such fine yarn. Have a good weekend x

  15. Your blanket is really really gorgeous and the one you're making will be even more I am sure :)
    Glad that your mum is feeling better!
    Have a wonderful we,

  16. Very very interesting granny square blanket. And how small those squares actually are. Must have been crocheted on a 2,5 mm hook or something. Teeny tiny! Love your new project. Looks just like mine with the only difference that I am not joining in one solid color. It is going to take time. I join my squares together as I go, weaving in ends at work... Maybe you and I will be doing Ta dah's and VOILA's simultaniously later this year, cause it is for sure going to take some time... Enjoy the ride and please share the eye candy as you go every now and then. Irresisteble.

  17. what a gorgeous blanket! good luck with yours :)

  18. Golly what a wonderful piece of work! I agree with you the colours are just perfect.
    Have a nice weekend,
    Love Suex

  19. It's beautiful Jacquie! Wouldn't it be lovely to think that our own blankets could give so much joy in another 50 years time! I'm looking forward to seeing your TaDaa! (eventually!) I'm so sorry, I didn't know your Mum was poorly...don't know how that passed me by, but I'm glad to hear that she's on the mend. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  20. What a truly beautiful blanket :) xxxx

  21. Hello Jacquie! That is a real treasure blanket! It's so wonderful to find that kind of old unique things! It's beautiful with the vintage colours! Have a lovely weekend! Teje

  22. Wow, i thought it was so much larger! My great grandmother made a divine granny square afghan...
    I think they are my favorite, but I don't have the patience for all the weaving and sewing.

  23. What a true treasure this is. To think a neighbor made it for your grandfather. What a lovely gift indeed! The colors are so gorgeous! And each square color different -- truly amazing. Certainly took a lot of thought and effort, as you are about to find out. :) Enjoy the process. Best wishes, Tammy

  24. This is amazing. When I saw the first picture I really thought it would be much larger than it actually is. Incredible!! Sometimes people ask me why I take the trouble of making something by myself, which is pretty time consuming, and not buy it in a store (often much cheaper too). When reading a story like this, how long a blanket can give pleasure to people, giving or bringing back memories, it is obvious why anybody should do so.
    Thank you for this fabulous story.

  25. Sorry your mum hasn't been feeling great, but glad she's on the mend now! The blanket looks amazing, I thought it was huge in the first pic, until you gave us the dimensions. Such great handiwork! :) x

  26. Oh my what a family treasure and a half, really stunning ad so special as it's been used and passed down generations. I think it's a marvelous idea to have a big project on the go and dip in and out while you do smaller quicker makes. Thank you so much for sharng your plum goodness blankie, just beautiful xox

  27. Amazing and such beautiful memories. Hope your mum gets better soon.

    I am very happy to give you the stylish blogger award! Come and pick it from my blog!

    Carina x

  28. That blanket is amazing, isnt it wonderful how these things can last?
    The size difference of the squares has just made me say 'WOW' out loud and then have to justify my exclamation to DH, cant wait to see how your blanket comes on over the year, I have plans in my head for big blankets for my girls new beds, kinda similar to yours, enjoy your project

  29. Goodness me that is amazing! I couldn't believe the size of it when you compared it. Amazing. Yours is going to look awesome too. x

  30. I love that blanket! We used to have one similar at home, I used to wrap up in it when I was poorly. I'd love to be able to make one of my own, you're very clever :) x

  31. D'you know, looking at that blanket, I thought it must be HUGE when I first saw it!
    How lucky for your Mum to still have it :0)
    I'm so glad you put a 'modern' four round granny next to that one so we could compare :0)
    Is that scalloping along the edges Jaquie? It's a bit hard to see in the photo.
    I love it though, and think you're very lucky :0)
    Funnily enough, i've just started ANOTHER granny blanket, so I'll probably finish when you do. I like having a big project on the go too :0)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    I hope your Mum stays on the mend :) xx

  32. Jacquie, that blanket is A M A Z I N G! So gorgeous! I too thought that it must be a massive blanket, I can't believe the sqaures are so tiny, it really is incredible. I hope that some of my crochet is still going strong in 50 years!

    Actually I bought some 'vintage' colour wool today (claret/plum, dusty pink, cream) for my new project - I'm attempting a granny stripe, just been looking at yours! So, I'm sure you'll be able to find the colour you are after for your big project (in case you're interested, mine is 'claret' Life DK by stylecraft - mmm!).

    So pleased your mum is on the mend

  33. Thanks so much for showing us your incredible blanket and sharing the family story that goes with it. The size of the squares is inspiring to me!

  34. WOW! That is so awesome that the blanket has been in the family all these years. What a beautiful story. It's a very beautiful blanket.

  35. So cool! What a special moment :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  36. I love the beautiful granny square blanket - such a lovely family heirloom. I wonder what weight yarn to use to make such small squares?

    Would you mind sharing what yarn and hook you are using for your new version?


  37. Amazing to find this and to think it has lasted this long. What a wonderful feeling. I think your idea is right about working at a big project. It will certainly be a true labor of love.

  38. Hey Jacquie, what a beautiful blanket, it's visually stunning .

    If your grandparents neighbour was still alive, I can imagine they would blush with a mixture of embarrassment and pride knowing how much we are all in awe of their wonderful blanket.

    I wonder if the blankets we are crocheting today will still be around in years to come and will our family appreciate the time and effort that has gone into them.

    I certainly hope so........

    Can't wait to see your finished BBP, but I imagine that it might be a way off yet.
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  39. Oh my goodness, the blanket is so beautiful! You are so lucky to have it after all this time. Such an heirloom. I just got my tape measure out to see how big it was and those grannies must be so small and delicate! Wow.

  40. What a fabulous blanket, I initially thought it looked huge so it was interesting to see the scale against one of your own granny squares.

  41. very nice blog!!
    I love it!!
    from Chile

  42. Lovely, lovely blanket! My nan gave me a load of vintage yarn a couple of years ago and most of it is 4 ply - wonder if 4 ply was the standard yarn in those days - that would explain why all those lovely squares are smaller? I've used some of the yarn my nan gave me and it really is fine stuff - I've had to use a 2mm or 2mm hook at the most!

  43. HI Jacquie - just one last check to see if you'd like your vintage seedlabels - you were one of my giveaeway winners. Perhaps my comments have gone astray. Anyway, pop me an email if you's like me to send them on to you x

  44. I *love* this blanket, Jacquie. It's just so happy-making! So glad your mom found it and gave it to you. What a treat!

    Thanks also for visiting me and for your kind comments. That was a treat for me! :)

    Have a lovely rest-of-week~
    Shani xxx

  45. Hi Jacquie, this is a really gorgeous post and blanket indeed! Wow, those colours... still so bright after all those years! Lovely, I can sure understand your happiness.
    And your own project will turn out great as well, for sure!
    Have a great day,
    love Maaike

  46. Gosh - shows how well beautifully crafted crochet can last and it doesn't look it's age! I hadn't realised how delicate it was until you did the granny square comparison. Beautiful

  47. What a stunning blanket; it's truly lovely. I've been making my blanket for months now, and it's kind of nice how enjoyable having a slow-burning project can be.

    You're very fortunate to have such a meaningful, tangible piece of your family history with you; thank you for sharing it with us.

  48. It's so lovely -- and the scale!!! Extraordinary!

  49. I love this. Very beautiful!

  50. Just spotted this - it is gorgeous x how are you progressing with your blanket inspired by the vintage one?

  51. Hi Jacquie! Thank you for your lovely comment and it was delightful to read about your own blanket! It is beautiful and what painstaking work must've gone into it. No wonder you love it so much!!!x


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