Wednesday 23 February 2011

February Nature Notes

Hello Lovelies,
Here goes with my second Nature post , using this lovely book as inspiration......

You can read January's post here.

Now for's a short month ....which could be considered a blessing . March heralds Spring proper ...which is my favourite season.
Still these lovely illustrations have inspired my to see the beauty that is around at this time of year.....(remember you can click on any image to make it bigger)

The days are getting longer and we have had some sunny days .......

When its lovely to look at the blue sky..........

and take pretty pictures of my beloved snowdrops.....

I found this verse in my nature notes book......

Perfect .

However I think the grey skys in these images give a truer impression of the bulk of this month.......

The ploughed fields look barren...

but look closer.........

It's great to see catkins , even in the gloom.....

(common Alder)


This looks like I'm knowledgeable about these things, but to be truthful , I didn't even realise catkins grew on different sorts of trees till I looked at my book ....and the Internet :0) I took these pictures yesterday and wondered why the catkins were different colours ( maybe I'm a bit dense !)

Despite the cold grey weather the lengthening days are meaning lots of shoots are appearing and the birds are singing loudly. I never seen to manage to photograph birds so I was pleased to snap this wood pigeon on its nest .

and I'm sure this bruiser was smiling for the camera :0)....

All this nature observation is helping me not to wish the winter away too much and according to the folk law sayings , miserable weather now will mean good weather later in the year......lets hope so :0)....

Hope the half term is going well for you,we've been swimming this morning ,more water :0)
Jacquie x


  1. What lovely illustrations in the book you have. I can just get lost in a book like that. Rachael Xx

  2. I have that book it's lovely. The weather here in Essex is awful cold and non stop rain.

    I will have to take pics of the catkins in my garden some are tiny. Love the ducks its always nice to see nature pics :)
    Cate x

  3. What a lovely book, i hope those words are true about the warmer being better later in the year if its dull now ;-)) Lovely photos you took to, love the pigeon and her nest and the ducks and those lambs tales as i used to call them when i was little..Oooohhh come on Spring ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  4. What beautiful pictures, even if the sky is grey the grass is green and things are starting to sprout. Happy Spring!

  5. What a great nature picures!
    I so love snowdrops, they are so lovely, need to plant some this year!

  6. I am really loving your monthly nature posts. They are fab! xx

  7. Thanks for posting; it was all very welcome :-)

    I love nature walks ...


  8. I enjoyed your photos, especially the ducks. I cannot get close enough to get ones like that (even with my zoom). Although I live in a warm climate now (Florida, USA), sprouting plants still make me feel excited for spring.
    Thanks for sharing, I am enjoying your nature posts.

  9. wonderful pictures, book and post! Thank you for sharing,
    love Maaike

  10. It's so nice to see blue skies; we've had nothing but grey skies and rain this week.

    I love how they've rhymed February with year!

  11. This is a most beautiful post Jacquie. From beautiful illustrations and verse, to gorgeous photos you've taken. This is the kind of thing that soothes the soul. :) Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the rest of you mid term break.
    Anne xx

  12. Luv the ducks!!!! Such personality!!!! I've blogged about you today!!!!

  13. Oh Jacquie, what a beautiful post, full of lovely pics, brilliant photo of the pigeon at it's nest. It makes me want to plug in the machine and sew birds......

    Blue skies, grey skies, I love it all and the Snowdrops, what treasures they are bursting forth to herald Spring.

    Blue skies and sunshine here, good tomato ripening weather......

    Claire :}

  14. Ah Jacquie I had this book as a child and read it day by day for a whole year, without cheating! (I was a funny little thing)The paintings are enchanting and the paintings are beautiful, from a time when so many people were taught to look and see and paint. Sadly lacking in this day and age. Glad you're enjoying the half term it will be over far too soon for my liking.

  15. Lovely photos, thanks so much for sharing them!

    I love your Edwardian Country notes book - I remember there being a TV programme based on the diary, must have been sometime during the early 80's. It was a lovely programme, I remember buying the soundtrack (which was amazing) on a cassette from WH Smiths!! Showing my age or what??!!

    Walking into work this morning I saw so many beautiful spring flowers, but didnt take photos as these where in private gardens and thought I might get shouted at!!

    Enjoy the rest of the half term, Helenxx

  16. Hello Jacquie! Thank you for those most beautiful photos from nature! You really passed the waking nature of spring to us! I love also that most beautiful book of yours!
    xxx Teje

  17. Hi I am always looking for good crafting blogs and I stumbled upon yours. I am a new follower and look forward to reading more.

  18. Hi Jacquie, I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award.
    You can see more details about it on my blog.

  19. Just last sunday we had a walk at the Danube and noticed the different colours of Catkins, too. I have picked some red and some yellow and I have to confess that we thought this is just one of the many miracels of nature. Now I know so much better, only with the help of your blog, many many thanks for this! (And at our next walk I could surprise my husband with my new knowledge!)
    The book I own, too, for many many years, it´´s so very lovely and although I read it month by month every year there´s always again something new, something surprising and always enchanting.
    Have a great weekend,

  20. Hello Jacquie, what a gorgeous post - I actually stopped by and read this yesterday and was on the point of commenting when we had an incident involving a pair of disney heeled shoes and a small child (lol).
    Anyway, wanted to come back and say how much I enjoyed the photos, those snowdrops are glorious - isn't it nice to see Spring peeping out here and there?
    By the way, something else Ive been meaning to do for a while is add you to my wee blogroll - you write such a nice one and I always like visiting and reading, so you're now on it - at last - phew!! Been one of those weeks!

    Much love
    Julia x

  21. More snowdrops, yippee! Did you know they were known as the Candlemas Bell? I found that out recently... I just did a little web search and apparently it was believed they generally made their first appearance each year on Candlemas Day (2nd Feb) and bunches would be picked and taken into the house as a sign of purity. It was unlucky to bring them into the house before then...

    I'm really enjoying your nature posts. And it's lovely to see the first signs of Spring. I had a very exciting trip into the garden today, so much is happening!


  22. I love nature walks and your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing :-)

  23. You've been given an award on my blog:! Be sure to go and check it out!

  24. I love this post, that snowdrops picture is stunning and the duck is so funny, "you looking at me?" Brilliant illustrations and photos, gorgeous x


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