Friday 11 February 2011

Crochet Happies :0)

Hello lovelies,
Thank you all for your great comments on my last post. It was lovely to get such friendly , chatty feedback .
Today the sun was shining again and I couldn't resist spending a little time photographing my growing pile of granny square goodness, especially as my Irises were looking stunning too...............

 Flowers and colourful crochet there anything better to take pictures of ( except of course your children when they are little , mine are not so little and not always keen to have their photo taken these days,even though they are still cute to me :0) )......

I'm loving these little squares very much . The yarn is mostly Cygnet , which I get at a ( bet you can guess!).......... local charity shop .It's double knitting weight according to the label but it's finer than most of the other brands I use , which makes it ideal for this project. ....

It's acrylic again. One day I will get to try some luxury wool yarn , but not this year. The colours of this yarn are lovely and it is soft with a nice sheen. so I'm happy to use it ..........

My slow blanket project is proving to be just that , I think I've only made 3 of these this week as I've been playing about with other ideas .......including another jar jacket...... but that's just how I like it :0)
Have a great weekend .
Jacquie x


  1. Gorgeous grannies Jacquie and lovely colours too. A happy weekend to you.
    Anne xx

  2. They are just lovely!i have alway's wanted to do this!!have just found your blog,so i am going to have a good look thru,i would love to make a Granny rug,xx

  3. Lovely jar jacket Jacquie, ooh, say that 3 times fast......................
    Beautiful irises, I have them growing in the 'wild wood' of Silver Birches. I forget they are there, so they are always a nice surprise. Very happy in their environment.

    The pile of grannies, is growing too, looking good.

    Blue skies, clouds and sunshine here today, a real mixed bag.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  4. Grannies are probably one of the most delightful things to look at...I love looking at your photos of them :)

  5. Your grannies are just lovely...great pics too:)
    I love the colors and the texture...
    Have a great we!
    P.S: Your new header is gorgeous ;)

  6. So very jealous of your grannies, they are looking wonderful! I think I need to make it a late new years resolution to try (again) to learn to crochet! Not sure where I would even begin to start though...sigh! x

  7. I love seeing grannies all huddled together especially when they're so bright and cheerful. It looks as though you've used a new colour on each of the squares, such an array of colours.

  8. Lovely colourful pics - those grannies are coming on well :)

    Have a great weekend xx

  9. Grannies are great to make and so happy :)) The colours are lovely :))

  10. Beautiful pictures yesterday was so beautiful warm and sunny. I love your squares its going to look lovely when its finished. enjoy your weekend, dee x

  11. Ooo I love it. I can't wait to see it come together. Nowt wrong with cygnet, its so soft and cheap is good.

  12. You can't beat looking at a pile of grannies, such wonderful colours!! xx

  13. Oooh lovely colours. I used your "v" edging on a blanket last night and it is perfect for it. Thanks for the fab tutorial. x

  14. Hi!Everything's looking lovely again! I use the cygnet yarn too, and don't have aproblem with it. I love your new blog header too btw.

  15. I love the colours, I'm using you tutorial for the mini hexagons at the moment and having great fun. Have no idea what i'm going to make mind.

  16. Really delicious Jacquie, it's like slow food (crochet) rather than fast food(crochet), slow is good in the end! Sometime acrylic is the only yarn that works, I used to be quite specific about not using acrylic but I had a weird perception of it from the 70's ad was pleasantly surprised how gorgeousit can be these days...consequently I use it a lot now xox Thaks for all your colourful crochet happies xox

  17. Love those little granny squares, the colours are so clear I'm going to check out acrylic yarns I think I have a bad attitude to it as well! That's totally the fault of the '70s' LOL! Remember brushed nylon too!

  18. certainly looks as if spring has sprung at your place! Love the colours.


  19. Hello Jacquie! Wonderful grannies! You have found so great colours! It's going to be so beautiful blanket!
    Happy Valentine's day to you and have a lovely week! xxx Teje

  20. Grannies are instant comfort. They look beautiful and I love the jar jacket too.

  21. So many Grannies, in such pretty colours!! Love, love, love!!


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